First Impressions of Anatomicals *

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I’m a big lover of skincare, unfortunately I don’t share the same feeling towards my skin. But I like to try different products because I’m still looking for that one product that clears my skin. Or maybe I was just never meant to be that person on twitter who has the skin of an angel.
However for this post I’ve tried out the fabulous brand, Anatomicals. They sell toiletries; from skincare to hair care and even headache relief! I was super excited when my products that they kindly sent me arrived as it was my first time trying out their products. And they have lived up to my expectations!

I love their overall brand image. First of all, they don’t test on animals and their slogan is ‘We Only Want You For Your Body’. As well as, all of their products have the best packaging and names. It makes their brand really fun and appealing.

We Never Forget A Face Memorably Good Daily Moisturiser;

I feel like I’m really picky with moisturisers so I really wanted to test one of Anatomical’s moisturisers out. And so far I’ve been using this moisturiser every morning for the last couple of days. And I’m really enjoying it. My skin is getting along well with it which makes a change for my skin when trying out new products. It applies really nicely and has a super softening formula. I’m yet to see any noticeable changes in my skin however I have only been using it for less than a week! But it instantly makes me skin feel hydrated and moisturised.

The moisturiser has SPF 15 in which is perfect as I like to use a moisturiser with spf included. And it also includes Co-Enzyme Q10 which isn’t in my dictionary however I found out that it is an “antioxidant for skin firming complex. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”. Which I think is definitely noticeable as this moisturiser is super firming which makes your skin feel so good.
This moisturiser is £6 on Asos which is such a bargain as it such a high quality product and will last for a decent amount of time. As I seem to use a smaller quantity than I would usually do with moisturiser as a little goes a long way!

No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel ;

I’m very familiar with puffy eyes and hefty bags under my eyes. I’m a big crier so I have experienced a good handful of mornings where I’ve woke up with puffy eyes. This actually happened the other morning (thanks to overthinking) so I could give this gel a good test. It’s a cooling gel and this definitely cooled down my eyes in the morning. I dab it on and makes my eyes feel awake and they feel quite moisturised.
The formula of this is brilliant. A little goes a long way and it sinks in fast which is great. I’d definitely recommend using this if you have to wake up early and want to put makeup on straight away. And also I’d for sure recommend when you want to minimise your dark circles. The gel is super brightening and also smells amazing. It contains ‘arnica and orange flower water’ which makes it smell amazing but it’s not an overpowering scent. (I have no clue what the two things are but I do know that they smell good…)

Out and Out Britain’s Best Pout Lip Balm Duo;

I obsess over lip balm like I obsess over Harry Styles… I cannot go anywhere without a lip balm. (Once I went to school and forgot my lip balm so had to call my dad to bring it in. He said no…) So I had to try a lip balm from Anatomicals. I choose this lip balm duo which would make the perfect gift! In the set you get a simple lip balm and a fruity lip balm.

Stop Cracking Up- This is the basic lip balm that Anatomicals sell and I’ve become obsessed with this. Although the balm has a gloss finish and formula. It’s thick so feels super replenishing but also not too thick or sticky. I love the gloss finish as well, a lip balm like this is always a staple in a natural makeup look. It has long lasting moisture on your lips.
Never Lose Your Cherry- The second lip balm in the set is this beaut cherry flavoured lip balm. Which has SPF 15 in which I love, even in the winter I like to use spf on my face. This balm also has the same fabulous formula like the other balm in the set. It has a cherry flavour which I really like. It’s subtle but still there. And it does have a slight red-toned tint however isn’t noticeable. So is the perfect product for a subtle colour on your lips.

I would 100% recommend these lip balms as they’re super affordable. And perfect to throw in your bag or pocket for everyday use. And the applicator is slanted which makes it even better!

Have you tried anything from Anatomicals?

Kate Xx

*These products were kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own honest review.

All About the Monthly Saviour, BettyBox *

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Hey everyone! It’s definitely been a long time no see for me posting on here. Unfortunately I’ve been doing my gcse’s in school. I’ve still got two weeks left but by this point I’ve given up. So I’m back blogging! And for this post I was lucky enough for the lovely people over at BettyBox to send me one of their fabulous boxes! I can’t thank them enough as this was such a treat to receive and is so generous of them.

