Loving Your Beautiful Body

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I’ve been wanting to post a big ramble about body confidence and not caring about many things for a while. Imagine a load of squiggles on a piece of paper because that is my brain. So I have never really known where to start. I was looking through my drafts and I have 6 different variations of this post. That are all different but all the same?! So I’m a mess but we’ll get over it.

My figure in general is quite slim so I feel like people just presume I will be content. But one thing that always gets to me is that people don’t seem to understand that no matter your shape and size, you can be insecure. I have felt so shit in my body for so long. I couldn’t used to bare to see my self in the mirror, I just hated the way I looked. In my eyes, my tummy was too big and I always hated my legs. I have became quite self conscious in my thighs as I’ve had noticeable red/purple stretch marks on my thighs recently. And I have some scars on my thighs from bad times in the past. But I’m learning to love these things about me.

I’m really trying to feel good in myself. I’m currently on my summer and in September I’ll be going into my first year of sixth form at the secondary school I’ve been at since year 7. So it’s no new surroundings which I guess is good for my anxious self. However I truly hate school, I was in a bad place in myself in year 11 so I’m really dreading going back. But I feel if I get myself feeling super good in myself then it will hopefully help. I need to try and gain something called confidence which I currently do not have.

If I compare myself to a couple of months ago, I have definitely gained confidence and self love. And hopefully it will only go up! I recently went on holiday and posted a bikini pic on my instagram which is a big step for me. I genuinely had a pit in my stomach but I felt so great in myself when I did.
So I thought I’d write this post and include a bit about how I’ve gained confidence in my body. And I think gaining confidence in my body has made me gain overall confidence in myself. Obviously different things will work better for different people but these are some things that have worked for myself.

Going to the gym; First of all, the main thing that has boosted my confidence has been starting the gym and going frequently every week.
I want to say a disclaimer about the gym though before I carry on. When trying to improve your body confidence and self love. Alternating your weight and appearance is not necessary. Yes it may help as I want to loose a little weight which I think will make myself feel good. But that’s just your preference and I personally think self love comes from accepting who you are. Obviously is you want to loose or gain weight or change your eating then totally do it because you may as well try to see if you prefer that lifestyle. But changing your looks isn’t necessarily going to make your self love come instantly.

And I just don’t want it to seem like going to the gym, like I have done, is what you need to do to gain body confidence. I guess you could say it’s like superficial to go to the gym as it’s just about your looks but for me it is so much more in the mind. The gym totally refreshes my mind and makes me feel SO good in myself.
I go by myself most mornings and I honestly love it. I don’t think I’ve changed my figure much really, I think I’m starting to loose a little stomach weight which I’m happy with. But I’ve gained so much confidence in myself from it. And I feel so great in myself after I’ve been. I listen to my music and I literally don’t think about anything else whilst I’m there. I am someone who is constantly overthinking about everything so I really enjoy it as a mind clearer!

Telling your mind to shut up; For me all my insecurities are all in my head. I’ll look in the mirror and I will think about the things I dislike. I’ve luckily never had anyone say anything bad towards my body. (And if anyone has said anything bad about your body then ignore the little shit because you’re all beautiful!!) But everything I thought was just in my mind.
Constantly comparing myself to others and feeling like I should look slimmer or be more toned. And I’m such a big over thinker so I would just constantly overthink and hate my body. And I could never escape these thoughts. Getting dressed, sitting down, going to the loo. Like your body is constantly with you and in view. But I’ve come to realise that isn’t a bad thing!!

So I knew when it came to loving my self a bit more and having more confidence in myself then I’d have to change my mindset. For me this takes time! I can’t really change my mindset quickly. I find that I’m so quick to put myself down and I do know that I have a very low opinion of myself. My self esteem is pretty non existent. But I feel like I’m working on my mindset and I am slowly improving.
I love reading motivating posts from other people, I’ve found that really helps. And I always think this; if I saw someone else exactly like myself then of course I wouldn’t put them down about how they look so why do I tell myself these things!? If I saw someone with the exact same figure as me I’d hype them up but just because it’s myself I put myself down.

