Styling the patchwork skirt

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Hello all. It’s the start of the new year (I’m mean it’s already 20 days in but nevermind) so I decided I would try and find my blogging motivation. It may be a new year but it’s not a new me. I’m just as boring as I was before and just as unorganised!
I’ve recently really wanted to post on here but I’ve just felt like I was writing absolute crap, to be quite honest. Every time I’ve come to write a post I’ve ended up either crying or got in a mood because I can’t do it. I’m currently trying to block out that mood and write this post. I really want to get back into my blog so I’m using the new year as an excuse.

My plan is to primarily post fashion content; like outfit posts, the occasional haul, posts about catwalks and collections and all that jazz. But I thought I’d start this year off with a classic outfit post!

I first spotted this skirt when it first came on the Zara website and adored it. But for the £80 price tag it wasn’t going to happen. However as they say, patience is key and I treated myself to it in the boxing day sales, for only £30 which I was pretty chuffed with. I did have my doubts to if it would suit me as I do feel like a pregnant hippie mum when I wear it but at the same time I’m so in love with it.
Obviously it has an asymmetric hem, we can’t really expect anything other than that when it comes to me. And it has a floral patchwork design which I’m so obsessed with. It has orange, lilac and light yellow fabric with a detailed floral pattern on. The fabric is super light and flowy and because there is a lot of fabric, as it’s gathered at the waist, it drapes really nicely. This skirt will never be leaving my wardrobe, I’m so in love with it.

As I love the baggy vibes, I paired the skirt with a simple black knit jumper from Zara. I adore this jumper, it’s such good quality as it’s quite a thick knit. And it has a super loose fit which is best for me as I prefer a baggy fit! I just loosely tucked the front of the jumper into the skirt and left the rest of the jumper hanging loose. I love the plain jumper with the skirt as it makes the skirt the main focus of the outfit. This jumper was also a bargain from Zara, it was originally £30 but I copped it for £15. I wish I bought the cream one as well but I clearly had high self control levels that day compared to usual!
I do have a black turtle neck on underneath, which is from Primark, as I hate wearing a coat but as it’s a little bit cold at the moment, I had to layer underneath my jumper! And I do have nude tights on as well, I still was a tad cold but pain is gain…

And to carry on with the Zara streak, the bag I’m wearing is my all time favourite bag, from my all time favourite shop (zara!). I adore the colour green currently which is why I’m obsessed with this bag.  It’s the most gorgeous dark green shade which is so easy to style. The bag also brings out the green flowers on the skirt so they suit quite well. This bag was also bought when on sale as it was only £15. (From this post we can see that I like my sale items from Zara… Wasn’t intentional, just a coincidence!)

Then finally to switch things up, I’m wearing something that is not from Zara! On my feet are my usual shoe choice, my white one star Converse. I adore these shoes, I just throw them on with everything and anything. Pairing trainers with a long skirt makes your outfit so much more casual so perfect for day to day wear.

Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope I will be posting more often that I have been!

Kate Xx

Outfit Post: Kenzo x H&M

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Kenzo X H&M Black Embellished T-Shirt

This is definitely one of my favourite outfit posts yet. I have been looking forward for this one for a while and couldn’t wait any longer.
So some of you might have heard about H&M launching a range with Kenzo which was very popular and had bright and bold fashions which were limited editions so of course I knew I had to get my hands on something. (You can see the collection here.)

Unfortunately I was at school when it launched but luckily my Dad stepped in and I scored lucky, so I hope you enjoy this post! Also before I go into detail with the top, when it arrived it came in a box which is an upgrade from the usual plastic bag. And inside was the top wrapped in tissue paper with a Kenzo X H&M sticker which I have kept all nicely as I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away! I’m sure it will come in use someday…

Kenzo X H&M Packaging

Words cannot say how gorgeous this top is! I am in love.
So I got in black as I thought it would suit my new jeans and coat well (which it does!). The top in the middle as an appliqued tiger on and around a circle saying ‘Kenzo. Jungle. Paris.’
For £24.99 I think this top is a bargain as it is made so so well and I am so glad that I was able to get my hands on one.

The colours and detail on this are to die for. Like I was saying before the writing and tiger is all appliqued on and they all have incredible detail. The tiger is made out of a sparkly golden yellow colour and is so intricately sewn on.
Then the writing has a ruby red outline and has a pattern inside it which has pops of colour and black. The red and vibrant colour really compliment the plain black t-shirt, which is incredibly soft!
 It is a staple piece in my wardrobe that will be there for years and years.

 Kenzo X H&M Black Embellished T-Shirt         

I love this top as I can already picture all the outfits I can pair it with. This is a top that I feel like I can wear it with so many items. It would look stylish and casual with a pair of jeans with some Nikes or Adidas and your bomber jacket. Or in the summer with an a-line skirt or your denim skirt.
Or I would love to wear it with your best pair of skin tight blue denim jeans and a pair of black heels. Also paired with a statement silver and black belt. This outfit is definitely one to come!

Lastly, it is part of the H&M Conscious collection which I love as it is all about protecting the environment with fashion as it is such a massive industry. This means that my top was made from sustainable resources which makes me love it even more.

