If you’ve read any of my favourites before then you probably won’t believe what I’m about to say… July has gone so slow! I look back on the start of July and it seems like ages ago however it is mad to think we are going into August in a couple of days! And I’m sorry this post is bit early however I’ve got a full week of blog posts next week all under the theme of festivals so I couldn’t not post my monthly favourites!

♡ Primark Light Blue Crop Sweater;

A fashion favourite of mine this month has been this light blue cropped sweater which I bought from Primark for a bargain of £5! Primark have a range a bold coloured jumper in at the moment which I absolutely love, I was debating to get the red one as well but I decided against it as I didn’t think I could pull off the bold colour! However I’ve been living in this jumper as it’s so comfortable and the plain sweater is so easy to style and wear. The sweater has a raw edge which makes it look casual and the light baby blue shade of the sweater is suited for this season and it’s so effortless to wear. I love just to chuck on a sweater and throw my hair up and this sweater is perfect to whizz on and it goes with any outfit.

Technic Colour Correcting Setting Powder;
I’ve had this product for a long time now and I’ve only mentioned it on my blog before in my Technic Favourites Post but I’ve been using it so much recently and I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s a loose powder which is a super natural shade and that’s why I particularly like this powder as it doesn’t cake up whatsoever which I find is hard to find. It’s a colour correcting powder which I think it does really well, it’s does hide redness and is the perfect finish over foundation and concealer. I’ve never found a loose powder before that conceals and doesn’t cake up your face and I find this powder does last for a very long time and keeps me from going shiny!

Bath & Body Works Magic In The Air Body Lotion;
I have such a huge collection of body lotions so I always seem to be switching between them and always forgot about ones I don’t use. This travel sized one from Bath & Body Works has been a favourite of mine recently. It’s a shea body lotion which has always been my favourite and it has such a gorgeous smell which does last. Whenever I put this on my family always compliment me on the smell as it’s so good and long lasting! It’s so moisturising as well and has helped my dry skin a lot. It doesn’t leave your body sticky whatsoever and absorbs into your skin straight after massaging it in. I’d definitely recommend trying their body lotions if you get the chance as I absolutely love this one and it’s lasting for ages even though it’s only a small one.

♡  Helen E Glitter Pigment ‘Sand’;
I bought four of the Helen E pigments when I was at the Clothes Show at the start of this month and I’m yet to use them for a tutorial on my blog but there’s one coming I promise! But the one I’ve been using a lot recently is this one in the shade ‘Sand’ which is a dark gold/copper but it doesn’t look too dark on the eye as it’s sparkly and catches the light. I find it so easy to use, I do my eyeshadow completely the same as usual and then I apply the Helen E fixing glue to wear I want the glitter to go and then pack the glitter on to it. The fixing glue makes it stay on for absolutely ages and I couldn’t recommend their glitter pigments enough!
♡  Dunkirk;
As soon as I heard that Harry Style’s was in a movie I knew I was going to see it no matter what the movie was about! I’d heard a lot about Dunkirk before I went to watch it and I actually did think it looked really good however I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. I absolutely loved it and I really want to go and watch it again as it’s all I’ve been thinking about. You know when you see something and it’s all you can think about because it made such an impact? Well that’s what Dunkirk has been like for me. The film was so gripping and there was not one part of it that I didn’t like. Fionn Whitehead was absolutely amazing in it and the film itself seemed so real and gave you an insight to how brutal and tough war is. And obviously not to mention Harry looked and acted amazingly! 

The Vamps Night & Day Album;

I’m such a big fan of The Vamps and had already heard their whole album before it came out as I’d been to their Up Close & Personal tour but I’ve been so obsessed with their album. There’s not one song on the album that I don’t like, there is a range of styles on the album from their classic pop style to a Spanish style song. My favourites from the album have to be Sad Song, It’s A Lie and Stay however they’re all such good songs so I’d definitely check out their album! The boys also have their own versions of the album with extra songs on and my favourites have to be Tristan’s song All Around The World which was such a pleasant surprise as he sounds amazing and it’s such a good song and Jame’s song I Love Loving You is so cute!! 

♡  Music Favourites;

Back To You – Louis Tomlinson & Bebe Rexah
Imagination – Gorgon City
Came Here For Love – Sigala & Ella Eyre
Sun Comes Up – Rudimental & James Arthur 
Instruction – Jax Jones & Demi Lovato
Prayers Up – Calvin Harris

What has been one of your favourites this month?

Kate Xx

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