First Impressions of Anatomicals *

I’m a big lover of skincare, unfortunately I don’t share the same feeling towards my skin. But I like to try different products because I’m still looking for that one product that clears my skin. Or maybe I was just never meant to be that person on twitter who has the skin of an angel.Continue reading “First Impressions of Anatomicals *”

All About the Monthly Saviour, BettyBox *

Hey everyone! It’s definitely been a long time no see for me posting on here. Unfortunately I’ve been doing my gcse’s in school. I’ve still got two weeks left but by this point I’ve given up. So I’m back blogging! And for this post I was lucky enough for the lovely people over at BettyBoxContinue reading “All About the Monthly Saviour, BettyBox *”

Go-To Makeup; Warm Tones & Flawless Base

I keep my makeup super simple and usually got for the same natural look.However I was having a good makeup day and loved my base.So I thought I’d share my simple makeup look. I used to be a true perfectionist with my makeup. But now I’m much quicker and ‘care free’. I seem to alwaysContinue reading “Go-To Makeup; Warm Tones & Flawless Base”

Falsies First Impressions; Ardell & Pinky Goat

I’m a big lover of false lashes. My eyelids are quite small and close over quite a bit. So I love eyelashes as they open up my eyes as well as adding volume and length. I haven’t tried that many different varieties of lashes, I usually stick to my Ardell Demi Wispies. However I wasContinue reading “Falsies First Impressions; Ardell & Pinky Goat”

Wonderland Makeup First Impressions

I love trying out new brands of makeup so I was super excited to receive these products from Wonderland who so kindly sent me some of their products. I’d never actually heard about Wonderland Makeup before they got in contact with me but they have such a big range of products and is now aContinue reading “Wonderland Makeup First Impressions”