Casual Camo & Dark Tones

I’m finally back with a long awaited fashion post. Dark mornings and nights paired with me being unorganised means taking outfit shots can be hard to fit in. But hopefully if I get my arse into gear I can post more fashion content. I have wrote quite a couple as I’ve got some new pieces in my wardrobe which I can’t wait to style. But for today’s post, I’ve focused it on my new jacket. (I always seem to be wanting a new jacket. It’s a never ending cycle.) This outfit is super casual and quite dark tones but I’ve been loving my camouflage jacket. So I’ve been desperate to share!

I have always loved a camouflage print, mainly because I just love the endless amount of jokes. I will literally laugh at anything and camo jokes are right up my street… However I’ve never owned anything in a camouflage print before but I couldn’t say no when I saw this beauty in Pull&Bear. It’s a simple camouflage jacket with pockets and gold eyelets on the chest. I find it really easy to wear and style this jacket. It looks lovely paired with basic pieces as it makes the jacket more of a statement piece. However it can look amazing when layered with more patterns or colours for more of a daring and bolder look. And I bought this jacket for £9.99 in the boxing day sales which makes it 10x better!

I paired my jacket with one of my favourite jumpers which is from H&M. It’s a Black Sweater with Metal Rings and basically has wide sleeves which have technically been cut off then connected back with metal rings. But despite my awful description, it’s such a gorgeous jumper and I love the wide sleeves. They’re so comfy and I love the shape they give and it definitely adds to the jumper and makes it a little less basic. Although you can’t see the jumper because of the jacket, I think it does suit the outfit due to it’s crop length.
Underneath the jumper I wore a simple Grey V-Neck from H&M. A plain and basic piece but I love paired with the crop jumper. The two basic colours match perfectly and also go with the jacket.

I’m also wearing a very old pair of jeans which are my Topshop Joni Jeans in a very dark grey shade. Which I actually hate wearing as I’m not a fan of how they look on me. But I wore them with this outfit as being honest, I couldn’t be bothered to put my tight jeans on. (Food always comes before my jeans…) However they do suit the outfit as they’re dark and simple and the long top covers the waist of them which I’m thankful for. Not wearing a belt makes me feel a bit queasy but I think they now sell them with belt loops on?!
And yes on my feet are my Old Skool Black Vans. If you’re new here, then they shoes are practically glued to my feet. They’re truly fabulous.

To complete the outfit I wore my Dark Grey Beanie from Primark which was only a pound or two. I love this beanie because it keeps my head so warm despite making me look like a full on egg. But I’ve always loved beanies so who cares if I look like an egg. They’re so warm and I would 100% recommend buying a beanie this season. And I think the beanie suits the vibe of this outfit, I don’t know if it kind of gives tomboy-ish vibes?

This outfit can also be classed as the outfit ‘not to wear to a family event’ and would be even worse with ripped jeans. I speak from experience. I got comments on how I must be cold without a jacket and don’t get me started on how my sleeves weren’t attached to my jumper. Although the comments may be worth it as I quite like this outfit!

Kate Xx