Styling the patchwork skirt

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Hello all. It’s the start of the new year (I’m mean it’s already 20 days in but nevermind) so I decided I would try and find my blogging motivation. It may be a new year but it’s not a new me. I’m just as boring as I was before and just as unorganised!
I’ve recently really wanted to post on here but I’ve just felt like I was writing absolute crap, to be quite honest. Every time I’ve come to write a post I’ve ended up either crying or got in a mood because I can’t do it. I’m currently trying to block out that mood and write this post. I really want to get back into my blog so I’m using the new year as an excuse.

My plan is to primarily post fashion content; like outfit posts, the occasional haul, posts about catwalks and collections and all that jazz. But I thought I’d start this year off with a classic outfit post!

I first spotted this skirt when it first came on the Zara website and adored it. But for the £80 price tag it wasn’t going to happen. However as they say, patience is key and I treated myself to it in the boxing day sales, for only £30 which I was pretty chuffed with. I did have my doubts to if it would suit me as I do feel like a pregnant hippie mum when I wear it but at the same time I’m so in love with it.
Obviously it has an asymmetric hem, we can’t really expect anything other than that when it comes to me. And it has a floral patchwork design which I’m so obsessed with. It has orange, lilac and light yellow fabric with a detailed floral pattern on. The fabric is super light and flowy and because there is a lot of fabric, as it’s gathered at the waist, it drapes really nicely. This skirt will never be leaving my wardrobe, I’m so in love with it.

As I love the baggy vibes, I paired the skirt with a simple black knit jumper from Zara. I adore this jumper, it’s such good quality as it’s quite a thick knit. And it has a super loose fit which is best for me as I prefer a baggy fit! I just loosely tucked the front of the jumper into the skirt and left the rest of the jumper hanging loose. I love the plain jumper with the skirt as it makes the skirt the main focus of the outfit. This jumper was also a bargain from Zara, it was originally £30 but I copped it for £15. I wish I bought the cream one as well but I clearly had high self control levels that day compared to usual!
I do have a black turtle neck on underneath, which is from Primark, as I hate wearing a coat but as it’s a little bit cold at the moment, I had to layer underneath my jumper! And I do have nude tights on as well, I still was a tad cold but pain is gain…

And to carry on with the Zara streak, the bag I’m wearing is my all time favourite bag, from my all time favourite shop (zara!). I adore the colour green currently which is why I’m obsessed with this bag.  It’s the most gorgeous dark green shade which is so easy to style. The bag also brings out the green flowers on the skirt so they suit quite well. This bag was also bought when on sale as it was only £15. (From this post we can see that I like my sale items from Zara… Wasn’t intentional, just a coincidence!)

Then finally to switch things up, I’m wearing something that is not from Zara! On my feet are my usual shoe choice, my white one star Converse. I adore these shoes, I just throw them on with everything and anything. Pairing trainers with a long skirt makes your outfit so much more casual so perfect for day to day wear.

Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope I will be posting more often that I have been!

Kate Xx

Snakeskin Stylin’

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Hey lovelies! Another week, another outfit! I’ve actually been some-what organised (makes a change) and I have a couple of posts ready to post.
For today’s outfit post, I thought I’d share an outfit wear I’m wearing a super unique print… snakeskin! It isn’t in a lot of shops so you may struggle to get your hands on it…

Seriously though, you currently cannot escape the animal print. It is everywhere! I can’t really complain because I do love animal print. However there is literally nothing else. I walked into Zara and was swallowed up by the leopard print. So I had to jump on the trend and buy myself something snake print.
I went for a simple snakeskin cami from Bershka which was a £10 bargain. It’s super simple with a v neckline and back. And it’s really light material which makes it really easy to layer.

So any opportunity to layer, I’ll take it. Layering is always the way to go. I wore my black turtle neck which is from Primark and I’ve had this top for years. Maybe too long as I’ve had to sew the seams back together but it’s a necessity in my wardrobe. I live in turtle necks as they’re so easy to style and to just throw on. And they make the perfect top to layer with. I adore wearing a cami over a turtle neck.

Sticking with the layering; on top of my turtleneck I’m wearing my new favourite necklaces. Which are my 3 gold necklaces from H&M. I love these as I’m obsessed with the coin-like necklaces that are around at the moment. And I’m much preferring gold jewellery to silver currently.
I wore jeans with this outfit just to keep it simple. And I kept it basic with my trusty Reserved Boyfriend Jeans. Which are the comfiest pair of jeans to walk to earth. I always feel a bit plain when I wear jeans but with wearing trousers in sixth form, I feel like my trousers are just for school now.

