The Battle of the Face Masks

Hi Guys!
So I have always had quite dry and pimply skin and has been something I have tried my very best at to get rid or just get more moisture into my face. So these 3 masks I have used are aimed at bringing moisture to the face as that is what I always look for in my masks and moisturisers.

The first face mask I used is the Cream Coconut Mask by 7th Heaven. On the packaging it said it was for ‘dry and tired skin’ and ‘hydrating vitality boost’. I did quite like this mask when it was on my face as it was so creamy and comfortable. It is a coconut mask and I am a big fan of coconut flavour however it didn’t seem to smell of coconut on my face. I don’t know whether it is because it has shea butter in but the smell wasn’t my favourite however it didn’t put me off the mask entirely.

The second mask is the most exciting and is the sheet mask from Boots. I absolutely love sheet masks, I love the idea of them and this is the second one I have ever tried and I absolutely love them. When I got this out of the packaging I had a good feeling as it smelt nice and the gel surrounding it seemed a good formula and I had high hopes that it would moisturises very well. It was very very easy to put on and I found it very comfortable on my face. I kept it on for 15mins as advised however in the last couple of minutes that it was on for, I did really want to take it off as my skin kinda felt like it was burning.
And let me tell you, it lived up to it’s expectations! I absolutely loved this mask! When I took it off I massaged in the gel which was very refreshing and moisturising. My skin felt really tight after using it and after moisturising my skin felt super soft. My spots definitely went down a bit as well as I noticed the redness had reduced. The next morning my skin felt really hydrated so a big thumbs up for this mask!
Also I apologise for the pictures as no-one tends to look good in a sheet mask…

Lastly is the Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask by Una Brennan.  Used this mask for a while now and I will always love so that’s why I decided to compare it to two new masks. I keep this on for 15-20 minutes and it’s never reacted with my skin or irritating me once. It always leaves my skin moisturised and smooth. Especially on cold days where my skin goes a bit dry however this leaves my skin radiant and hydrated.  And for an added bonus the rose scent it has is to die for! Honestly I cannot fault this product! 

So that is it for my moisturising face masks. I would rank the masks as;

  1. Boots Hydrating Sheet Mask
  2.  Moisture Mask by Una Brennan
  3. Cream coconut mask by 7th Heaven
I really enjoyed comparing these, comment below which face masks you love!
Kate Xx