Facing My Fashion Fears; Yellow Suede & Striped Culottes


Hello lovelies! First of all welcome to my new and improved blog, no more Blogger for me although I’m kind of missing it as WordPress is confusing me so much!! But it’s taken me ages to go self-hosted but I’m so happy I finally have and I might have a newsletter coming soon so you can sign up to that in my sidebar! I hope you enjoy today’s post as it’s been one I’ve been super excited for.

I’m sure we’ve all had a time where we’ve tried on an outfit to then later change into a ‘safer’ option because we don’t have the confidence to wear it. I can definitely hold my hand up to this but Dia&Co have a new initiative which is Try-Day Friday and is such a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and wear something that you want to wear. Dia&Co are a clothing brand for womens sizes 14 and up and although you might think ‘well you’re not a size 14 so why is Dia&Co relevant?’, they’re very relevant to me as they focus on bringing confidence to womens outfits.

So I got out of my comfort zone with the help of Dia&Co to participate in their Try-Day Friday (she says whilst posting this on a Sunday…) and I wore some bold colours as I’m usually found in blue jeans and a grey jumper 24/7 so wearing yellow paired with monochrome definitely put me out of my comfort zone however I felt so confident wearing it!

I kicked off this outfit with my favourite culottes which are from New Look and are the Black and White Striped Culottes which were £20 however aren’t sold anymore I don’t think! I love the black and white as monochrome is so easy to style but the bold stripes make the trousers look detailed. Also what I love about these culottes is that they’re so incredibly comfy and to wear a stylish piece that feel like you’re wearing your pyjama’s is a win win!

I styled these culottes with a White T-shirt from Pull & Bear which has black embroidery on the side however the jacket covers it but I kept the top simple as the rest of the outfit is quite bold coloured so I kept the top white and plain to suit the rest of my outfit. And on my feet I wore my Vans Old Skool Trainers which is nothing new for me as I live in these!

I paired the top and culottes with this Yellow Suede Effect Jacket which was a bargain of £15 from Zara which is ridiculous as it’s such good quality! I love this jacket as the structure of it is quite simple but the black seams on the jacket give it detail and the yellow buttons surprisingly go perfectly well. This jacket feels super luxurious and it is such good quality and it’s ridiculously cheap so was such a steal from Zara. And of course yellow is definitely a step out of my comfort zone as it’s not my usual go-to shade but I love wearing it and it also suits my jeans so well.

What will your Try-Day Friday outfit be?

Kate Xx
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