And talking about school wear, I wore my fave Zara Faux Suede Yellow Jacket which is my school jacket! However I felt like a pop of colour and I adore this jacket. I bought this a couple years back for only £15 and it’s lasting me so well. The snakeskin print is really easy to wear with different colours which I love as I always like a pop of colour.

And I was really mixing things up in this outfit as I’ve broke out of my habit of wearing my Converse 24/7. On my feet are my new obsessions, my Dr. Martens. I was wearing them in my last post as well as they’re the best especially in this season! I’m still unsure if I like them with this outfit as I’m so used to the trainer vibe but I do love wearing them.

What animal print have you all be loving?

Kate Xx

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Styling the Winter Florals

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I always look forward to autumn as I love the fashion. But I’ve underestimated how cold the weather is. These photos may seem like I am comfortable but just remember that looks are deceiving. I’d spent 10 minutes out in the cold and I’d already caught hypothermia by that point…!
I really liked this outfit. It’s nothing special, nothing I wear ever is but I thought I’d share. I’m planning some different fashion content that should hopefully appear on here soon. As I feel like my outfit posts are of a dreadful quality as I’ve lost the ability to write well…

I’m wearing my all time favourite midi skirt which is from H&M. This was a £5 steal from the sale when it should have been £27 and it’s one of my greatest achievements in life. (yes I’m not talented so finding things in the sale is how I like to congratulate myself in life). I feel like H&M can be very hit or miss however it’s a great place for wardrobe staples. This floral wrap skirt is my most loved skirt as it’s so easy to style and throw on. It has a frill hem which is super cute and the yellow flowers on the black is such a beaut pattern.
(I am also wearing skin coloured tights as well before you all think I’m mad going out in bare legs).

Florals are obviously most suited for summer but I much prefer the winter floral vibe. So I wore this basic Dark Grey Sweater from Zara. This is the most perfect top. When buying basic tee’s or jumpers, I’m super picky so I have to find the most perfect basics. (I’m still searching for that perfect black t-shirt. I know there is one out there I just need to find it.) But Zara nail their basics. This sweater is such fab quality and has a loose fit which I love. As the sleeves are loose but not baggy, it’s just perfect. So I’ll be wearing this all the time and for £12 I had to buy the black one as well! And this dark grey is my favourite colour. The dark grey paired with the florals makes the skirt more suited for the season.
I did also throw on a Primark Grey Turtleneck underneath for some added warmth. However it’s basically the same colour as my sweater hence why they look like they’re joined!

Onto my new purchase and my current obsession. Is my bag. My new baby. It is the Embossed Square Crossbody bag from Zara. And was only £15.99 so I couldn’t say no because I unfortunately have no self control when it comes to shopping. I’d been wanting a green bag for a while but was waiting for the right one to find me. And I literally ran up to this bag when I saw it in Zara. (Imagine seeing your friend after not seeing them in a while. Yep that was me with this bag…) It’s a dark green so perfectly suited for the winter season. And it has an embossed croc style finish as well as a silver clasp. Everything about it is so gorgeous. The bag is also sold in black as well which I was very tempted by but I was good and just stuck to the one…!

On my feet, shock horror, I’m not wearing my trusty Converse for a change. But I’m wearing my Dr Martens which I adore with this outfit. These are actually my shoes that I primarily bought for school however I quite like them for out of school as well. They really go well with midi skirts in winter, you can’t go wrong with a simple black shoe. I’m well and truly Dr Marten converted now. These were definitely worth the money as they’re such good quality and I just love them.

And for this outfit to top it all off, I brought back my Black Baker Boy hat from Pretty Little Thing. I bought this last year so it’s not sold anymore. I wore this in a blog post last year which I’m not linking as I look like a shit show to put in nicely. But I always looked back on that and decided that I would never put this hat back on my head. However I quite liked it with this outfit, I felt quite good in myself which makes a change. I don’t think it suits me that well, I’m not a hat person really. I’ll always be greatly jealous of the people in this world who can pull off a beret as it is unfortunately not myself.

