£2.99 Face Mask Miracle From Superdrug

face maskface maskface maskface mask

My skin always seems to feel like a downhill battle. I’m always on the hunt for something new to try that sounds like it will help my skin. My skin doesn’t look immediately that bad and I feel quite confident bare faced so I’m lucky in that sense. But my skin can be a true nightmare sometimes. My skin loves to go red and textured like I love to sing to Harry Styles. And I feel like I’ve tried all different types of products to try and reduce the redness and texture.
I’ve always had super dry skin and it is so incredibly sensitive. I’m extremely wary when it comes to trying out new brands. As my skin flares up if it doesn’t agree, I have tried some complete opposites to a face mask miracle in the past. (The memories of using the St.Ives Face Scrub are flooding back. I refused to leave the house for the whole weekend…)

So if I find and brand and like it, then I stick with it for a long time. And my current brand that has taken over my skincare draw is the Superdrug Vitamin E range. I wrote a post a while back on my three favourite products which I still love and carry on to repurchase, which you can read here if you wish.
But enough waffling on, today I wanted to share this one product that I have loved and has worked wonders with my skin.

So my newest obsession is with the Leave-On Moisture Mask from the Vitamin E range at Superdrug. Like all the products in the range, it was so cheap at only £2.99 for a 100ml pot. Which is such good value as you don’t need to apply that much and I usually use the Garnier Tissue Masks which are £2.99 at Superdrug for only one use!!
This mask is a “serum like gel” which rehydrates your skin and makes your skin so smooth and soft. I had high hopes for this as the serum from this range is my all time favourite so a serum based mask sounded perfect. And from the first time I used it I knew it was a winner.

I’ve never used a mask with this type of formula before. The mask is quite jelly like and although it’s quite water based and light. It isn’t too runny and does have the perfect consistency.
I apply the mask with an average layer and leave it for a good 10 minuets. Then I lightly massage in to the skin. Which I have preferred to removing with a cotton pad which is one of the two methods advised on the pot. And then the rest of the serum from the mask sinks into your skin which leaves your skin feeling moisturised and super hydrated.
One thing I hate about face masks, even if they work really well. Is if the mask uncomfortably tingles when on the skin. However I was delighted for this mask to be comfortable on and didn’t tingle/sting in the slightest.

I think I’m going to aim to use this twice a week and see how it improves my skin. As well as pairing it with the serum and moisturisers from the range that are my favourites. But so far from using this mask a good couple times, it’s seemed to be helping my skin. And I do think this will for sure hell with my dry skin and redness. After every use it makes your skin so soft and hydrated so I 100% recommend!

I never usually write reviews on just one particular product however with a lack of fashion photos (cry) I thought I’d try this style of post out!
Have you ever tried this range?

Kate Xx