Goodbye 2017; My Blog & New Goals

capture your style book

capture your style book

I couldn’t be prouder of my self for sticking at my blog this year. I’ve posted on my blog at least once every single week this whole year which I don’t even know how. As I’ve felt so unorganised at some points throughout this year. And I can’t believe how fast 2017 went, I can literally remember taking my blogmas photos last year which does not feel like a year ago. In terms of blogging I don’t even feel like I’ve improved dramatically however my posts from the start of 2017 prove otherwise!
I started 2017 over at and if you told me at the start of 2017 that I’d be self-hosted and even have my own email address. (no I’m still not over having my own email…) I would have definitely not have believed you.

You may remember if you followed my blog from last year (I hope no one does remember) that I posted my ‘Blog Goals for 2017‘ which it pains me to link but I do have a good chuckle at my old posts. However I feel like I’ve come so far since then. One of my goals was to reach 200 Twitter followers which shows how naive I was. And also shows how addicted I’ve got to Twitter as I now have 1234 followers which is crazy. (And so satisfying as it’s 1234 lol) because I literally tweet about the most random things.

But I’m not actually going to set goals for myself or my blog this year. Unfortunately I have my gcse’s coming up this year (woohoo) so I’m just hoping to be organised and get my shit together. So I can hopefully post at least once a week however I’m not going to put any pressure on myself! I think my goal will always just be to keep on improving with my blog and try and post frequently.

I’ve achieved a lot with my blog this year as I’ve had so many fabulous opportunities. I’ve worked with a couple of fabulous brands and also did my first sponsored post which I’m pretty chuffed with. As well I’ve found some amazing friends from the blogging community. I will literally turn to Twitter whenever I’ve a problem and there’s always so many of you that cheer me up.
I love how everyone is so determined and will support everyone which is how it should be! And looking back on this year, I’m so thankful for all my blogging friends, you’re all incredible people and deserve the world. So thank you for all being the best and you all truly have made my year.

Also a main thing that I never though I’d do with my blog is tell my friends. I’ve had a couple of ‘incidents’ with people finding my blog this year. The first couple of times I was in tears but now I’m so proud of my blog so I don’t care if people I know find it. I do laugh when I think back on how upset I was because people I knew from school had found it, as my blog is something I’m proud of so I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.
But this definitely makes me think that my confidence has grown throughout this year. I now feel confident in my blog and have more confidence in myself. I now do not care on peoples opinions on me which I shouldn’t ever care about anyway. This year I just need to believe in myself more and stop overthinking would be quite nice. However I highly doubt that one is possible.

2018 Resolution;

So my main 2018 resolution is to be happy. Happy in myself and hopefully a bit more confident although I can’t promise myself that one! I hope I can look on this post in a years time and be pleased in myself that I’ve achieved this.
And I’m not saying I’m not happy now but this year that I haven’t felt the happiest in myself. And I feel like I’m quite a positive person on the outside. But on the inside sometimes I just feel crap. And I think sometimes I need to put myself first and stop caring so much. So I’ll let you all know how it goes!

This post felt like it was just a big ramble and a tad random but that kinda sums up my year. I always love reading new year posts and I feel like I could write so many about the year. But I have a post coming on Wednesday of my favourite bloggers from 2017 so look out for that one. I loved writing it because you lovely people are such a pleasure to write about!
I wish you all the best for the new year and I’m sure you’re all going to smash 2018! Thank you all so much for joining me this year, I appreciate it so much. My blog has probably been the most important thing to me this year and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

See you all in 2018.
Kate Xx