How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is something we should all do and it is so important so today I wanted to share with you how I clean my makeup brushes. 
Making sure your brushes are clean is so so important as you don’t want to be spreading bacteria over your face. Also cleaning your brushes will make your brushes last longer as well as you have much better application with a clean brush. 

I’m going to be showing you how I deep clean my brushes and how I saw them every 2 weeks for just a small wash.

Deep Cleanse

Recently I found in Primark a Makeup Brush Cleaner Tool which is a dupe for the Real Techniques Brush Cleaner Tray and for a price of £1.50, I got one as I have always used my hands for cleaning my brushes but I thought this would be the perfect alternative. 

1) So I start by dampening the brush under luke-warm water. Always hold the brush upside down as you don’t want water being near the roots of the bristles.

2) Then I will put a little pea sized amount of shampoo (or you can use whatever else you use) on my brush and swirl it around on my cleaner tool (or you can use your hand). 

3) I will keep on swirling the brush down and moving it against the ridges on my cleaning tool whilst adding little drops of water to the lather and brush.

4) I keep on repeating this for a minute or two and will add a little bit more shampoo depending on how dirty the brush was

5) When barely any shampoo is coming out of the brush I will squeeze the brush (in a downwards motion) under water again. And just run it upside down under luke-warm water again to give it a rinse.

6) Then I lightly wipe the brush on a towel and leave in on it’s side to dry.

7) And then spend 20 minutes or more admiring the softness on your face!

I like to do this monthly or maybe a bit longer depending how many times I have used my brushes that month. I don’t use my brushes daily but if I did, I would definitely be washing them more frequently.

Weekly Refresh

Sometimes my brushes don’t need a thorough clean but I think need a quick freshen up so this product from Boots couldn’t be better. I like to do this every couple of weeks or just between my big washes of my makeup brushes. I love using this as I can use my brush straight after I have cleaned it, this product is definitely worth the money.

1) I use one or two pumps of the Boots Makeup Brush Cleaner and just pump it onto a folded tissue.

2) Then just swirl you brush around in that area and you will see all the product coming out

3) Let your brush dry for around 1 minute then it’s clean and dry to use!

They are the two methods I use regularly to clean my makeup brushes. They both work wonders and I hope you have enjoyed this post!
Kate Xx

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