January Favourites

New year, more monthly favourites. January’s gone so slow for me. But at the same time I’m surprised it’s February already?! But I’ve decided that this month is going to be a good month.
I’m focusing on being positive this year. Can’t say it’s going great at the moment and in the last week or two. But I’m not letting a couple of bad times get me down. However because of this, I’m going to include lots of positive things in my monthly favourites. I’m trying to get my mind and mental health on top form this year. I’ve been feeling really anxious recently and I can’t shake the feeling. So it’s my plan to try anything and everything to see where it gets me.
But I’ve had quite a few favourites this month so hope you all enjoy!

Zara Embroidered Top with Frilled Sleeves-
I really wanted to mention this top as it was a charity shop bargain. And I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I bought this for £2 in a local shop which is a bargain for Zara quality. The quality of it is top notch as well and I do love a good charity shop bargain. The top is in a medium however I’m really liking the loose fit of it. The colourful embroidered flowers on each side are stunning and have so much detail. And the frills on both sleeves adds shape and I do love a frill.

Primark Palm Tree Notebook-
It’s truly not a new year if you don’t get heaps of new stationery. And this palm tree notebook has been a favourite of mine. I always write down every blog post before typing it up. Which I would reccomend as I always improve my writing when it comes to typing it up. It might take a bit more time. However if you’re like me and talk crap half the time, then it’s quite helpful. Anyways though, on the notebook front, I love the design. And I’m a tad particular but I’m a big fan of the actual paper. The lines are a really nice distance apart  (yes I know I’m sad) so it gives a truly wonderful experience when writing… So it’s a big thumbs up to Primark on their notebooks.

Bio Oil-
For me, Bio Oil is that product you’ll always have somewhere in your draw and barely tend to use. However if any of you remember my spinning class disaster that I shared on Twitter at the beginning of December. (Long story short… First ever spinning class, cut my leg open on the metal pedal. Carried on for the whole class with blood running down me. Ended up in hospital having stitches. Lets just say, I haven’t been back to spinning since then.)
But now have a big scar down my leg which I’m not a huge fan of. So I’ve been coating it in bio oil and it’s really helping. The scars not gone at all, it’s still pretty obvious but the bio oil is definitely helping.

However I wanted to mention this also as I doubt any of you are as clumsy as me, so won’t end up with big scars… I’ve also been using this on stretch marks and little imperfections and it’s really helped. It definitely reduces markings so I’ll definitely keep on using this. Also I don’t really get scarring on my face from spots however if you do this might help?

Face Earrings-
Buy here, £6.50
I had been on the hunt for a pair of these earrings for ages. I was about to give up defeat but Depop came to the rescue. And I’m truly in love with these earrings. (Also there is so many other gorgeous earrings over on Depop, did buy another pair the other day oops…) The earrings are sliver and in the shape of a face which aren’t too big but make a statement. I love how they’re different but so easy to wear and they have for sure become my new favourites. They’re light-weight as well which is the best as I hate earrings that weigh my ear down. I can happily wear these all day long and I was pleasantly surprised with the good quality.
Also talking about Depop, I finally have my own page and I’m selling some things so give us a follow here. (Shameless self promo lol).

Dot by Marc Jacobs-
I love a good perfume and I was truly delighted with this Marc Jacobs perfume. The scent of it is perfect and it’s not too heavy but has a significant smell. I’m so ridiculously bad at describing things but it’s made from a “delectable blend of red berries, succulent dragon fruit and sweet honeysuckle”. And it’s such a gorgeous perfume and a new favourite of mine. It’s not too heavy so can be worn day to day but still has a bold scent. And the packaging is so amazing although probably wouldn’t be one you’d lean to for travelling… I love the shade red and the black dots go so well. Literally love everything about this and would so recommend!

Hippo Campus-
I’ve had so many music favourites recently. I’ve been in that mood where I love getting lost in my music. But one key love of mine has been the band Hippo Campus. My music taste is a bit different at times so I feel like they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However I find their music so relaxing and easy to listen to. My three favourites have to be ‘Way it goes’ , ‘Simple Season’ and ‘Monsoon’ however ‘Suicide Saturday’ is becoming a new favourite. I’d definitely recommend listening to them as they’re so super good! (Also is it just me who loves the word ‘hippo’. Don’t know what it is but I find it somewhat pleasing.)

S Club 7 –
I couldn’t not include this in my monthly faves. Feeling sad? Play some S Club 7 for guaranteed happiness (tried and tested). I love a good boogie around the house when I’m home alone. I have the strut, hairbrush microphone and dance moves all going. (The dog is a big fan, I have to say). But S Club 7 have been filing me with joy this month. ‘Bring It All Back’ is such a tune and don’t get me started on ‘Don’t Stop Movin’. They will always be classics. But if you’re ever in a bad mood or just want to keep the positive vibes, then S Club 7 is the direction to go in.

What’s been a monthly favourite for you?

Kate Xx