2017. Blog Goals For This Year

I only properly started my blog in June last year so I have not had my blog for long. But I have so many aims for it this year that I am very excited for. I hope 2017 will be the year where my blog transforms!!
Here’s what I would love to achieve:

♡ Improve My Writing Quality;
I love writing however on my blog I definitely blabber on a bit too much sometimes so I really want to improve my writing quality. I do really enjoy writing my blog posts but I hope when I compare my 2017 to my 2016 posts that they will be much better. I have been reading so many more blogs recently so that has been inspiring me. 

♡ Improve My Photography For Posts;
We all know my blog photos are not the best but I do really hope to improve it. I am going to be more organised with my posts so then I can take my photos when it’s light in the morning. I have been reading so many posts about blog photography so I hope my 2017 will be full of better photography. If you have any photography tips that you use then please leave them below as your girl is desperate for some good tips!

♡ Post More Regularly;
I have got a new blog schedule which I’m going to be posting at the end of this week. So I hope that posting three times a week will improve my blog as I am getting more content and in each week, I hope to write posts including different categories. If you really like certain posts or a new category I can post about then please leave them below in the comments or tweet me what you would like to see! 

♡ Collab With People;
This is something I have always wanted to do and I would love to find some friends from my blog! And I always love reading collabs as it is such a good way to find other peoples blogs as there is so so many blogs out there that I would love to read! Which leads me onto…

♡ Discover More Blogs;
I always love to read blogs however I don’t read small blogs, I mostly read big popular blogs which I love but I really want to read some more smaller blogs. I like to read smaller blogs and blogs wrote by around my age as I can relate to them more however I do still read a wide range of blogs. So make sure to leave all your links below so I can have a nose!

♡ New Layout;
My blog template is very simple and I always try and find some tips to improve the layout but sometimes I don’t always have the time. This year I just want to make a couple changes so my blog is easy to navigate and more attractive! 

♡ 200 Twitter Followers;
I absolutely love Twitter and use it all the time! I ended 2016 with 59 twitter followers which I am quite proud of considering I only started my twitter in April. But this is a very big aim but I hope my blog will gain many followers so maybe if you all follow my twitter then I can achieve this! You can follow my twitter here if you want to help me achieve this! Fingers crossed!


♡ 100 Bloglovin’ Followers;
Okay this will be a huge achievement and I hate being negative but I don’t think I will be able to do it, but we can all dream! 100 followers might sound like not a lot to you but I ended 2016 with 10 followers so I really hope I can gain another 90 in a year! Follow my Bloglovin’ here!
I cannot wait for a years time to see my blog! And hopefully I can look back on these photos and see a big change.

What do you want to improve on your blog or see on my blog?
Kate Xx
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