I’m Kate, a final year student at Nottingham Trent University studying Fashion Marketing and Branding.

I have a passion for social media and communications and I am striving towards a career in PR in the fashion industry. 

I use my initiative to go the extra mile to ensure I achieve my dream career. By creating social media content and working with brands to build connections in industry, I have equipped myself with transferable skills. In turn, this has grew my confidence in my university studies and allowed me to share these skills to the FMB community.


Social media content creation has enabled me to develop my digital skills and provides many fantastic experiences. I’m grateful to work with many established brands such as Pull&Bear, I Saw It First and TOMS. Which has led to my recruitment as a brand ambassador for Superdry and Look Fantastic.


Acknowledging my accomplishments is important for future growth. Check out my LinkedIn to see my recent achievements and passions.

With my TikTok’s reaching over 2.9 million views and being invited to Superdry’s London Showroom for a gifting experience after my TikTok content gained over 1 million views, I consider myself to be social media savvy and eager to jump on the newest trends.

I’m building upon these passions as I successfully joined the Full Fat X Campus Gen Z Marketing Initiative. Working alongside industry leaders to discuss the new generation of marketing.

Explore more achievements on my LinkedIn below.