Outfit Post: Comfy Jeans and Coat

Wearing a plain top with jeans and a coat is so simple however can always look very stylish. I absolutely loved wearing this and is an outfit that can never go wrong!

So I wore my black ribbed roll-neck top which was from Primark that I actually bought last autumn however it something they sell yearly. I love these tops as I think they are around £5 and they are so so warm and feel like a thermal on. I wore this all day and the neck didn’t get itchy at all and it kept me nice and warm. Also I love wearing tops like this with a necklace but I wore this outfit for school so have to keep to the rules…

I wore my new jeans with this outfit which I have fell in love with. They are Jaime Jeans from Topshop which are amazing! I have always bought Joni Jeans from Topshop however I felt like a change as I was going of my Joni jeans. Jaime Jeans are so well made and definitely worth the price and they will look so good paired with a big belt which is on my shopping list! I cannot fault these jeans and I love the colour of these and are so worth the price!

And if you read one of my latest outfit posts you would have seen my new winter coat (the blogpost is linked). I loved this coat paired with these jeans, the colours go so well together and are both so comfy. This coat kept me warm perfectly and finished of the outfit perfectly.

I also wore my fake timberlands which are also from Primark. They are always so so comfy and I got them last year and am always amazed with how well they have lasted! They were around £15 which is an absolute bargain for a pair of boots which are fashionable and always in trend, so keep your eyes peeled in Primark at the moment as I am sure they will have some new seasonal boots. I wear these boots all the time in autumn and am so pleased I bought them last year.

So that is for this casual, stylish autumn look. Comment below what your favourite autumn pieces are or anything you like about this outfit!
Hope to see you soon,
Kate Xx