First Impressions of Anatomicals *

I’m a big lover of skincare, unfortunately I don’t share the same feeling towards my skin. But I like to try different products because I’m still looking for that one product that clears my skin. Or maybe I was just never meant to be that person on twitter who has the skin of an angel.
However for this post I’ve tried out the fabulous brand, Anatomicals. They sell toiletries; from skincare to hair care and even headache relief! I was super excited when my products that they kindly sent me arrived as it was my first time trying out their products. And they have lived up to my expectations!

I love their overall brand image. First of all, they don’t test on animals and their slogan is ‘We Only Want You For Your Body’. As well as, all of their products have the best packaging and names. It makes their brand really fun and appealing.

We Never Forget A Face Memorably Good Daily Moisturiser;

I feel like I’m really picky with moisturisers so I really wanted to test one of Anatomical’s moisturisers out. And so far I’ve been using this moisturiser every morning for the last couple of days. And I’m really enjoying it. My skin is getting along well with it which makes a change for my skin when trying out new products. It applies really nicely and has a super softening formula. I’m yet to see any noticeable changes in my skin however I have only been using it for less than a week! But it instantly makes me skin feel hydrated and moisturised.

The moisturiser has SPF 15 in which is perfect as I like to use a moisturiser with spf included. And it also includes Co-Enzyme Q10 which isn’t in my dictionary however I found out that it is an “antioxidant for skin firming complex. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”. Which I think is definitely noticeable as this moisturiser is super firming which makes your skin feel so good.
This moisturiser is £6 on Asos which is such a bargain as it such a high quality product and will last for a decent amount of time. As I seem to use a smaller quantity than I would usually do with moisturiser as a little goes a long way!

No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel ;

I’m very familiar with puffy eyes and hefty bags under my eyes. I’m a big crier so I have experienced a good handful of mornings where I’ve woke up with puffy eyes. This actually happened the other morning (thanks to overthinking) so I could give this gel a good test. It’s a cooling gel and this definitely cooled down my eyes in the morning. I dab it on and makes my eyes feel awake and they feel quite moisturised.
The formula of this is brilliant. A little goes a long way and it sinks in fast which is great. I’d definitely recommend using this if you have to wake up early and want to put makeup on straight away. And also I’d for sure recommend when you want to minimise your dark circles. The gel is super brightening and also smells amazing. It contains ‘arnica and orange flower water’ which makes it smell amazing but it’s not an overpowering scent. (I have no clue what the two things are but I do know that they smell good…)

Out and Out Britain’s Best Pout Lip Balm Duo;

I obsess over lip balm like I obsess over Harry Styles… I cannot go anywhere without a lip balm. (Once I went to school and forgot my lip balm so had to call my dad to bring it in. He said no…) So I had to try a lip balm from Anatomicals. I choose this lip balm duo which would make the perfect gift! In the set you get a simple lip balm and a fruity lip balm.

Stop Cracking Up- This is the basic lip balm that Anatomicals sell and I’ve become obsessed with this. Although the balm has a gloss finish and formula. It’s thick so feels super replenishing but also not too thick or sticky. I love the gloss finish as well, a lip balm like this is always a staple in a natural makeup look. It has long lasting moisture on your lips.
Never Lose Your Cherry- The second lip balm in the set is this beaut cherry flavoured lip balm. Which has SPF 15 in which I love, even in the winter I like to use spf on my face. This balm also has the same fabulous formula like the other balm in the set. It has a cherry flavour which I really like. It’s subtle but still there. And it does have a slight red-toned tint however isn’t noticeable. So is the perfect product for a subtle colour on your lips.

I would 100% recommend these lip balms as they’re super affordable. And perfect to throw in your bag or pocket for everyday use. And the applicator is slanted which makes it even better!

Have you tried anything from Anatomicals?

Kate Xx

*These products were kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own honest review.