Styling the patchwork skirt

Hello all. It’s the start of the new year (I’m mean it’s already 20 days in but nevermind) so I decided I would try and find my blogging motivation. It may be a new year but it’s not a new me. I’m just as boring as I was before and just as unorganised!I’ve recently reallyContinue reading “Styling the patchwork skirt”

Outfit Post: Kenzo x H&M

This is definitely one of my favourite outfit posts yet. I have been looking forward for this one for a while and couldn’t wait any longer.So some of you might have heard about H&M launching a range with Kenzo which was very popular and had bright and bold fashions which were limited editions so ofContinue reading “Outfit Post: Kenzo x H&M”

Outfit Post: Comfy Jeans and Coat

Wearing a plain top with jeans and a coat is so simple however can always look very stylish. I absolutely loved wearing this and is an outfit that can never go wrong!So I wore my black ribbed roll-neck top which was from Primark that I actually bought last autumn however it something they sell yearly.Continue reading “Outfit Post: Comfy Jeans and Coat”