All About the Monthly Saviour, BettyBox *

Hey everyone! It’s definitely been a long time no see for me posting on here. Unfortunately I’ve been doing my gcse’s in school. I’ve still got two weeks left but by this point I’ve given up. So I’m back blogging! And for this post I was lucky enough for the lovely people over at BettyBox to send me one of their fabulous boxes! I can’t thank them enough as this was such a treat to receive and is so generous of them.

So a BettyBox is a monthly subscription box for your period. Delivering your months supply of sanitary products and little treats for you as well. Unfortunately all us girls suffer with that dreaded time of the month. But this monthly subscription box would for sure make everything a whole lot better! Self-care is so important and I think this box is the perfect pick-me-up!
It’s aimed at young girls and Bettybox is all about empowering women to take control of their period which I love! The box is super colourful and fun and makes everything about periods positive. And I think is a great idea suited for someone who’s new to their period so is a bit overwhelmed or someone who just needs a treat every month!

In the box you get four little parcels. A box for you full of treats and then three separate sections of sanitary products that will last for the whole month. Which are then separated in ‘for now’ , ‘for later’ and ‘for night’. And I love how they’re in three different compartments as they’re perfect for travelling and keeps everything neat and tidy.
In the box full of treats for yourself they can include anything ranging from makeup, skincare, sweet treats and more so there is something for everyone in them. As well as enough sanitary products to get you through a cycle.
Overall I got a mixture of around 40 sanitary products, ranging from tampons, pads (regular and nighttime) and panty liners. So you get plenty for the month and I like the wide selection they sent over as it’s super practical.

When ordering you can choose between pads , tampons or both as well as a Bettypad option which is new to the site! And you can choose the type of product which is super useful. I love how it gives you options so your box is best suited for yourself. Then you order your box to come for a certain date so it comes in time every month. And it comes through your door in a white parcel with the box inside so no-one has a clue! They’re so easy to order and I think it’s such a clever idea.

As well as your sanitary products, you receive a box for yourself. The little box full of gifts is different every month and is definitely the perfect pick me up! I’ve always been a fan of a goody bag so this is right up my street! In my box I was truly treated. Included in my box was;

  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company Blemish Wand – I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time but have never got one. (Yes I am that person obsessed with Dr.PimplePopper). And it’s lived up to the expectations. I love the copper colour of it and it’s really good quality. It’s duo-ended with two different sized loops so perfect for your pores or spots. And I know I shall be getting a lot of use out of this especially as I’ve got so many spots at the moment…
  • Stabilo PointMax Premium Fineliners – In the box was also a pack of two Stabilo pens, one blue and one pink. I actaully love these as they’re fineliners but more felt-tip link ink. But they’re thin so perfect for writing or underlining. I like using different colours when revising or school work as I find it easier to process. So these will be very handy for me.
  • Trifle Cosmetics ‘Exotic Fruits’ Lipstick – This lipstick and lip treatment in one is my new love! Firstly the packaging is beautiful! It’s thick cardboard packaging with a fun print on and has a metal rose gold case inside. And I love this shade. It’s a natural nude so perfect for everyday wear. As well as it being super moisturising and cruelty free.
  • Amie Morning Clear Facial Wash – I love trying out new skincare and I loved this facial wash. I found that it was really refreshing to use in the morning and is nice and gentle on your skin. It made my skin feel super moisturised and smooth. As well as having such a lovely scent which I’m in love with! And it’s natural as well so is a win win!
  • Hairon Pink Zero Crease Hair Ties – I love these elastic bobbles so much. I always found my Primark ones pulled my hair out from the elastic. However these don’t pull my hair out whatsoever which is great. Honestly these are the best ones I’ve ever tried and I love the bright pink shade of them. Will definitely be a staple for me!
  • Ape Crispy & Crunchy Coconut Snacks – These all natural snacks are so delicious. I love coconut so much which is probably why I enjoyed these. And they also have chocolate mixed in which makes them a perfect healthy alternative for a sugary snack. I love having them as well because they’re a tasty snack whilst being so healthy so doesn’t make me feel guilty!
  • Cuppanut Coconut and Cranberry Infusion – I was unsure to whether ‘d like this as I thought the coconut with the cranberry would be a bit weird. However I was pleasantly surprised as I loved drinking this. Unfortunately I can’t make myself like tea but I love fruity drinks. This is caffine-free and is made from all natural ingredients so is definitely beneficial to your health!

Pricing of a BettyBox-
I think Bettyboxes are well worth the money. They have 3 different options for when buying a subscription. So you can choose how many months you want to pay for, either 1, 3 or 6 months. And the more months you pay for, the cheaper it becomes. For only one month a BettyBox costs £12.99. for three months it’s £35.97 or you can pay for 6 months for a bargain of £64.95.
The gifts alone nearly total £40 and that’s not even including the sanitary products. So you definitely get your money’s worth in the boxes. And it definitely does cheer you up!
Also with the code ‘BB20’ you can save 20% which makes buying definitely worth it. I loved everything inside this BettyBox and think it’s the perfect idea.

Have you ever tried a BettyBox before?

Kate Xx

*This product was sent to me but all opinions are my own.