There are many other things that help build your self love and confidence. So many simple things like being around people who make you feel amazing. Or wearing a cute outfit that makes you feel great in yourself. Reading other peoples stories or views on body confidence to inspire you. And just remember to be patient, you may feel like you’re getting no where but trust me it will come. I remember one day I woke up and as I was getting changed I look in my mirror and I smiled at myself. And I know so cringey but I looked at myself and genuinely thought I looked good. And that felt SO GOOD! I hadn’t experienced that in so long and now it’s a frequent occurrence because I look good!

If you’re feeling not-so-good in yourself. Then just think ‘why?’. I’ve realised that feeling shit in yourself for so long does no good to your mental health. And I know most people will always have on-going insecurities which is so sad because what we think as our flaws are never flaws! As they say, what you hate will be someone else’s dream!

And remember self love is not bad. Never feel guilty to think or say ‘I look hot in this photo’. Like it is no problem to like the way you look. I feel like it is such a common occurrence for people (especially women) to dislike the way they look or not admit to say they like the way they look.
I always preach about supporting others but you have to remember to support yourself. So learn to love everything about yourself.

I really want to radiate the positivity on my blog and social media because I don’t think I do enough.
Hope you all enjoyed reading, I actually really enjoyed writing this. Feel free to comment below something you love about yourself because a bit of self love hurts no one!!

Kate Xx¬† ūüôā

Film Photography & Photo Printing with Printiki *

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Hello my lovelies! Today I’m here with a slightly different post but one I’ve been super excited for as I don’t often post photography themed posts. So I thought I’d share my new love for film photography as I’ve fell in love with photos on film! As well as the fabulous brand, Printiki, which is how I print off my photos in the best quality!

I love taking photos, I’m really not good but I find it really enjoyable! And I’ve always loved film photography so I decided I would buy a film camera! After looking into disposable cameras, I decided it would probably work out better to buy a cheap film camera as there are lots of second hand ones online!

So I had to go through all of the emotions when bidding on Ebay but I finally bought the Canon EOS 300 film camera with the 28-90mm lens. Which was a bargain of ¬£25 with batteries! (Ebay is a great place to find a cheap camera however if you’re like me then be ready with the tissues… Yes I am that emotionally unstable that I cried when I lost a bid…)I send my film off for it to be processed and then I have an Epson Scanner at home so I just scan them into my computer! I use two different software’s to scan my negatives. Either ‘Preview’ or the Epson software. Depending on what I use, the photos can come out slightly different with exposure.

I’ve been really enjoying using this camera and I’m taking it on my holiday with me this week so I’ll definitely be posting some photos on film from that! The photo below was taken on this camera, I love the vintage kinda vibe to it!

I’m someone who always has to take photos and ‘capture the moment’. Some people argue that you shouldn’t photograph everything and live more in the moment. But unfortunately I will never be like that. I’m that person who will take photos of everything and anything! I love looking back on photos hence why I nearly have 10,000 photos on my phone. I am a photo hoarder to say the least.

And I love to print my photos which I’ve always done. In my room I’ve a square grid which I made from garden wire from B&Q and spray paint! I love printing my photos off to put on my grid and around my room (and I love making scrapbooks which I need to do more). So I was overjoyed when Printiki so kindly let me order some of my photos using their amazing service. Which is how I’ve printed all my pics in these photos.

These photos have been printed in the medium square size. Which are the perfect size for scrap-booking and hanging in your room. Printiki also offer ‘retro’ boarders for your photos. So you can print your photos in a polaroid style which I think is so pretty! As well as you can add text to your photos which I’ve personally never seen offered before so was pleasantly surprised by what Printiki offer!

I’ve printed off photos before from different stores and being 100% honest I’ve never seen better quality than Printiki. I was so surprised when my photos arrived as the quality is outstanding. I printed my photos in the glossy style rather than matte and they are unreal !
And yes of course as you would have seen from the beginning of this post… I printed a photo of my boyfriend. Harry Style, of course. (Yes that photo is now on my wall, is my phone lock screen and my laptop wallpaper. Life couldn’t be better).

Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know of any of your favourite things to do with photography!

Kate Xx

*This product was gifted to me however all opinions are completely my own.

