Statement Crossbody Bag & Dark Layering

The words ‘crossbody bag’ literally makes my heart pound twice as fast. So of course I had to post a look dedicated to my new bag obsession. This outfit is definitely more of a darker toned look for me but I love how the yellow brings contrast. I’ve been loving more’different’ pieces at the moment and this bag is so unique especially compared to my other bags. So this is definitely a new staple in my wardrobe. Also if you read my post on Essential Tops You Need To Layer, then like I said, here’s a look featuring some layering.
Also the water splash on my jeans was not intended to be part of the outfit. Typical me stepped on a wonky tile and my feet and leg got drenched. Good times…

Going straight onto my bag which Santa kindly gifted me. It’s the Zara Crossbody Bag With Multicoloured Strap and it’s currently on sale for £15 which is a bargain. But I fell in love with this bag because I love the colour yellow. And the strap is so different and I loved how it went with the yellow. The bag does also come with a plain yellow strap as well. Which is so useful for when you want a more simple look or the coloured strap doesn’t match your outfit! The bag itself is such good quality and the bag is sturdy and structured which I really like.

This bag probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love something a bit different. Lots have people have told me that the strap looks like an ‘indie guitar strap’ but I’m just taking it as a compliment… I’m sure this bag will get so much wear and I’m truly in love with it. Zara have pulled it out of the bag once again!

I wore a simple top combination with this look. I paired my Long Sleeve Black Mesh Top which I bought for £1 from the charity shop. (Genuinely love charity shops, don’t understand what people have against them?! Always find a good bargain!) And over my mesh top, I wore this simple Dark Grey T-Shirt From Topshop. It’s a basic tee however it suits the black mesh and makes the bag more of a statement. The t-shirt is slightly long-line so I tucked the front of it into my belt. Which you can barely see however it’s my favourite Black Star Belt from Pull&Bear.

For my jeans I’m wearing my Topshop Jamie Jeans in a Vintage Blue shade. Which are a classic for me and Jamie jeans are definitely the best from Topshop. Although I’m slightly becoming less of a fan of my tight jeans. My styles definitely changing and I’m preferring a more looser fit. I’ve been eyeing up some cropped flared jeans, sounds slightly weird but I always see people rocking them. So if you like flared jeans let your girl know and help me out. However this is a story for another day.

To finish off the look, I’m wearing a Black Puffer Jacket which is also from Zara. This is actually my sisters coat but I don’t actually own a nice coat. And she was at work so couldn’t tell me no… This coat is my favourite though. It’s so comfy and warm whilst looking good paired with anything. I never zip my coats up, don’t really know why, just never really liked the way it looks. (I’ve always been peculiar.) But I always zip this coat up so if you’re like me and want a coat to zip up. Then this style is for you. (Everyone else probably is normal and zips their coat up but hey ho…). And surprise surprise everyone, I’m wearing my Vans Old Skool Trainers on my feet. To say they’re a classic would be an understatement.

I feel like this post has got very sidetracked about me talking about jeans and zipping coats up. However I love this outfit and this bag is my favourite thing at the moment. I’m sure you’ll all see more of it!

Kate Xx