Essential Tops You Need To Layer

A new favourite look of mine, is layering clothes. Firstly, it keeps you warm because it’s extra layers which is always good considering I hate being cold! And it also looks really unique as you can layer so many different pieces to get a really individual look. I’m still on the hunt for other pieces that I can layer but I thought I’d share the three pieces that are a must for layering.
Also I never really do fashion posts like this so let me know how you like it. As it’s a struggle to get outfit shots all the time which is really unfortunate. But I’m sure I’ll have a full look featuring layering coming up soon.

Cami Over T-Shirt;
An oldie but a goodie for when it comes to layering. I love wearing my black lace cami over a white t-shirt. It’s so simple but looks so gorgeous on and I think is a look that will never get old. I always wear my black cami over a white tee however I’d love to get some bolder colours for more of a statement. Pairing my black lace cami with a white or grey tee is so simple but I think looks much more interesting in an outfit. This is definitely a look for any occasion and is one of my favourite fashion looks ever!
Also slightly random but if anyone knows where I could buy an orange silk cami from then help a girl out?! I’m on the hunt for on to wear over a black turtle neck!!

Long-Sleeve Mesh Top Underneath;
A very popular clothing item recently which is a long mesh top. Mesh has been a very popular fabric on the catwalks and in highstreet stores. Many people wear a mesh with a top or with a bralette underneath. However I’m a big fan of layering mesh underneath other tops.
A long sleeve mesh top can be literally worn underneath any t-shirt and looks so good. My mesh top is black so it pretty easy to pair with any top. One of my favourite pairings is my mesh top and my simple grey t-shirt. It’s so simple but adds much more than just wearing a t-shirt on it’s own. And I’ve only started this combo recently so I’m sure there will be a outfit featuring this soon! Layering mesh underneath definitely adds to a basic t-shirt and is a wardrobe staple.

Bandeau Over T-Shirt;
Lastly a piece to layer is a bandeau. A popular summer piece that you might put away for the winter however it can definitely be kept out. I’ve never actually worn this look yet but I’d love to try it out. I have seen this style a couple of times online and loved it.
Wearing a bandeau on top of a t-shirt looks stunning and super original. I’ve been looking for a loose t-shirt to wear underneath my white and black striped bandeau. This is definitely more of an outgoing look compared to the other two layering looks that I’ve included but it could definitely be pulled off. Paired casually with jeans, I think this could really work. Or if you wanted a smarter look then wearing a bandeau over a shirt would look gorgeous. I always have to have a big try on to see which works best. However this is a look that I definitely want to try.

How do you layer pieces in your wardrobe?

Kate Xx