Change ; Life Ramble & Goals

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Long time no see on the blogging front. I’ve been planning on writing an update post but felt lost. I had a cry (what’s new lol) and then played Olly Mur’s 2010 album , called Olly Murs (10/10 for originality). And felt a wave of positivity which is a rare occurrence. But enjoy my ramble…

I’ve started to write this post a million times. Every single one has been a waffle of me rambling on about my depressing thoughts. I was halfway writing a post, the tears rolling down my face. Then I realised that sitting in my bed crying wasn’t going to change anything. And maybe the reason for my sad and down self is because I’m not making any change. I’ve been feeling the same¬†down feeling about everything recently. It’s been a reoccurring feeling for too long. I’m currently on my summer holidays after getting through exams at school. So I’m going to try and get something out of it. Try and make myself cheer up and hopefully become less anxious about day-to-day tasks that I currently find challenging.

I feel like I’ve lost the old me. I know you change and that’s fine but I feel like they should be good changes. I’ve become such an anxious and boring person. I hold my hand up to say that I’m a moody arse. But I can’t help feeling down and shit in myself. So this is what I’m determined to change. I know I need to change my mindset and day-to-day life. Maybe it won’t work. But at least I can say I’ve tried. And I’m actually feeling quite positive about this so bare with me.

One thing I’ve learnt is that you can’t change yourself. Well at least I can’t. I’ve tried to change who I am but it’s not worth it because it didn’t really change how I felt. So I’m going to try and change my actions and the things I do.

My summer goals to try and find my spark;

  • Join the gym. Okay I know, it’s cliche. But I want to join for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m insecure about my body. I want to loose a little weight and feel good in myself. I know that I’m a healthy weight but I just dislike my body. So I want to join to feel good in myself. Secondly, it would be a very big barrier to overcome. Obviously I’m going to have to join on my own because I have no one to join me. So I’ll feel so proud of myself if I can go and beat my fear of going to the gym on my own. I’m so scared because I fear places that I’m not familiar with. But my plan is to go as soon as it opens so hopefully there will be less people. And if I join the gym, I really want to go for a morning swim as well as using the gym so fingers crossed.
  • Improve my sewing. I got a sewing machine for christmas and haven’t fully made something on it yet. I’ve used it for my gcse work and for little touch ups on my clothes. But I want to practice and hopefully make some clothes throughout summer. I’m not that good but I’m taking a-level textiles so I want to try and improve.
  • Work on my photography. I’m currently on the hunt to buy a film camera. Yes there have been tears when I’ve lost a bid on Ebay. I didn’t know how upsetting it is when someone outbids you in the last five seconds. Maybe I was just extremely hormonal but it was a rollercoaster. (There is a camera I have my eye on and the bid ends tonight as I’m writing this so I’m ready to win). I really want to work on my photography and I think it will be a good focus for shit days.
  • Blog, blog and blog. This was a given but I want to give my blog full attention this summer. I really wanted to change my blog name but then talked myself out of it because to be honest I couldn’t be bothered. But instead of changing my name, my plan is to mix up what I post. I’m going to write less beauty posts as I’ve fell out of love with makeup and I don’t buy any new makeup. But I may write the odd couple if I have anything interesting. And I want to fill my blog with fashion posts as it’s my main interest. As well as maybe some lifestyle and food. I’m still a bit unsure but basically I’ll be posting about anything and everything. And I’m having no schedule. I’m going to post when I want, it might be four times a week or once a week.
  • Ditch my phone. Not completely but I know I spend too much time on it. My phone screen is the last thing I see before I sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. And I sit on my phone way too much throughout the day. And I don’t get anything out of it. I never have any important messages and it’s a waste of time. So I’m going to try and move my phone way out of sight when I go to sleep. Which I don’t know how it will work as I find it hard to get to sleep as I overthink and get anxious. So I always listen to music before I sleep. It calms my mind and I find it easier to sleep. But hopefully if I spend less time on my phone I can get to sleep easier.
  • Find the joy in everyday. I have a diary which I write in everyday. It’s a book of negativity. In a way it’s helped as I don’t often have anyone to talk to so at the end of a bad day I can get out my thoughts. But then it’s bad because it can make me dwell on the negatives as I read over them. So I’m going to try and find the positives in each day and write them down instead. And I know this sounds so cheesy but if you’re someone who struggles with everyday life then you might understand how hard it is to find some positive in each day.

