Loving Your Beautiful Body

I’ve been wanting to post a big ramble about body confidence and not caring about many things for a while. Imagine a load of squiggles on a piece of paper because that is my brain. So I have never really known where to start. I was looking through my drafts and I have 6 differentContinue reading “Loving Your Beautiful Body”

Film Photography & Photo Printing with Printiki *

Hello my lovelies! Today I’m here with a slightly different post but one I’ve been super excited for as I don’t often post photography themed posts. So I thought I’d share my new love for film photography as I’ve fell in love with photos on film! As well as the fabulous brand, Printiki, which isContinue reading “Film Photography & Photo Printing with Printiki *”

Change ; Life Ramble & Goals

Long time no see on the blogging front. I’ve been planning on writing an update post but felt lost. I had a cry (what’s new lol) and then played Olly Mur’s 2010 album , called Olly Murs (10/10 for originality). And felt a wave of positivity which is a rare occurrence. But enjoy my ramble…Continue reading “Change ; Life Ramble & Goals”

All About the Monthly Saviour, BettyBox *

Hey everyone! It’s definitely been a long time no see for me posting on here. Unfortunately I’ve been doing my gcse’s in school. I’ve still got two weeks left but by this point I’ve given up. So I’m back blogging! And for this post I was lucky enough for the lovely people over at BettyBoxContinue reading “All About the Monthly Saviour, BettyBox *”