Placement log Week 5


Tuesday 19th April – Today was focused on social media content. After the bank holiday weekend, I needed to update our social tracker with the insights and analytics from our posts over the past couple days. In 7 days’ time we are launching our new product, so I discussed with Sam when we should begin the product teasers on social media. After talking this through, I updated our social content calendar and began to create and schedule content for the new product launch. 

Wednesday 20th April – The past week I have been building our PR contact list for our new product launch. Due to some influencers that I previously contacted not responding, I contacted and engaged with more influencers today to build our contacts. This was successful as I discovered new skincare content creators who suit the brands target audience. I was able to direct message these influencers and receive their addresses, I added these addresses and influencer profile information to our spreadsheet.

Thursday 21st April – I began today by adding the final PR contacts to our spreadsheet. I then read an article on the top 30 skincare brands on social media, this was extremely interesting to see what brands are succeeding in the market. I investigated all the brands on social media and saved content that had high engagement as I will use this for inspiration when creating content for Clear Skin Days. From this I filmed product shots for TikTok and recorded my skincare routine using Clear Skin Days’ products. 

Friday 22nd April – Today I focused on social media content. I found trending sounds on TikTok and created skincare videos to these on trend sounds. I sent these over to Sam for approval and had no improvements to make which was great to hear. Using Canva and Photoshop, I created informative skincare Instagram posts. I researched what skincare products work best together and then visually created infographics to display this.

Week 5 Reflection:
After the long bank holiday weekend, I began this week feeling a bit overwhelmed with the work that had built up over the weekend. Due to us running promotions over social media over the long weekend, I had lots of posts and insights to look over and update on our social tracker. However, I by focusing on each social media app one by one I was able to organise the task and manage to understand the analytics of all our posts. By remaining calm and organised I was able to minimise feelings of stress.

I felt proud of my achievements this week and manager Sam noticed my hard work and thanked me for my efforts which felt rewarding. I managed to build our PR list and I have engaged with new influencers, and I am slowly growing the brand and increasing exposure. However, some social media posts this week haven’t all had high engagement. Some posts on Instagram have had small engagement which was disheartening. But I made an action plan to this problem and used different hashtags that were more niche so we could reach and attract our target audience. This was a beneficial tactic as our Instagram posts after this attracted more viewers and engagement.

I want to continue to build on social media engagement next week. With our new product launching next week, I need to ensure that our social media engagement is on top form. I aim to grow the following and exposure which will lead to increased sales and click through rates. This is how we will measure the success of our social media posts, through sales. 

Reflecting on this past week on placement, I have really enjoyed it and I have discovered that working on PR aspects in a company is something that strikes high interest for me. I am happy to have discovered this and from this I will complete a LinkedIn learning course on the basics of PR to build my skills and knowledge.  

Placement Log Week 4


Monday 11th April – After setting myself a goal to increase social media engagement this week, I focused today on Instagram. I started by shotting content of our new skin product that is launching next week. I edited and planned this content and created drafts on TikTok so we are prepared for the launch. I then engaged with skincare influencers on Instagram and engaged with other brands to try to begin increasing engagement rates and awareness. I studied the analytics and insights on our social media channels to see what was working well and what wasn’t. I posted on Instagram and TikTok with trending content styles.

Tuesday 12th April – Yesterday’s social media posts received good engagement, which was great to see my hard work pay off. Today I focused on social media and looked at our analytics to see what content and hashtags was working successfully on social media algorithms, and what wasn’t working as effectively. I created a spreadsheet on Excel and noted down the hashtags used on each Instagram and TikTok post and what engagement each post received. 

Wednesday 13th April – I began with a meeting with Sam to discuss our social media strategy and what changes we should make to increase engagement. This was useful to get her expert opinion and to brainstorm new ideas for social media content creation. As well as focusing on increasing social media engagement, today I began collecting addresses of influencers and skincare content creators who we can gift our new product to. I searched TikTok for popular creators and contacted influencers to see if they would want to collaborate with Clear Skin Days.

Thursday 14th April – Today I continued to get in contact with influencers who we can send PR packages to. I received many addresses and discussed with Sam our budget for working with influencers with higher followings. As well as contacting influencers for PR, I also connected with many skincare influencers on Instagram and TikTok to begin to create more loyal relationships between brand and consumers. Due to the upcoming bank holiday weekend, where was have a spring sale on, I scheduled all social media posts for the weekend ahead so that our followers would be engaged with our 15% off sale.

