Film Photography & Photo Printing with Printiki *

Hello my lovelies! Today I’m here with a slightly different post but one I’ve been super excited for as I don’t often post photography themed posts. So I thought I’d share my new love for film photography as I’ve fell in love with photos on film! As well as the fabulous brand, Printiki, which is how I print off my photos in the best quality!

I love taking photos, I’m really not good but I find it really enjoyable! And I’ve always loved film photography so I decided I would buy a film camera! After looking into disposable cameras, I decided it would probably work out better to buy a cheap film camera as there are lots of second hand ones online!

So I had to go through all of the emotions when bidding on Ebay but I finally bought the Canon EOS 300 film camera with the 28-90mm lens. Which was a bargain of £25 with batteries! (Ebay is a great place to find a cheap camera however if you’re like me then be ready with the tissues… Yes I am that emotionally unstable that I cried when I lost a bid…)I send my film off for it to be processed and then I have an Epson Scanner at home so I just scan them into my computer! I use two different software’s to scan my negatives. Either ‘Preview’ or the Epson software. Depending on what I use, the photos can come out slightly different with exposure.

I’ve been really enjoying using this camera and I’m taking it on my holiday with me this week so I’ll definitely be posting some photos on film from that! The photo below was taken on this camera, I love the vintage kinda vibe to it!

I’m someone who always has to take photos and ‘capture the moment’. Some people argue that you shouldn’t photograph everything and live more in the moment. But unfortunately I will never be like that. I’m that person who will take photos of everything and anything! I love looking back on photos hence why I nearly have 10,000 photos on my phone. I am a photo hoarder to say the least.

And I love to print my photos which I’ve always done. In my room I’ve a square grid which I made from garden wire from B&Q and spray paint! I love printing my photos off to put on my grid and around my room (and I love making scrapbooks which I need to do more). So I was overjoyed when Printiki so kindly let me order some of my photos using their amazing service. Which is how I’ve printed all my pics in these photos.

These photos have been printed in the medium square size. Which are the perfect size for scrap-booking and hanging in your room. Printiki also offer ‘retro’ boarders for your photos. So you can print your photos in a polaroid style which I think is so pretty! As well as you can add text to your photos which I’ve personally never seen offered before so was pleasantly surprised by what Printiki offer!

I’ve printed off photos before from different stores and being 100% honest I’ve never seen better quality than Printiki. I was so surprised when my photos arrived as the quality is outstanding. I printed my photos in the glossy style rather than matte and they are unreal !
And yes of course as you would have seen from the beginning of this post… I printed a photo of my boyfriend. Harry Style, of course. (Yes that photo is now on my wall, is my phone lock screen and my laptop wallpaper. Life couldn’t be better).

Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know of any of your favourite things to do with photography!

Kate Xx

*This product was gifted to me however all opinions are completely my own.