So they’re so far my main goals. I hope I can look back on my current self and feel happy that I’m no longer the person I am. I just want to feel happy in myself and content with my life. Hopefully I can overcome my anxious self and I hope that the thoughts in my brain will one day shut up and allow me to loose my fear of everyday life.
I feel better that I’ve wrote this and I shall return with some posts that have more significance than this ramble.

Big shoutout to Olly Murs and his 2010 hit of ‘Change Is Gonna Come’. You’ve inspired me to be positive. I hope it lasts.

Kate Xx

All About the Monthly Saviour, BettyBox *

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Hey everyone! It’s definitely been a long time no see for me posting on here. Unfortunately I’ve been doing my gcse’s in school. I’ve still got two weeks left but by this point I’ve given up. So I’m back blogging! And for this post I was lucky enough for the lovely people over at BettyBox to send me one of their fabulous boxes! I can’t thank them enough as this was such a treat to receive and is so generous of them.

So a BettyBox is a monthly subscription box for your period. Delivering your months supply of sanitary products and little treats for you as well. Unfortunately all us girls suffer with that dreaded time of the month. But this monthly subscription box would for sure make everything a whole lot better! Self-care is so important and I think this box is the perfect pick-me-up!
It’s aimed at young girls and Bettybox is all about empowering women to take control of their period which I love! The box is super colourful and fun and makes everything about periods positive. And I think is a great idea suited for someone who’s new to their period so is a bit overwhelmed or someone who just needs a treat every month!

In the box you get four little parcels. A box for you full of treats and then three separate sections of sanitary products that will last for the whole month. Which are then separated in ‘for now’ , ‘for later’ and ‘for night’. And I love how they’re in three different compartments as they’re perfect for travelling and keeps everything neat and tidy.
In the box full of treats for yourself they can include anything ranging from makeup, skincare, sweet treats and more so there is something for everyone in them. As well as enough sanitary products to get you through a cycle.
Overall I got a mixture of around 40 sanitary products, ranging from tampons, pads (regular and nighttime) and panty liners. So you get plenty for the month and I like the wide selection they sent over as it’s super practical.

When ordering you can choose between pads , tampons or both as well as a Bettypad option which is new to the site! And you can choose the type of product which is super useful. I love how it gives you options so your box is best suited for yourself. Then you order your box to come for a certain date so it comes in time every month. And it comes through your door in a white parcel with the box inside so no-one has a clue! They’re so easy to order and I think it’s such a clever idea.

As well as your sanitary products, you receive a box for yourself. The little box full of gifts is different every month and is definitely the perfect pick me up! I’ve always been a fan of a goody bag so this is right up my street! In my box I was truly treated. Included in my box was;

  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company Blemish Wand – I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time but have never got one. (Yes I am that person obsessed with Dr.PimplePopper). And it’s lived up to the expectations. I love the copper colour of it and it’s really good quality. It’s duo-ended with two different sized loops so perfect for your pores or spots. And I know I shall be getting a lot of use out of this especially as I’ve got so many spots at the moment…
  • Stabilo PointMax Premium Fineliners – In the box was also a pack of two Stabilo pens, one blue and one pink. I actaully love these as they’re fineliners but more felt-tip link ink. But they’re thin so perfect for writing or underlining. I like using different colours when revising or school work as I find it easier to process. So these will be very handy for me.
  • Trifle Cosmetics ‘Exotic Fruits’ Lipstick – This lipstick and lip treatment in one is my new love! Firstly the packaging is beautiful! It’s thick cardboard packaging with a fun print on and has a metal rose gold case inside. And I love this shade. It’s a natural nude so perfect for everyday wear. As well as it being super moisturising and cruelty free.
  • Amie Morning Clear Facial Wash – I love trying out new skincare and I loved this facial wash. I found that it was really refreshing to use in the morning and is nice and gentle on your skin. It made my skin feel super moisturised and smooth. As well as having such a lovely scent which I’m in love with! And it’s natural as well so is a win win!
  • Hairon Pink Zero Crease Hair Ties – I love these elastic bobbles so much. I always found my Primark ones pulled my hair out from the elastic. However these don’t pull my hair out whatsoever which is great. Honestly these are the best ones I’ve ever tried and I love the bright pink shade of them. Will definitely be a staple for me!
  • Ape Crispy & Crunchy Coconut Snacks – These all natural snacks are so delicious. I love coconut so much which is probably why I enjoyed these. And they also have chocolate mixed in which makes them a perfect healthy alternative for a sugary snack. I love having them as well because they’re a tasty snack whilst being so healthy so doesn’t make me feel guilty!
  • Cuppanut Coconut and Cranberry Infusion – I was unsure to whether ‘d like this as I thought the coconut with the cranberry would be a bit weird. However I was pleasantly surprised as I loved drinking this. Unfortunately I can’t make myself like tea but I love fruity drinks. This is caffine-free and is made from all natural ingredients so is definitely beneficial to your health!