Hope you enjoyed reading. I shall be back soon with some more fashion posts. (I always say this and I always take my time to post again but this time I mean it…)

Kate Xx

Styling The Spotty Trousers

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You may have read my recent post on how I’m trying to be ethical in my fashion choices. So here is me wearing my new trousers from Asos, a key brand contributing to fast fashion!! (woohoo go me)! I am trying to make a positive impact but I’m so far struggling to stay away from my high-street favourites. And with the new brand ‘Collusion’ hitting ASOS, I couldn’t help myself. However my new rule is to buy less, wear more. So I feel a little less guilty…
My Dad also took these pics so thanks John, a true legend…

These trousers are the Collusion Spot Print Trousers. I’d seen Collusion on social media a lot so only went for a little browse to see the style of everything. I had no intention of buying anything however I have zero self control and here we are. These trousers caught my eye straight away as I love the spotty print on them. The print is like an unorganised polka dot print. I love a bold print however these trousers are super easy to style and wear as they’re black and white.
From online I thought they would be quite structured however they literally feel like pj’s. They have a super loose fit, the only place where they are tight against my body is at the waist. Which I love as I’ve formed a deep hate for tight trousers!

I wanted a simple outfit so just paired the spots with my Red Oversized Sweater from Pretty Little Thing. I love the red against the black and white. A super simple and easy outfit to throw on however I love my bold colours so it floats my boat!
I also paired my simple black chain bum bag with this outfit and wore it cross body. It’s super simple and my favourite thing from Pull&Bear! And of course on my feet are my trusty One Star Converse. These are my favourite shoes, they’re pretty basic so are perfect to throw on.

I wore my layered gold necklaces from H&M which are gold coins and a simple chain. I’m slowly becoming a gold jewellery person. And layering necklaces looks so gorgeous on! My jewellery addiction is becoming worse at the moment. You can never have too much jewellery and I need so much more!

Kate Xx

Bringing Out The Autumn Knit

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 I swear I open every single blog post with ‘long time no see’. But to say that again would be correct. I apologise for not posting, my talent is being unorganised and lazy. I’m back at school now which is truly riveting… I’m thinking of maybe posting some easy sixth form looks on here but then got scared that people from school would judge me. (As we can see, being in school makes me overthink everything. However in terms of mental health I’m doing good. But that’s more for another day.)
But instead of me rambling on giving a life update. I’m here to share my new favourite jumper with you lovely bunch. Because clothes are the most important thing! My sister also took some of these pics on my film camera too and I’m actually quite pleased with how they look. Not the best focus but hey ho, least it makes my face a bit blurrier…!

You may recognise the jumper I’m wearing if you saw it on my twitter. (Follow me over @luxekate or I’ll come for you whilst you’re sleeping xo). As I put a poll on there whether or not the jumper was worth buying. My indecisive arse can’t decide by itself. (And yes most of the time I put polls on so I have an excuse to buy something.) The majority of votes was yes which I’m very pleased about as I’m IN LOVE with this jumper. I get slight grandma vibes from it, my Nan did say she was a big fan of it which I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say that to me before..!

This beauty of a jumper is from Urban Outfitters (shop here) and was a bargain for me. It’s sold for £48 but I bought for £30 as I had a £10 off voucher, student discount and the remains of a gift card. Which I was pretty chuffed with as I’ve been very good at spending too much money recently… It’s primarily a mustard knitted jumper but there is many colours knitted in as well. And I’m just so obsessed. It’s fab quality and so warm and I shall literally be living in this.

I paired my knitted jumper of dreams with my Topshop White Wide Leg jeans. I adore the shape and fit of these jeans. The waist is tight fitting and then the legs are a wide fit. I love how they aren’t tight fitting on the legs but still have fabulous shape. And I love the white against the jumper. I’m slowly becoming to prefer my white jeans over my blue. Although I’m such a clumsy idiot so I’m sure it won’t be long until I have spilt something on these jeans by the next time I wear them. (If you want to see more of these jeans then you can see how I styled them here.)
And of course I wore my black belt with a chunky gold buckle which is my mums from the 80’s. My all time fave belt. I will literally pass this onto my children because it is the best belt to exist. My family heirloom shall be a belt…

And as usual I wore my Old Skool Vans and my fave Guess One Shoulder Rucksack. (I give this bag a different name every time I mention it). This Guess bag is such a staple for me. It was my mums from many many years ago, just like the belt. She gave me this Guess bag years ago when I used to like to dress up as a child. But I would never dream of wearing it out because I thought it was a weird bag. Now I can’t take it off!! It’s actually super practical as well as it fits my camera in unlike my other bags!

I’m so in love with this outfit. Super simple I know but sometimes less is more! And I shall be back with some more fashion posts. I’m feeling inspired at the moment and really want to do some cools things. So look out for that.

Kate Xx