2017 Fashion Favourites

fashion favourites

fashion favourites

fashion favourites

I definitely explored my style in 2017 and I feel like I’m really starting to find out what my true style is. I’ve read a couple of ‘2017 makeup favourites’ so far, which I’ve loved. So I thought I’d have to share my fashion favourites of the last year.
I look back on some outfits I wore in 2017 and absolutely hate them. I feel like I dressed so boring at the start of 2017 but I think I’ve got more statement pieces now that are a tad more interesting! And I’m quite excited to get outfit planning this year and get more confident. However that’s not what I’m here for today!
I was unsure how to set this post out but most items I’ve mentioned, I have included in outfit or have coming up.

H&M Applique Jumper with Tiger-
Firstly with this sweater, I’m so shocked I still haven’t included this in a blog post yet, I really must! I bought this jumper a couple of months back online and I’m so happy that it came back in stock as I didn’t get my hands on it when it first came in stock. I’m truly in love with this sweater. It’s a dark grey shade which is my favourite shade ever. And the detailing on it is so gorgeous and is so me! The main design is the tiger design on the left shoulder which the bold yellow/orange stands out on the dark jumper. And there is other details, like the butterfly on the sleeve and the flower near the bottom. I love everything about this jumper, it’s definitely been a staple for me. And the quality is so high, I can always count on H&M. For only £25, this was an absolute bargain as it’s so comfy and soft.

PrettyLittleThing Red Crew Neck Sweater-
Another jumper but one you’ve probably all seen me wear a lot. I have become obsessed with the simple bold red sweater. I don’t own many bold coloured clothing items like this but I’ve loved this jumper. It’s really simple just to wear with jeans and although it has no detail the bold shade makes it more of a statement. And I really like the longer fit of it. It works really well with tight skinny jeans as the jumper as no shape so they work well together. Here’s me styling it with blue jeans and black jeans if you want a read on how I style it.

New Look Black & White Striped Culottes-
My love for culottes has blossomed this year. This striped pair have got to be a big love of mine and I have got lots of wear out of them. I find they make a statement but are so easy to wear. I usually wear them casually with a simple top which goes so well. The stripes are bold but the culotte shape is casual so they balance each other out. And these are so ridiculously comfy so is obviously a winner for me. I’ve really liked stepping out of my comfort of wearing jeans all the time and I know my trouser collection will definitely grow this year. See how I styled them with my yellow jacket here.

Primark Black Denim Skirt-
I have always loved a denim skirt and I live in them in summer. They’re so comfy and easy to wear whilst looking gorgeous on. This black skirt from Primark was a love of mine this year. I usually stick to my blue a-line denim skirt but this black one stole my heart this year. It’s a simple black with a raw edge and has a straight fit. And has belt loops so is a big winner! I got so much wear out of this in summer as it was so easy to wear with any top. Read how I styled it on holiday here.

Primark Black Cross Body Bag-
A 2017 staple for me was of course a cross body bag. I am now well and truly obsessed and another style of bag doesn’t even cross my mind. This simple black one from Primark has got lots of wear this year. I love the simple design of the silver hoop on the front. It’s basic but so easy to wear as a casual bag. And for only £5 this bag has lasted so well. I’ve worn this in a lot of posts in 2017 but one of my favourite outfits was when I wore it with my bake boy hat which you can read here.

Pull&Bear Black Star Belt-
This is my most recent belt that I’ve bought however I thought I’d still include it. My love for belts has grown this year and a belt is a big necessity for me. I think a belt just makes your whole outfit come together. And I can’t remember the last time I’ve worn jeans without a belt. I usually stick to wearing a simple black belt but I adore this one from Pull&Bear. It’s a simple black shade with gorgeous silver detailing. There is star and circle embellishments around the belt and a tiny silver metal beads around the top and bottom edges. I think this is such a stunning belt and definitely makes an outfit when wearing.

Vans Black Old Skool Trainers-
I literally laugh when I post an outfit post when I’m wearing these as I wear these 24/7. I feel like I could literally say I sleep in these and people would believe me! But I got these way back in 2017 and I have adored them ever since. They go with anything and everything which is probably why I wear them constantly. I would definitely say they’re worth the money as they last so well and are super comfy. And I could link some posts where I’ve worn them but I might as well like the whole fashion section on my blog… And I’m on the hunt for the perfect new pair of shoes because I truly need to mix it up a bit!!

Chelsea Boots-
My second shoe favourite which have got me obsessed with boots are of course my chelsea boots. I never really thought I was a boot type of person before I got these. But I love wearing these and they’re so easy to style. I mainly wear them with jeans and they look lovely and you can really dress them up or down. I prefer to wear them with a really casual outfit as they’re not a casual shoe. And the best part about them is I can wear fluffy socks when it’s cold without anyone knowing… If you want to see how I style them then you can read here.

What’s been one of your fashion favourites of 2017?

Kate Xx