Pricing of a BettyBox-
I think Bettyboxes are well worth the money. They have 3 different options for when buying a subscription. So you can choose how many months you want to pay for, either 1, 3 or 6 months. And the more months you pay for, the cheaper it becomes. For only one month a BettyBox costs¬†¬£12.99. for three months it’s ¬£35.97 or you can pay for 6 months for a bargain of ¬£64.95.
The gifts alone nearly total ¬£40 and that’s not even including the sanitary products. So you definitely get your money’s worth in the boxes. And it definitely does cheer you up!
Also with the code ‘BB20’ you can save 20% which makes buying definitely worth it. I loved everything inside this BettyBox and think it’s the perfect idea.

Have you ever tried a BettyBox before?

Kate Xx

*This product was sent to me but all opinions are my own.

Bloggers Who Made My 2017

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book flatlaybook flatlay

I’ve been so excited to write this post, I literally cannot put it into words! I’ve been thinking of it all throughout 2017 and knew it would be something I would have to do. Throughout having my blog all last year, I’ve made friends with the most fabulous people and found some of my favourite bloggers. This is going to be cringe, but surely you’d be lying if you said you didn’t love a bit of cringe?
I’ve talked to so many people from my blog, people I talk to many times each week or new people that I come across. And each and everyone one of you are so amazing and truly incredible people. I’m so thankful for the people I’ve found from my blog, you all cheer me up so much. Whenever I’m upset or need help, Twitter is where I will turn, without a doubt because I know I have all you fabulous people there.

So I would just like to say a big thank you! And there is nothing I love more than spreading love so for this post I’m going to do a big roundup of my favourite bloggers in 2017. And as they say, ‘the more the merrier’ so go make a cuppa because you’re all going to want to read every single one of these blogs.

Zara –¬†zaramcintosh.com
First up is my queen, Zara! I found Zara on Twitter when we had both just started our own blogs. And since then I have read Zara’s blog religiously. I cannot put into words how incredible Zara’s blog is. Her photography is out of this world and is so unique. Zara is so so kind and lovely and deserves so much! I can’t wait to see her blog grow this year as I know she will smash it.

Caitlin –¬†lifeascaitlin.co.uk
Caitlin has definitely made my 2017. I’m not too sure when I came across her and her blog this year but I’m so glad I did. Caitlin is so amazing and is so supportive! I always read her blog posts, Caitlin gives all the information you need when it comes to reviewing a product. I definitely trust her recommendations and I love her fashion sense! I’m so glad I became friends with Caitlin this year. She’s such an incredible girl and I’d 100% recommend her blog.

Grace –¬†gracexkate.blogspot.co.uk-
Grace’s blog is absolutely incredible! Her posts are such high quality and I always trust her beauty recommendations. I love Grace’s writing style, I’ve never been good at describing, but it’s chatty but not too chatty. I don’t know how to describe it but I find it easy and enjoyable to read!! And her makeup always looks insane, she is an absolute beauty! Grace is so supportive and I’ve read her blog continuously through 2017 and I know for sure it will stay that way this year!

