Mom Jeans & Sling Backpack

I’m finally back with a fashion post which has been so overdue, the weather has been a nightmare. However I’m not going to be a typical British and start talking about the weather so straight onto the outfit…

This outfit I feel like is quite a different style for me but I love it so much. I love how all the simple pieces come together. Every piece of this outfit is super simple however it’s definitely not a look I’d usually go for. But I’m trying to wear some different pieces so I feel like this is a step in the right direction.

The Jeans;

The main piece in this outfit is the jeans as they’re so different for me but I’m absolutely in love with them. They’re the Ripped Mom Jeans which were a steal of only £25.99 from Bershka. And they’re blue mom jeans with a red stripe down each outside leg and one rip on the left leg. These are my first pair of mom jeans and I love the fit of them. They’re so comfy and I was a bit unsure on how they looked on me but I’m growing to like them. I was a tad unsure of the fit on these jeans as they’re only sold in general sizes rather than waist and leg. However I risked it and got an 8 which fit perfectly with a belt to tighten the waist. So if you were to buy these I’d say they’re true to size. What drew me towards them was the red stripe down each leg. It just gives the jeans more of an edge and makes them more of a statement piece.

The Top;

I paired the jeans with a simple Dark Grey Roll Neck from Primark. I actually bought this top sometime last year. If you read my blog back in the day might remember this top featuring in a post last year. (I just read it, bad is an understatement). But I love a roll neck, I hate being cold so this keeps me warm and despite the top being quite thin it’s so comfy and warm. It’s quite simple against the jeans but as the top is tight it suits the loose fit jeans. And I wore my Thin Black Belt from Topshop which is a classic piece of mine. (However I have a new belt coming up which is my new obsession!) And of course on the feet are my Old Skool Vans which literally feature in every outfit of mine..

The Accessories;

For my bag I wore this Black Sling Backpack from Guess. Which is super old as my Mum gave it to me from the bottom of her wardrobe so it’s probably been sat there for yonks… It’s quite a different shape and slightly awkward to wear but it suits the outfit. It’s a plain black and simple but quite different to a usual crossbody that I always seem to be wearing. The bag is a triangle shape with a square pocket on with a G as well as the Guess logo on the strap. And has a zip on the back so there’s quite a lot of space for all my unnecessary things I ‘have’ to carry.

And lastly to finish off the outfit is the thing I’m the most unsure on. They’re a pair of fake glasses from Primark. I always see people rocking fake glasses but I’ve always looked ridiculous in glasses but I saw these in store and for only £2 I thought I’d try them. I quite like them as they’re transparent so they’re quite subtle. With the right outfit and hair then I would wear them to go out in if I plucked up the courage!

I’m really happy with this outfit and these jeans will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe. This outfit definitely makes me want to mix up my wardrobe. As it’s so different to my go-to style but I’m loving a bit of change!

Kate Xx