So a BettyBox is a monthly subscription box for your period. Delivering your months supply of sanitary products and little treats for you as well. Unfortunately all us girls suffer with that dreaded time of the month. But this monthly subscription box would for sure make everything a whole lot better! Self-care is so important and I think this box is the perfect pick-me-up!
It’s aimed at young girls and Bettybox is all about empowering women to take control of their period which I love! The box is super colourful and fun and makes everything about periods positive. And I think is a great idea suited for someone who’s new to their period so is a bit overwhelmed or someone who just needs a treat every month!

In the box you get four little parcels. A box for you full of treats and then three separate sections of sanitary products that will last for the whole month. Which are then separated in ‘for now’ , ‘for later’ and ‘for night’. And I love how they’re in three different compartments as they’re perfect for travelling and keeps everything neat and tidy.
In the box full of treats for yourself they can include anything ranging from makeup, skincare, sweet treats and more so there is something for everyone in them. As well as enough sanitary products to get you through a cycle.
Overall I got a mixture of around 40 sanitary products, ranging from tampons, pads (regular and nighttime) and panty liners. So you get plenty for the month and I like the wide selection they sent over as it’s super practical.

When ordering you can choose between pads , tampons or both as well as a Bettypad option which is new to the site! And you can choose the type of product which is super useful. I love how it gives you options so your box is best suited for yourself. Then you order your box to come for a certain date so it comes in time every month. And it comes through your door in a white parcel with the box inside so no-one has a clue! They’re so easy to order and I think it’s such a clever idea.

As well as your sanitary products, you receive a box for yourself. The little box full of gifts is different every month and is definitely the perfect pick me up! I’ve always been a fan of a goody bag so this is right up my street! In my box I was truly treated. Included in my box was;

  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company Blemish Wand – I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time but have never got one. (Yes I am that person obsessed with Dr.PimplePopper). And it’s lived up to the expectations. I love the copper colour of it and it’s really good quality. It’s duo-ended with two different sized loops so perfect for your pores or spots. And I know I shall be getting a lot of use out of this especially as I’ve got so many spots at the moment…
  • Stabilo PointMax Premium Fineliners – In the box was also a pack of two Stabilo pens, one blue and one pink. I actaully love these as they’re fineliners but more felt-tip link ink. But they’re thin so perfect for writing or underlining. I like using different colours when revising or school work as I find it easier to process. So these will be very handy for me.
  • Trifle Cosmetics ‘Exotic Fruits’ Lipstick – This lipstick and lip treatment in one is my new love! Firstly the packaging is beautiful! It’s thick cardboard packaging with a fun print on and has a metal rose gold case inside. And I love this shade. It’s a natural nude so perfect for everyday wear. As well as it being super moisturising and cruelty free.
  • Amie Morning Clear Facial Wash – I love trying out new skincare and I loved this facial wash. I found that it was really refreshing to use in the morning and is nice and gentle on your skin. It made my skin feel super moisturised and smooth. As well as having such a lovely scent which I’m in love with! And it’s natural as well so is a win win!
  • Hairon Pink Zero Crease Hair Ties – I love these elastic bobbles so much. I always found my Primark ones pulled my hair out from the elastic. However these don’t pull my hair out whatsoever which is great. Honestly these are the best ones I’ve ever tried and I love the bright pink shade of them. Will definitely be a staple for me!
  • Ape Crispy & Crunchy Coconut Snacks – These all natural snacks are so delicious. I love coconut so much which is probably why I enjoyed these. And they also have chocolate mixed in which makes them a perfect healthy alternative for a sugary snack. I love having them as well because they’re a tasty snack whilst being so healthy so doesn’t make me feel guilty!
  • Cuppanut Coconut and Cranberry Infusion – I was unsure to whether ‘d like this as I thought the coconut with the cranberry would be a bit weird. However I was pleasantly surprised as I loved drinking this. Unfortunately I can’t make myself like tea but I love fruity drinks. This is caffine-free and is made from all natural ingredients so is definitely beneficial to your health!

