First Impressions of Anatomicals *

I’m a big lover of skincare, unfortunately I don’t share the same feeling towards my skin. But I like to try different products because I’m still looking for that one product that clears my skin. Or maybe I was just never meant to be that person on twitter who has the skin of an angel.Continue reading “First Impressions of Anatomicals *”

First Impressions of The Ordinary

To be brutally honest, my skin has been a shit show at the moment. I’ve had some friends on my forehead for way too long now. I tend to get spots on my forehead when I’m feeling anxious but they don’t want to leave. I was blaming my anxiety on school but I’ve been offContinue reading “First Impressions of The Ordinary”

£2.99 Face Mask Miracle From Superdrug

My skin always seems to feel like a downhill battle. I’m always on the hunt for something new to try that sounds like it will help my skin. My skin doesn’t look immediately that bad and I feel quite confident bare faced so I’m lucky in that sense. But my skin can be a trueContinue reading “£2.99 Face Mask Miracle From Superdrug”

Favourite Products I Use For A Healthy Bronzed Tan

I absolutely love being tanned however the only downside is I’m naturally quite pale and I never tan in the sun, I completely burn so I love to fake my tan as there seems no other way for me to be able to achieve a bronzed glow! I only use really natural tans as I’mContinue reading “Favourite Products I Use For A Healthy Bronzed Tan”

Festival Skincare Essentials

 Obviously at a festival if you’re sleeping over there then there is no chance that you’re going to be able to do your full skincare routine so I’ve got together my favourite skin care products that you can use on their own to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. I have to use some skincareContinue reading “Festival Skincare Essentials”