I am so pleased with this top and I am wearing it this weekend so I cannot wait! If you follow my Instagram or Twitter you will be likely to see my outfit!
Kate Xx

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Outfit Post: Comfy Jeans and Coat

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Wearing a plain top with jeans and a coat is so simple however can always look very stylish. I absolutely loved wearing this and is an outfit that can never go wrong!

So I wore my black ribbed roll-neck top which was from Primark that I actually bought last autumn however it something they sell yearly. I love these tops as I think they are around £5 and they are so so warm and feel like a thermal on. I wore this all day and the neck didn’t get itchy at all and it kept me nice and warm. Also I love wearing tops like this with a necklace but I wore this outfit for school so have to keep to the rules…

I wore my new jeans with this outfit which I have fell in love with. They are Jaime Jeans from Topshop which are amazing! I have always bought Joni Jeans from Topshop however I felt like a change as I was going of my Joni jeans. Jaime Jeans are so well made and definitely worth the price and they will look so good paired with a big belt which is on my shopping list! I cannot fault these jeans and I love the colour of these and are so worth the price!

And if you read one of my latest outfit posts you would have seen my new winter coat (the blogpost is linked). I loved this coat paired with these jeans, the colours go so well together and are both so comfy. This coat kept me warm perfectly and finished of the outfit perfectly.

I also wore my fake timberlands which are also from Primark. They are always so so comfy and I got them last year and am always amazed with how well they have lasted! They were around £15 which is an absolute bargain for a pair of boots which are fashionable and always in trend, so keep your eyes peeled in Primark at the moment as I am sure they will have some new seasonal boots. I wear these boots all the time in autumn and am so pleased I bought them last year.

So that is for this casual, stylish autumn look. Comment below what your favourite autumn pieces are or anything you like about this outfit!
Hope to see you soon,
Kate Xx

Outfit Post: Winter Skirt

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Hello everyone!
First I would like to say that I am very sorry for not having a main post up on Saturday however I was very busy so I am very sorry about that. But anyway I am here today with another outfit post and you will be glad to know, I have steered clear of my Joni jeans and shoulder bag!

So the focus of my outfit today is my Topshop denim skirt. I got this this summer and absolutely loved it all summer, and the other night I didn’t feel like wearing jeans so I decided to wear this skirt and my tights. I have never been someone who wears something over tights but I loved this look.
For the times where the weather is not too cold or your inside wearing your summer skirt with tights is perfect. This skirt is so fashionable and trendy I always find it a shame to hibernate it in the colder seasons so I am very glad I wore this and I think I will try and wear it many more times to come.
However this does not mean I will be wearing my shorts with tights anytime soon…

I paired my skirt with my grey top from Pull and Bear. I love this top and I think the red hem goes perfectly with the grey top and I love the embroidered badge which quotes ’cause your a constant toothache’. I love Pull and Bear as they have quirky tops however not too quirky that you feel a bit stupid wearing them, if that makes sense?! Also their tops are so so soft and have the best quality as well as tend to be quite cheap.

I wore this outfit with my white Converse which I will always love. As well as I wore some small hoop earrings from Claire’s which I have been loving at the moment. They are really pretty and I think they look so nice and stylish on. I will definitely be wearing them lots this season. 

So that’s it for today’s outfit post! I hope this has given you inspiration to bring back some of your summer clothes. And I am sorry for the picture quality as I had no hope for outside as although it was only 6pm, it was so dark outside!
Kate Xx

P.S I also posted my first YouTube video this week. It was only an Introduction but I am hoping to start posting weekly videos on beauty, makeup and lifestyle which I am quite excited for. Also I know this first video isn’t very good but I had to pluck up a lot of courage to post it, so no judgement thanks!!  


Outfit Post: Winter Coat

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Hi everyone!
Today I am going to be focusing this outfit post on my new coat as I have been really impressed by it and it didn’t deserve to not have a post for itself! I did also briefly mention this on my October Favourites last week however I din’t get chance to get some good photos so that’s what I’m here for today!

So as it’s getting colder and all shops are bringing out there winter coats, which meant I had my eyes peeled for this years coat! Luckily I found the perfect padded coat at H&M which I fell in love with instantly. I have always loved padded coats especially in khaki colours however always been outstounded by Topshop prices. So I was so happy to find this coat for only £40, which is a bargain for a well-lasting coat and it is so well made.

My coat is in a khaki colour and it also comes in black, (but the khaki isn’t online for some reason). It is a really nice khaki colour as it’s not too bright and personally I think is the perfect subtle colour. It has a silver zip which adds really nice detail and has press-studs as well as the zip. The pockets are the perfect size and has the cosiest fur lining inside, the only thing is is that the pockets are fasten by one press-stud not zips. For me it’s not the end of the world as I usually do put most things in my handbag but if you do rely on your pockets to be safe and secure, be careful!
The last main detail that makes me love this coat is that it comes down a bit more at the back. I love this and it makes it feel really comfy and is nice as it covers just the top of your jeans which I love.
I got this in a size 10 which is a size bigger than I usually get but as I love to wrap up warm in the winter and wear thick jumpers, I thought the little bit extra room would be perfect.

For this outfit I just wore my leggings and my boots from Primark as I was only on a dog walk and for this post I only wanted to focus on my coat!
So thank you all for reading this and comment what your winter coat is going to be!
Kate Xx