Pricing of a BettyBox-
I think Bettyboxes are well worth the money. They have 3 different options for when buying a subscription. So you can choose how many months you want to pay for, either 1, 3 or 6 months. And the more months you pay for, the cheaper it becomes. For only one month a BettyBox costs £12.99. for three months it’s £35.97 or you can pay for 6 months for a bargain of £64.95.
The gifts alone nearly total £40 and that’s not even including the sanitary products. So you definitely get your money’s worth in the boxes. And it definitely does cheer you up!
Also with the code ‘BB20’ you can save 20% which makes buying definitely worth it. I loved everything inside this BettyBox and think it’s the perfect idea.

Have you ever tried a BettyBox before?

Kate Xx

*This product was sent to me but all opinions are my own.

Go-To Makeup; Warm Tones & Flawless Base

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I keep my makeup super simple and usually got for the same natural look.However I was having a good makeup day and loved my base.So I thought I’d share my simple makeup look. I used to be a true perfectionist with my makeup. But now I’m much quicker and ‘care free’. I seem to always do things in a random order and all over the place but my makeup always turns out decent!

I start with my brows which I simply fill in with my ABH Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Blonde’. And I always used to carve my brows by a line below my brow. But I simply primed my eyes with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1. And blended the concealer up to my brow to give a subtle carve. And set this in place with the Rimmel Stay Matter Powder in 001.

On the eyes I went for an all matte with warm tones from the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette. I used shades ‘Pukey’ and ‘Pooter’. Which are light warm orange shades. I took these in my outer crease but blended them up to open up my eye. Then using ‘Buns’ and browner shade, I added depth to my crease and blended into my centre lid from the inner corner. And took ‘Mocha’ on my lash line to bring all the shadow together and add definition.

After my eyeshadow I prime my face using the Nivea Express Hydration Primer. As well as the Wonderland Studio Finish Primer on my t-zone. These two primers work really well together as they keep my skin hydrated and makeup on all day. Next I colour correct redness below my foundation. I use the Freedom HD Longwear Concealer in Green. Which has always been a staple for me.
For foundation, I’m using a mix of my two favourites. The Boujois Healthy Mix Serum in 52 and the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow in 202 ‘creamy Natural’. I love this combination as my base looks super flawless. But the foundations are both light and comfortable. I blend these in with my Spectrum A02 brush which is actually amazing!

To conceal and highlights my under eyes. I’m using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade ‘1’. I also take this lightly on my chin, nose and forehead to highlight. And I then set my base in place with the Technic Colour Correcting Loose Powder. This powder will be a forever favourite of mine. It colour corrects and keeps makes my makeup long lasting. But it doesn’t cake up at all so is a true winner. I mainly pack this on under my eyes and t-zone. And lightly around my whole face.

Moving onto ‘contour’ which I do quite lightly. I used the Maybelline Master Contour to sculpt out my cheekbones. I don’t often reach for this but I really liked how it looked and blended. And of course I bronzed up my face with the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer.This is truly the best bronzer ever and saves my pale face.
I’m falling out of love with highlighter currently. I never really feel like something obvious. So I used the Collection Speedy Highlight in Pearl Sheen.. As it’s quite subtle and the pearl shade suits my makeup. I also took this on my brow bone, cupids bow and nose as well as my cheekbones!

Going back to my eyes to finish off. I took the same brown shade again ‘Mocha’ on my lower lash line. I applied it on my outer lash line but blended it in towards the inner corner. I can never not do my makeup without applying shadow on my upper and lower lash line. And after this I used my favourite mascara. Which is the Maybelline Lash Sensation in Black.
For my lips I lined them with the ‘Caramel Nougat’ Lip Liner from MUA which is a simple nude. I did start of the day with a darker lip but I took these photos later on. Where I was wearing the Mac Liptensity Lipstick in ‘Doe’. Paired with the Natural Collection Clear Gloss over.