Week reflection:
My main focus for this week was to increase social media engagement. Reflecting on the week and the content I published on Clear Skin Day’s social media, I am happy with the outcome. Achievements from this week include:

  • passing 1,500 followers on Instagram
  • gaining over 270 likes on an Instagram post (most liked on our Instagram page)
  • TikTok hitting over 2000 likes (most liked TikTok)
  • TikTok account hit over 10k likes

These achievements show the success of my hard work and how engagement on Clear Skin Day’s social media is improving. Views and followers on all social media channels are growing, my goal for next week is to continue this growth and exposure. 

I have enjoyed week 4 on placement as I have faced more positives than negatives. 

I partially struggled this week when I was set the task of contacting skincare influencers who we could send our new product to for the launch at the end of April. Many influencers didn’t respond to my message which was disheartening. However, I was resilient and carried on engaging with social media content creators and build loyal connections. Despite the challenges I faced trying to contact influencers, there was positives as many influencers did reply to me and I was able to add their contact information to our PR list. My resilience was a strength in this situation as without it I wouldn’t have been able to build our PR list. I am looking forward to the launch of our new product and to see all the influencers content. This will feel extremely rewarding for me.

Placement Log Week 3


Monday 4th April – Today I finalised the list of UK influencers that we can send out PR packages to. I added their social media handles, followers count, contact details and what their content focuses on to an Excel spreadsheet. I edited and modified Instagram posts and TikToks. I discussed potential posts with Sam and she helped with editing the text to make it more precise and convincing. I found this useful and will take Sam’s advice forward for future posts.

Wednesday 6th April – At the end of April, Clear Skin Day’s is launching a new product. So today I focused on creating content for this new product. I focused on content for Instagram. I created promotional videos that can be posted as a product teaser, as well as educational posts to inform followers of the benefits of the product. I read many skincare blogs online to gain a better understanding of the ingredients in the new product. This improved my knowledge of skincare ingredients and will allow me to produce higher quality content.

Thursday 7th April – Over the previous days, I had been researching popular skincare brands on TikTok to see how they were using trending sounds. From this, I created TikTok’s for Clear Skin Days using trending sounds and filters, as well as incorporating the brand’s USP’s and key values into each video. After shooting all the content, I edited and added text and captions to all TikTok’s so they are all ready to post. I finished the day by posting on social media and engaging with skincare influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

Friday 8th April – I focused on updating the content planner for April and May, factoring in the Easter sale weekend and the launch of the new product. The content I made yesterday meant we have more content ready to be posted, so I planned this into our schedule. I summarised the information I gathered yesterday regarding the ingredients in our products and created educational Instagram posts to present the information. I ended the day by posting on TikTok and engaging with skincare influencers on Instagram.

Week Reflection:
I feel like I gained an even better insight into brand social media this week. From beginning to frequently post on social media channels, I have realised how challenging it can be to grow a following on social media due to the highly saturated market. One of my TikTok’s that I posted this week didn’t perform very well. This disheartened me and I felt annoyed that my hard work hadn’t been seen by many followers on TikTok. However, I stayed resilient and continued to post the next day. This post got higher engagement and better views, which made me feel more positive. Reflecting back on my emotions, I understand why I felt disheartened as I’m determined to grow Clear Skin Days social media, so it felt annoying to put lots of effort in and not get a big reward. However, this is an essential learning curve as not every piece of content can go successfully.

I’ve really enjoyed creating content this week. I feel like I am becoming more confident in my abilities to create content that is align with the brand and that follows current trends on social media. I’ve realised how important it is to stay on top of social media trends, especially as our target market is young adults who are the main consumers of these trends. 

After understanding how to operate social media from a brands point of view this week, next week I aim to build on this. I want to start to see our engagement rates on Instagram and TikTok increase. TikTok views currently on average get 300-500 views. I hope next week videos start to get over 500 views and we can begin to gain followers.

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Placement Log Week 2


Monday 28th March – Today I was focusing on Instagram content. I created educational carousel posts using Canva, and I edited photos so that they were ready to be posted to the brands Instagram feed. I continued to work on the excel spreadsheet, planning out Instagram captions and hashtags for each post.

