Bold Red & Black Jeans

Merry Christmas Eve! Is that even a thing? Probably not… But I can’t believe that it’s already Christmas Eve, this month has flown by! I was thinking of a Christmas themed post to share for today so I thought I’d share a christmassy makeup look. But I’ve been enjoying freeing the skin at the moment and Christmas holidays for me means sleeping and eating! So I settled for a simple outfit look that’s slightly festive.
This is such a basic outfit but I’m trying to get more fashion on my blog and although it’s super simple I love this outfit. So I thought I’d post it because I’m happy with it.

The Jumper & Jeans;

These are my first pair of black jeans which I know probably sound shocking and I don’t really know why I’ve never bought black jeans before. But I saw these Black Ripped Jamie online at Topshop and knew they were the ones. They’re a simple black with multiple distressed rips on each leg which I love as I am a sucker for ripped jeans. And I’ve been loving my black jeans as I find them really easy to wear. I’m slightly preferring them to my blue jeans so this was a good investment. And I’m slightly shocked that it’s taken me this long to buy a black pair of jeans…

I paired these jeans with my Red Crew Neck Sweater from PrettyLittleThing. And due to the jumpers red colour I’m considering it as festive. This jumper is a big love of mine, it’s so comfy and simple. But I think because of it’s bold colour it makes more of a statement. I did tuck the front of it into my belt though as although it sits on your waist it can drop when walking so I prefer it on my waist. But I love the simple red jumper against the black jeans, it’s simple but bold.

The Accessories;

I kept my accessories black and minimal so wore my Guess Black Sling Backpack and Old Skool Vans. This black sling backpack has been a favourite of mine recently. It’s so easy to wear but is a different piece that looks a bit more unique.
And to finish off the outfit I wore my Black Baker Boy Hat from PrettyLittleThing which is actually growing on me. I felt so much more confident wearing this compared to the other times I’ve worn it. (Which is so surprising for me!) The hat definitely makes the outfit in my opinion and keeps my head warm so is a win win!

I loved wearing this outfit as it’s super casual but I like the simple plain colours that go so well. And the red adds a big pop of colour to brighten all the black shades up.
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and spend it with loved ones! I’ll see you all on the 27th!

Kate Xx