Falsies First Impressions; Ardell & Pinky Goat

I’m a big lover of false lashes. My eyelids are quite small and close over quite a bit. So I love eyelashes as they open up my eyes as well as adding volume and length. I haven’t tried that many different varieties of lashes, I usually stick to my Ardell Demi Wispies. However I was super excited when FalseEyelashes.co.uk so kindly sent me these two gorgeous pairs of lashes.

I was truly spoilt for choice over on their website as there was so much choice. They stock over 1000 styles and all of the top brands for affordable prices. They have many offers as well as selling some lashes cheaper than on the highstreet. So make sure to sign up to their emails for offers as well as you can use the code LASH10 for 10% off your next order. And they have free 1st class delivery in the UK which I love as I hate paying for delivery!

Ardell Faux Mink Lashes Black 811 – £7.99 –
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The first pair I was sent are a pair from the faux mink range from Ardell. I love Ardell, their lashes are such good quality and affordable so my hopes were high for this pair. And I can gladly say, these lashes were everything I hoped for and more. The quality of them is fabulous and they’re the perfect shape. I was doubting how they’d look on my eyes as the lashes are quite big but on the eye they’re quite thin but wispie on the outer lash.
I found them super easy to apply, as well as being quick to apply. And the invisible lash band is a must for me so they tick the boxes.

The lashes themselves feel high quality and are light so comfortable on the eye. And I can imagine you’ll be able to get many wears from these. So for only £7.99 they’re a true bargain.
If you’re looking for a natural lash that gives volume and length then I’d say this is a very good contender. I’ll definitely wear these as more of a ‘casual lash’ for a shopping day or day out. As they’re natural but give the perfect amount of volume. And I feel super comfortable wearing them so it’s a big thumbs up from me on these lashes. I will definitely be repurchasing. And my demi-wispies might have to move over!

Also please do excuse how badly I applied these however they’re really easy to apply as I fixed them later on. But next time I wear them I think I’ll cut down the inner corner of the band as it was a tidy bit too long.

Pinky Goat 3D Mink Lashes ‘Mais’ – £19.99 –
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(Before I start, just wanted to clarify that these are cruelty free!!)
These lashes caught my eye straight away online and I knew I’d have to try them. They’re such a gorgeous lash and although they aren’t the most natural, I do love them! They are quite big but for the right occasion they’d be perfect for a glam look. Although they are a full-on lash, they lashes are sectioned so gives a more natural look. They have a voluminous base which fade into wispie lashes.
What I was most surprised about, especially due to their size, was how light they were. They are so comfortable on the eye and I could happily wear them for a long time. And they were so easy to apply as well, I always apply my lashes with my fingers. Tweezers never have worked for me and I could easily apply them. And they have a clear band so no harsh lines and make it more natural.

These lashes are £19.99 to buy on falseeyelashes.co.uk which for me personally is a price I wouldn’t usually pay for. However they are such good quality and “can be worn up to 15 times”. So for the amount of use you’ll get out of them, they’re definitely worth the price. And I’ve never tried Pinky Goat before but I’ve been impressed so I’ll definitely be looking at their other styles. They’re such good quality lashes and I think are affordable for what you get.
Pinky Goat also stock cheaper lashes so perfect if you want something more ‘bank balance friendly’.

(Please excuse my dreadful makeup as well, I call the look ‘been out all day in the rain’.)

I loved trying out these two pairs of lashes and I’d definitely recommend them both. And I will for sure be ordering again of falseeyelashes.co.uk because they stock so many gorgeous styles for affordable prices. And I’m sure these two lashes will feature again in a makeup look or favourites!
What are your favourite styles of lashes?

Kate Xx