Tuesday 29th March – Continuing on from yesterday’s work, I modified the educational skincare posts that I created yesterday. I had a call with Sam to go over the recent work I had completed, and we discussed when to post on Instagram. I looked through the analytics on Clear Skin Days social media channels to understand the most effective times to post content. Later this evening, I posted on TikTok and Instagram with the content I had created. 

Wednesday 30th March – I completed the social calendar for April today. I planned the Instagram and TikTok content for the next month, planning out hashtags and captions. I strategically planned out a diverse range of content to ensure the audience will stay engaged.

Thursday 31st March – Today I was tasked with the job to find influencers on TikTok that we can send products to. I searched for relevant hashtags on TikTok and looked at creators’ content and engagement to find fitting influencers who suit the brand and create high quality content.
I then did some research on how to grow TikTok accounts and how to work the algorithm. 

Friday 1st April– I began today with a call with Sam to run through the content I had planned out for April. We modified some captions to make it more fitting with the brand and more engaging. After this, Sam and I called Kavita, the social media marketing manager from Boots, and discussed how the paid advertisements on Clear Skin Days social media channels were performing. 

Week Reflection:
I felt excited beginning the second week of my placement. I started this week with a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve, I made good progress in the first week of my placement, so I was eager to continue this progress in my second week. I began to post on Instagram and TikTok frequently throughout this week. I enjoyed creating the content and reviewing the social media posts from this week, I am content with the final posts. My work is on brand and is most suitable for the target audience as I have considered trending sounds and videos on TikTok. And I was pleased to receive positive feedback of my current work from Sam. 

Reflecting on what I have learnt this week, I have learnt how social media content needs to be frequent to increase engagement. I’ll take this with me into the next weeks and continue to create engaging content. I have also learnt how important it is to plan and schedule social media posts, this encourages organisation. Although I felt confident on social media before my placement journey, I had never used social media as a business before. So, using social media for a different purpose is an enjoyable learning curve.

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Placement Log Week 1


Monday 21st March – Today was my first day of my placement at Be For Innovation, working on their brand Clear Skin Days. I went into their office in Nottingham today and met the team, which I really enjoyed. Today was a great introduction to the placement and it was nice to chat and settle in with my colleagues. I was informed on how the company operates and what to expect from my 9 weeks working at Be For Innovation.
I was given brand books, trend reports and the full range of products to try out myself. The trend reports and brand books will be extremely useful for my research into the skincare market and to understand the marketing of the brand.

Tuesday 22nd March – Today I went to the Be For Innovation office again, to meet with Sam to discuss the marketing plan for Clear Skin Days. We created Excel spreadsheets to plan out the content for the following months, the spreadsheet includes the captions and hashtags for Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. This spreadsheet will help me to stay organised.

Wednesday 23rd March – I started my day by beginning to create content for Clear Skin Days. I made multiple TikToks and took many on-brand pictures for Instagram and Pinterest. After taking the content, I edited and added text to the TikTok’s.
Later on in the day, I had a call with Paige who talked me through the whole product range and we discussed ingredients and how they affect the skin. This was extremely useful.

Thursday 24th March – I begun my day with a call with Sam to talk through and discuss the TikTok’s I had created yesterday. We discussed the good bits and the bad bits of my content and where content could be improved. I worked on these improvements throughout the day. Sam and I called influencer Beth to discuss her monthly content for Clear Skin Days and a potential giveaway.

Friday 25th March – Today I started by creating more TikTok’s, focusing on individual product focused TikTok’s as this is what Sam had liked when I had trialled it previously in the week. After creating and editing this content, I planned it in to the excel spreadsheet for our social media content planner. 

Week Reflection:
I began this first week feeling apprehensive and a bit nervous about starting my 9-week placement. I felt nervous going into the office for the first time as I’d never been there before so felt out of my comfort zone. But as soon as I started my first day, I felt at ease and comfortable. The team at Be For Innovation are all super friendly and made sure I knew what I was doing and if I needed any help. 

Reflecting on my work this week, I am happy with what I have achieved. I have got stuck right in with creating content that is on brand and will suit the target audience. Receiving initial feedback from Sam mean that I was able to improve my work and focus on developing my content creation skills. I already feel more confident in my social media ability, as I have been analysing competitors in the market and social media tactics for increasing growth and exposure. 

Reflecting on my first week on placement, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I am excited for the next 8 weeks. I feel confident going into my second week as I now have a stronger understanding of the business and how I need to operate the marketing and social media.