Erin –¬†everythingerinx.co.uk –
I’ve read Erin’s blog for ages now and I always look forward to read a new post of hers. I love her blog photos, they’re really unique but so stunning. Erin posts a big range on her blog, which I love. Erin’s music posts have always been my favourites. One to read is definitely Erin’s ‘Best Music Of 2017‘, the music she features is always so good!! And I’ll always listen to songs that I’ve never heard before as I love all the music Erin listens to. And Erin is so so lovely and I’m so glad I’ve met her through blogging!

Daisy –¬†daisies-and-delights.blogspot.co.uk
I’m so happy I became friends with Daisy this year, she is so so lovely! I love the variety of topics she writes about and I can’t wait to read her blog more this year. I envy her blog photography, it is so amazing! And I think I love reading Daisy’s blog because it’s so easy to read. Her posts tell you everything you need to know whilst being chatty and enjoyable. Daisy is such a gorgeous girl and she has for sure been a 2017 favourite of mine!

Kate –¬†www.itskaterose.com
I feel like I stumbled across Kate’s blog ages ago. But she’s definitely been one of my favourites this year. I love reading her beauty posts, I feel like she really knows what she’s talking about!! One post that I’ll always remember of Kate’s is her Barcelona Outfit Diary. I love her fashion sense and that post was such a good read! Kate is so lovely and such a babe. And her blog has recently had a little makeover which I’m truly loving!

Liv – www.livwrites.co.uk
I’ve loved reading Liv’s blog this year. Liv is so incredibly kind and sweet and has been a big love of mine in 2017. I loved reading her 12 Days of Slackmas on her blog this December. I love the content Liv produces, every post is different and such a good variety. One post that I remember reading and loving was her post, ‘Let’s Talk; Anxiety&Panic Attacks‘. Liv wrote this post so well and I think it’s one of the best mental health posts that I’ve ever read.

Amelia –¬†itsmeexx.blogspot.co.uk
I feel like I found Amelia’s blog wayyy back and I’ve loved it ever since. Amelia is so kind and a pleasure to talk to! I love her writing style so I love reading her posts. I love Amelia’s makeup and she really makes me want to wear a dark lip all the time! Amelia’s photography is so so good as well and I know she’s going to smash the blog game this year!

Jasmine –¬†blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk
Jasmine’s blog is amazing and you can see how much hard work she puts into it. And it definitely pays off! Jasmine’s photography is so incredible in each and every post. And her posts are such high quality and enjoyable to read. I loved reading Jasmine’s Festive Makeup Look as I loved the range of products and the final result looked amazing. Jasmine has always been so kind and lovely and is a blogger I’d recommend any day!

Lucy Cole -www.lucy-cole.co.uk
I knew Lucy’s blog would be a favourite of mine as soon as I came across it. Lucy’s blog is so incredible and I love each post of hers. Her fashion sense is insane and I love her hair (slightly random but needed to be said lol)! I love her blog pictures as well, you can see how much hard work goes into each post. I only started reading Lucy’s blog this year but it’s amazing how her posts go back to 2013! She is a true inspiration!

Amy –¬†fashionbeautyamyblog.wordpress.com
Amy is such a fabulous girl and is such a pleasure to know! Amy’s blogmas was one of my favourites this year, I loved reading every single post. Her photography is incredible as well. Her recent post, which is her ‘What I Got For Christmas‘, has amazing photos and I loved reading it. I can’t wait to continue reading Amy’s blog this year, she is definitely going to smash it!

Eleanor –¬†www.eleanorclaudie
I have always looked up to Eleanor’s blog. I love the content she publishes and really admire her ethical fashion. One of my recent favourites was her post on ‘Is Fashion A Form Of Art’ as it really made me think and was really well written. I adore Eleanor’s fashion sense and I wish I could pull off everything she wears! I’ll for sure be reading her blog continuously throughout 2018.

I have met so many bloggers throughout having my blog and they’re all incredible people. I’d recommend any blogger because everyone puts so much hard work into their blog. But these have to be my favourites girls throughout the last year. I will definitely do another post like this as there is so many of you that need to be included! Here’s to 2018!

Kate Xx