Bloggers Who Made My 2017

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I’ve been so excited to write this post, I literally cannot put it into words! I’ve been thinking of it all throughout 2017 and knew it would be something I would have to do. Throughout having my blog all last year, I’ve made friends with the most fabulous people and found some of my favourite bloggers. This is going to be cringe, but surely you’d be lying if you said you didn’t love a bit of cringe?
I’ve talked to so many people from my blog, people I talk to many times each week or new people that I come across. And each and everyone one of you are so amazing and truly incredible people. I’m so thankful for the people I’ve found from my blog, you all cheer me up so much. Whenever I’m upset or need help, Twitter is where I will turn, without a doubt because I know I have all you fabulous people there.

So I would just like to say a big thank you! And there is nothing I love more than spreading love so for this post I’m going to do a big roundup of my favourite bloggers in 2017. And as they say, ‘the more the merrier’ so go make a cuppa because you’re all going to want to read every single one of these blogs.

Zara –
First up is my queen, Zara! I found Zara on Twitter when we had both just started our own blogs. And since then I have read Zara’s blog religiously. I cannot put into words how incredible Zara’s blog is. Her photography is out of this world and is so unique. Zara is so so kind and lovely and deserves so much! I can’t wait to see her blog grow this year as I know she will smash it.

Caitlin –
Caitlin has definitely made my 2017. I’m not too sure when I came across her and her blog this year but I’m so glad I did. Caitlin is so amazing and is so supportive! I always read her blog posts, Caitlin gives all the information you need when it comes to reviewing a product. I definitely trust her recommendations and I love her fashion sense! I’m so glad I became friends with Caitlin this year. She’s such an incredible girl and I’d 100% recommend her blog.

Grace –
Grace’s blog is absolutely incredible! Her posts are such high quality and I always trust her beauty recommendations. I love Grace’s writing style, I’ve never been good at describing, but it’s chatty but not too chatty. I don’t know how to describe it but I find it easy and enjoyable to read!! And her makeup always looks insane, she is an absolute beauty! Grace is so supportive and I’ve read her blog continuously through 2017 and I know for sure it will stay that way this year!

Erin – –
I’ve read Erin’s blog for ages now and I always look forward to read a new post of hers. I love her blog photos, they’re really unique but so stunning. Erin posts a big range on her blog, which I love. Erin’s music posts have always been my favourites. One to read is definitely Erin’s ‘Best Music Of 2017‘, the music she features is always so good!! And I’ll always listen to songs that I’ve never heard before as I love all the music Erin listens to. And Erin is so so lovely and I’m so glad I’ve met her through blogging!

Daisy –
I’m so happy I became friends with Daisy this year, she is so so lovely! I love the variety of topics she writes about and I can’t wait to read her blog more this year. I envy her blog photography, it is so amazing! And I think I love reading Daisy’s blog because it’s so easy to read. Her posts tell you everything you need to know whilst being chatty and enjoyable. Daisy is such a gorgeous girl and she has for sure been a 2017 favourite of mine!

Kate –
I feel like I stumbled across Kate’s blog ages ago. But she’s definitely been one of my favourites this year. I love reading her beauty posts, I feel like she really knows what she’s talking about!! One post that I’ll always remember of Kate’s is her Barcelona Outfit Diary. I love her fashion sense and that post was such a good read! Kate is so lovely and such a babe. And her blog has recently had a little makeover which I’m truly loving!

Liv –
I’ve loved reading Liv’s blog this year. Liv is so incredibly kind and sweet and has been a big love of mine in 2017. I loved reading her 12 Days of Slackmas on her blog this December. I love the content Liv produces, every post is different and such a good variety. One post that I remember reading and loving was her post, ‘Let’s Talk; Anxiety&Panic Attacks‘. Liv wrote this post so well and I think it’s one of the best mental health posts that I’ve ever read.

Amelia –
I feel like I found Amelia’s blog wayyy back and I’ve loved it ever since. Amelia is so kind and a pleasure to talk to! I love her writing style so I love reading her posts. I love Amelia’s makeup and she really makes me want to wear a dark lip all the time! Amelia’s photography is so so good as well and I know she’s going to smash the blog game this year!

Jasmine –
Jasmine’s blog is amazing and you can see how much hard work she puts into it. And it definitely pays off! Jasmine’s photography is so incredible in each and every post. And her posts are such high quality and enjoyable to read. I loved reading Jasmine’s Festive Makeup Look as I loved the range of products and the final result looked amazing. Jasmine has always been so kind and lovely and is a blogger I’d recommend any day!

Lucy Cole
I knew Lucy’s blog would be a favourite of mine as soon as I came across it. Lucy’s blog is so incredible and I love each post of hers. Her fashion sense is insane and I love her hair (slightly random but needed to be said lol)! I love her blog pictures as well, you can see how much hard work goes into each post. I only started reading Lucy’s blog this year but it’s amazing how her posts go back to 2013! She is a true inspiration!

Amy –
Amy is such a fabulous girl and is such a pleasure to know! Amy’s blogmas was one of my favourites this year, I loved reading every single post. Her photography is incredible as well. Her recent post, which is her ‘What I Got For Christmas‘, has amazing photos and I loved reading it. I can’t wait to continue reading Amy’s blog this year, she is definitely going to smash it!

Eleanor – www.eleanorclaudie
I have always looked up to Eleanor’s blog. I love the content she publishes and really admire her ethical fashion. One of my recent favourites was her post on ‘Is Fashion A Form Of Art’ as it really made me think and was really well written. I adore Eleanor’s fashion sense and I wish I could pull off everything she wears! I’ll for sure be reading her blog continuously throughout 2018.

I have met so many bloggers throughout having my blog and they’re all incredible people. I’d recommend any blogger because everyone puts so much hard work into their blog. But these have to be my favourites girls throughout the last year. I will definitely do another post like this as there is so many of you that need to be included! Here’s to 2018!

Kate Xx