I did originally take my Mac Patent Polish Lip Stick in ‘It’s Really Me’. Paired with my Buxom Lip Cream in ‘Dolly’ for extra gloss. Which you can see in the photo below, if you’d want a slightly darker nude lip.

And finally, I don’t know why I do this step last. I’ve just got in the routine of doing so. But I use my L’Oreal Brow Artist Brow Gel in Light/Medium. To set my brows in place and gives them so more definition. I have to apply brow gel otherwise my brows look dreadful.

This makeup look is quite simple but is my go-to look. It’s so quick and I love the base and shadow. This is my first makeup look of 2018 so hope you all enjoyed!

Kate Xx

Falsies First Impressions; Ardell & Pinky Goat

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I’m a big lover of false lashes. My eyelids are quite small and close over quite a bit. So I love eyelashes as they open up my eyes as well as adding volume and length. I haven’t tried that many different varieties of lashes, I usually stick to my Ardell Demi Wispies. However I was super excited when so kindly sent me these two gorgeous pairs of lashes.

I was truly spoilt for choice over on their website as there was so much choice. They stock over 1000 styles and all of the top brands for affordable prices. They have many offers as well as selling some lashes cheaper than on the highstreet. So make sure to sign up to their emails for offers as well as you can use the code LASH10 for 10% off your next order. And they have free 1st class delivery in the UK which I love as I hate paying for delivery!

Ardell Faux Mink Lashes Black 811 – £7.99 –
Shop here
The first pair I was sent are a pair from the faux mink range from Ardell. I love Ardell, their lashes are such good quality and affordable so my hopes were high for this pair. And I can gladly say, these lashes were everything I hoped for and more. The quality of them is fabulous and they’re the perfect shape. I was doubting how they’d look on my eyes as the lashes are quite big but on the eye they’re quite thin but wispie on the outer lash.
I found them super easy to apply, as well as being quick to apply. And the invisible lash band is a must for me so they tick the boxes.

The lashes themselves feel high quality and are light so comfortable on the eye. And I can imagine you’ll be able to get many wears from these. So for only £7.99 they’re a true bargain.
If you’re looking for a natural lash that gives volume and length then I’d say this is a very good contender. I’ll definitely wear these as more of a ‘casual lash’ for a shopping day or day out. As they’re natural but give the perfect amount of volume. And I feel super comfortable wearing them so it’s a big thumbs up from me on these lashes. I will definitely be repurchasing. And my demi-wispies might have to move over!

Also please do excuse how badly I applied these however they’re really easy to apply as I fixed them later on. But next time I wear them I think I’ll cut down the inner corner of the band as it was a tidy bit too long.

Pinky Goat 3D Mink Lashes ‘Mais’ – £19.99 –
Shop here

(Before I start, just wanted to clarify that these are cruelty free!!)
These lashes caught my eye straight away online and I knew I’d have to try them. They’re such a gorgeous lash and although they aren’t the most natural, I do love them! They are quite big but for the right occasion they’d be perfect for a glam look. Although they are a full-on lash, they lashes are sectioned so gives a more natural look. They have a voluminous base which fade into wispie lashes.
What I was most surprised about, especially due to their size, was how light they were. They are so comfortable on the eye and I could happily wear them for a long time. And they were so easy to apply as well, I always apply my lashes with my fingers. Tweezers never have worked for me and I could easily apply them. And they have a clear band so no harsh lines and make it more natural.

These lashes are £19.99 to buy on which for me personally is a price I wouldn’t usually pay for. However they are such good quality and “can be worn up to 15 times”. So for the amount of use you’ll get out of them, they’re definitely worth the price. And I’ve never tried Pinky Goat before but I’ve been impressed so I’ll definitely be looking at their other styles. They’re such good quality lashes and I think are affordable for what you get.
Pinky Goat also stock cheaper lashes so perfect if you want something more ‘bank balance friendly’.

(Please excuse my dreadful makeup as well, I call the look ‘been out all day in the rain’.)

