Styling The Spotty Trousers

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You may have read my recent post on how I’m trying to be ethical in my fashion choices. So here is me wearing my new trousers from Asos, a key brand contributing to fast fashion!! (woohoo go me)! I am trying to make a positive impact but I’m so far struggling to stay away from my high-street favourites. And with the new brand ‘Collusion’ hitting ASOS, I couldn’t help myself. However my new rule is to buy less, wear more. So I feel a little less guilty…
My Dad also took these pics so thanks John, a true legend…

These trousers are the Collusion Spot Print Trousers. I’d seen Collusion on social media a lot so only went for a little browse to see the style of everything. I had no intention of buying anything however I have zero self control and here we are. These trousers caught my eye straight away as I love the spotty print on them. The print is like an unorganised polka dot print. I love a bold print however these trousers are super easy to style and wear as they’re black and white.
From online I thought they would be quite structured however they literally feel like pj’s. They have a super loose fit, the only place where they are tight against my body is at the waist. Which I love as I’ve formed a deep hate for tight trousers!

I wanted a simple outfit so just paired the spots with my Red Oversized Sweater from Pretty Little Thing. I love the red against the black and white. A super simple and easy outfit to throw on however I love my bold colours so it floats my boat!
I also paired my simple black chain bum bag with this outfit and wore it cross body. It’s super simple and my favourite thing from Pull&Bear! And of course on my feet are my trusty One Star Converse. These are my favourite shoes, they’re pretty basic so are perfect to throw on.

I wore my layered gold necklaces from H&M which are gold coins and a simple chain. I’m slowly becoming a gold jewellery person. And layering necklaces looks so gorgeous on! My jewellery addiction is becoming worse at the moment. You can never have too much jewellery and I need so much more!

Kate Xx

BLOGMAS Day 10 : Christmas Outfits

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Christmas is a time where everyone wants to look nice and I always try to find the perfect Christmas outfit to wear. So for this post I am just going to show you some easy outfits that are perfect for the Christmas days!

1. Jeans & a Roll Neck

This is my perfect outfit as I love love love long tops with a high neck, it’s what I live for in the colder seasons! For this outfit I am wearing my Jaime Jeans from Topshop with a turtle neck crop long-sleeved top from Boohoo. The top is in a berry colour and is has a white grain detail. I love the colour of this as although it’s not an in your face colour, it’s a bit more lively than my average grey. 
This is probably the outfit I will wear on Christmas day or Boxing day as it’s comfy and I love how it looks. However I might end up putting and elastic band around the button on my jeans after I eat Christmas dinner…


2. Denim Skirt 

I love this look as I never use to like wearing tights with a skirt but I love it now! I am wearing my denim skirt from Topshop which I bought last summer and a pair of tights from Primark. This might not be the perfect outfit if you are outside for most of the day however for staying inside it’s perfect. I find it looks more dressy than jeans however you still feel really casual and comfortable wearing it. And depending whether you want to dress it up or down, you can pick whatever top you want to go with it. In my look I have worn my Jack Will Pink Polo top and I think the bright pick compliments the blue denim very well. 

3. Denim Dress

This is an item I have had in my wardrobe for years! Being honest, I have only worn it twice as I went off the fit and style of it however now I can just about manage with it. It is a Denim Dress from New Look which was around £15 at the time (which was 2014?oops). I love wearing this as it is really simple but you can dress it up or down by your shoes and accesories. I didn’t wear tights in this photo but I would if I was wearing it out as my legs are just a tad pale…
I think a necklace would add just the perfect finishing touch to this outfit and I would love a more statement necklace to wear with this as the dress is simple.

4.White Jeans and Orange Tones

I have never ever worn my white jeans in winter at all, I have always thought it was absolutely bonkers! But ever since I saw Jaclyn Hill (my fave ever person) wearing her white jeans in an outfit post recently, I thought I should try and pull it off myself.
So for this outfit I wore my ASOS White Jeans with a top from Primark which I actually got last year. I love wearing burnt orange colours with white as they compliment each other so well.  I will definitely be wearing this at Christmas as it is so comfy but I love the way it looks.
I would love to wear a nice pair of knee-high boots with this outfit but unfortunately I don’t own any! 🙁

5.Christmas Jumper

Of course a Christmas jumper has to be an option. You could wear your Christmas jumper with jeans, a skirt or with anything you fancy! 
My jumper is from H&M and I got it last year from around £8 I think. It is grey and has a fluffy penquin on which I love.
You cannot go wrong with a Christmas Jumper!

What are you wearing for Christmas?
Kate Xx

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