Wonderland Makeup First Impressions

I love trying out new brands of makeup so I was super excited to receive these products from Wonderland who so kindly sent me some of their products. I’d never actually heard about Wonderland Makeup before they got in contact with me but they have such a big range of products and is now a brand I’ll definitely turn to.

What I love about Wonderland is that they’re a cruelty free brand. Which also sell super good quality products at affordable and reasonable prices. So they tick all the boxes and I’ll definitely be shopping at Wonderland in the future as I love these products that I’ve tried.

Studio Finish Primer – £15 – Shop here

I’ve heard lots of good things about this primer so I was so exited to try it. And I’ve been so impressed by it and it’s definitely worth the hype. I’ve never actually used a silicone based primer before, I usually use an illuminating primer or moisturising however I’ve loved using this. It applies really smoothly and is the perfect base. I was actually really shocked when I first applied it because it made my skin so incredibly smooth! My foundation applies flawlessly on top of this primer. And the primer definitely reduces fine lines and makes my skin feel so silky smooth when applied.

I have quite dry skin and this worked so well, it kept my skin moisturised and radiant. As well as I made my sister try it who has oily to normal skin and she also loved it. So it’s definitely a good one for all skin types. I definitely noticed a difference in my makeup by the end of the day, by using this primer the coverage of my foundation definitely lasted longer. And made my makeup keep it’s flawless finish. I know for sure that I will repurchase the primer when it runs out as I’ve been so impressed. And this primer is a new staple product for me.


Eyeshadow ‘Doll’ – £7.50 – Shop here

This pink shade is a different shade to my usual tones however it’s such a pretty shade and I’ll definitely be using this a lot. It’s the shade ‘ Doll’ which swatches and comes out just like the same shade as it looks in the pan. The formula of this shadow is so smooth and creamy and gives a smooth finish on the eye. It’s also so easy to blend and blends so nicely on the eye which makes it feel really luxurious.
I was a bit wary on the shade however it’s so pretty on the eye as it’s more of a neutral pink so it’s easy to wear. I feel like I’ll get most wear out of this in the spring season as it would look gorgeous paired with a silver or gold. But this shade also looks so gorgeous just on its own built into the crease.

I also love the packaging of the eyeshadow, it’s super simple but I can’t imagine to to break whatsoever. So it’s definitely a good one to have in your bag for on the go or travelling as it’s small so easy to throw in. I do find it to have a tad more kickback than some other products I own. However it’s not a bad amount so this isn’t a huge downside to the product. But overall I’ve been super happy with this eyeshadow and I definitely want to try some different shades. As it’s such good quality and is long lasting on the eye so ticks all the boxes for me!


‘Snow’ Nail Varnish – £6 – Shop here

I love this shade of nail varnish as it’s a simple white shade which looks so nice on the nails. It’s a gorgeous shade to wear on it’s own but also makes the perfect blank canvas for nail art or glitter. I would recommend applying two coats or more when it comes to wearing as two coats just builds up the shade the best. As one coat of the polish is a tiny bit transparent. However I’ve been really impressed with this nail varnish. The brush is a really good shape so it’s quick and easy to apply.  I find it to dry really quickly which is so practical especially for me as I fidget all the time!

I hate nail varnishes when they dry but then become sticky and you have to wait hours for them to become completely smudge proof. However I was so happy to see that this nail polish completely dries in a matter or minutes. So you don’t end up waiting hours on end for it to be dry! And with two coats it didn’t seem to chip easily at all. I know this nail varnish will be getting lots of wear in these upcoming months. I currently have it on my nails now and it looks so pretty and suited for winter.


I’ve been super impressed with these products from Wonderland and if you’re interested in yourself in any of the products. Then you can use the code Bloglife15 to get 15% off your order which is such a good discount. And is definitely worth it for the fabulous products Wonderland sell.

Have you ever tried anything from Wonderland?

Kate Xx