I loved trying out these two pairs of lashes and I’d definitely recommend them both. And I will for sure be ordering again of because they stock so many gorgeous styles for affordable prices. And I’m sure these two lashes will feature again in a makeup look or favourites!
What are your favourite styles of lashes?

Kate Xx

Wonderland Makeup First Impressions

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I love trying out new brands of makeup so I was super excited to receive these products from Wonderland who so kindly sent me some of their products. I’d never actually heard about Wonderland Makeup before they got in contact with me but they have such a big range of products and is now a brand I’ll definitely turn to.

What I love about Wonderland is that they’re a cruelty free brand. Which also sell super good quality products at affordable and reasonable prices. So they tick all the boxes and I’ll definitely be shopping at Wonderland in the future as I love these products that I’ve tried.

Studio Finish Primer – £15 – Shop here

I’ve heard lots of good things about this primer so I was so exited to try it. And I’ve been so impressed by it and it’s definitely worth the hype. I’ve never actually used a silicone based primer before, I usually use an illuminating primer or moisturising however I’ve loved using this. It applies really smoothly and is the perfect base. I was actually really shocked when I first applied it because it made my skin so incredibly smooth! My foundation applies flawlessly on top of this primer. And the primer definitely reduces fine lines and makes my skin feel so silky smooth when applied.

I have quite dry skin and this worked so well, it kept my skin moisturised and radiant. As well as I made my sister try it who has oily to normal skin and she also loved it. So it’s definitely a good one for all skin types. I definitely noticed a difference in my makeup by the end of the day, by using this primer the coverage of my foundation definitely lasted longer. And made my makeup keep it’s flawless finish. I know for sure that I will repurchase the primer when it runs out as I’ve been so impressed. And this primer is a new staple product for me.


Eyeshadow ‘Doll’ – £7.50 – Shop here

This pink shade is a different shade to my usual tones however it’s such a pretty shade and I’ll definitely be using this a lot. It’s the shade ‘ Doll’ which swatches and comes out just like the same shade as it looks in the pan. The formula of this shadow is so smooth and creamy and gives a smooth finish on the eye. It’s also so easy to blend and blends so nicely on the eye which makes it feel really luxurious.
I was a bit wary on the shade however it’s so pretty on the eye as it’s more of a neutral pink so it’s easy to wear. I feel like I’ll get most wear out of this in the spring season as it would look gorgeous paired with a silver or gold. But this shade also looks so gorgeous just on its own built into the crease.

I also love the packaging of the eyeshadow, it’s super simple but I can’t imagine to to break whatsoever. So it’s definitely a good one to have in your bag for on the go or travelling as it’s small so easy to throw in. I do find it to have a tad more kickback than some other products I own. However it’s not a bad amount so this isn’t a huge downside to the product. But overall I’ve been super happy with this eyeshadow and I definitely want to try some different shades. As it’s such good quality and is long lasting on the eye so ticks all the boxes for me!


‘Snow’ Nail Varnish – £6 – Shop here

I love this shade of nail varnish as it’s a simple white shade which looks so nice on the nails. It’s a gorgeous shade to wear on it’s own but also makes the perfect blank canvas for nail art or glitter. I would recommend applying two coats or more when it comes to wearing as two coats just builds up the shade the best. As one coat of the polish is a tiny bit transparent. However I’ve been really impressed with this nail varnish. The brush is a really good shape so it’s quick and easy to apply.  I find it to dry really quickly which is so practical especially for me as I fidget all the time!

I hate nail varnishes when they dry but then become sticky and you have to wait hours for them to become completely smudge proof. However I was so happy to see that this nail polish completely dries in a matter or minutes. So you don’t end up waiting hours on end for it to be dry! And with two coats it didn’t seem to chip easily at all. I know this nail varnish will be getting lots of wear in these upcoming months. I currently have it on my nails now and it looks so pretty and suited for winter.


I’ve been super impressed with these products from Wonderland and if you’re interested in yourself in any of the products. Then you can use the code Bloglife15 to get 15% off your order which is such a good discount. And is definitely worth it for the fabulous products Wonderland sell.

Have you ever tried anything from Wonderland?

Kate Xx