Feminist Tee & Boyfriend Jeans

It’s finally September so I can finally smile because autumn is my favourite time of the year! Never been a fan of summer. I’m all about the turtlenecks and knits. And I love sleeping with socks on so bring on the cold weather.
This outfit in today’s post also looks really boring the more I look at it. I think it’s because I’m used to wearing something with a bright colour. However now it’s getting into autumn, I’m ready to dress in neutral colours. Or shall I say ‘autumnal’. (Everyone seems to hate that word but I probably end up saying it 10 times a day in autumn so you’ve been warned…).

It was a little bit chilly when I wore this. It was the middle of August but I felt like being warm. (Most times if I plan an outfit I won’t change if it’s bad weather. Stubborn is my middle name…) And I didn’t have the perfect jacket so opted to layer my tops. I’m wearing this fabulous ‘Feminist’ slogan t-shirt from Bershka. Which is from their ‘Join Life’ collection. This means that it’s made from ecologically grown cotton so is a great perk for the environment. I bought this on my hols and my feminist self couldn’t not buy it.
It has a black and white square print of two faces on and the word ‘Feminist’ embroided over. It’s super cute and I’m a proud feminist so I love this tee. And I simply wore this over a black long sleeve top and tucked it into my jeans.

The jeans (wow Kate isn’t wearing a midi skirt!!) I’m wearing are from Reserved and I live in these. I think they’re a pair of their boyfriend style jeans. (The only thing I’ll ever have to do with a boyfriend…) But these are so ridiculously comfy. They are made from a polycotton blend which is why they’re so comfy because the polyester gives them a bit more stretch than 100% cotton. This also makes them super cheap. I think I bought them from a London store for £9. For a simple pair of jeans that make the perfect pair for everyday wear, it’s such a bargain.
I’d really recommend Reserved as a shop. I always forget to shop online their but it’s something that I’ll do more!

And I kept it simple with my thick black belt and my Guess black shoulder bag. And my One Star Converse. Do I ever wear anything else? No… Is this the perfect excuse to buy a new bag? I think so.

Kate Xx