Striped Skirt & a Graphic Tee

It’s been a while since I’ve published an outfit post. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I’m unorganised and lazy so it’s taken me a while… I have a couple of outfits planned though so hopefully I can upload some more content! And yes I’m back wearing another midi skirt, shocker.
And thanks to my bae Gabriella for taking these fab photos. She’s the best girl & top notch photographer. (And I’m quite frankly the worst person in the world to photograph.)

The skirt I’m wearing is an asymmetric midi skirt from River Island. Which is so super beaut! Midi skirts are now the only thing I wear. (Apart from my dad’s fleece because that’s my usual attire). I love the colours on this skirt as it’s super easy to style with a simple tee and accessories. The colours aren’t too bright but the skirt is quite bold itself. I like how the skirt is the main feature in the outfit. The skirt is made from satin as well which is so comfy and allows the skirt to flow.
This skirt was also the skirt that I traced to sew my own which you can see and read about here.

I paired the skirt with a graphic tee from Zara. It’s a plain white tee with a foiled silver metal print on with two hands. As well as small writing below that says ‘live with heart’. And I simply tied this at my waist to meet the skirt because it’s quite a long top.
I love a subtle t-shirt with a print on as it’s something more than just a plain tee however less than a bold t-shirt!

And of course I wear my typical shoes and bag because they’re my favourites and I’m too poor to buy more… But on my feet I’m wearing my One Star Converse which literally are so comfy. I will always swear by my Converse. And my usual Guess One Shoulder Rucksack, thank you to my mothers wardrobe. (I’m still yet to find the actual name of this style of rucksack so let a girl know if you have more of a brain than myself…).

Hope you enjoyed reading. This post was really short and I felt really weird writing it but hey ho. I shall hopefully be back sooner than later with some more fashion posts.

Kate Xx