2017. Organisation

I have to be organised otherwise I get very stressed and I hate it. However last year I was organised in most things but not in everything so this year I am hopefully going to be super organised.

Here are my best tips to keep yourself organised throughout the year:

♡ Have A Dairy-
I have never had a dairy that I have kept for a whole year but this year I have found such a pretty journal that I am determined to fill in everyday! 
I think buying a nice book that you love definitely gives you the motivation to fill it in. I have one from Kikki.K and they have such a good range of dairies and books that are all so aesthetically pleasing.

♡ Tidy Room, Tidy Mind-
I am such a tidy person and I get so stressed if things are messy or not in their right place. I cannot stand mess, and when my room does get messy then I get very unorganised.
A good tip is that when you get things out, once you are done put it away. I know it’s a typical thing people say but it is true. When things are everywhere and you have no space to work, it’s not practical and it’s no way going to keep you organised.

♡ Know Where Everything Is-
This does link with the last point but know where everything is in your room and house. It makes you feel so much more organised and trying to find something is easy so makes things much quicker. I know where everything in my room is off the back of my hand and it honestly does make things much easier. But of course you have to have a tidy room in the first place!

♡ Treat Yourself-

When I need a little boost of motivation to be organised, buying yourself some new stationary is the best solution. I am always on the look out for new stationary bits and I always am obsessed with buying stationary! Also if you are struggling for money this isn’t any problem as so many places sell nice stationary for example Wilko’s and Home Bargain both do really nice stationary and it’s so cheap, so win, win!

♡ To-Do List-
Writing a to-do list everyday in the morning will make you so motivated. When I am not feeling motivated, I will always write a to-do list in the morning as it feels so good ticking things off and feeling productive. If you do make a to-do list, make sure you put it somewhere that is noticeable and somewhere you see frequently. 
I do sometimes make to-do lists on my phone but I much prefer it written down as I like to tick things off with a pen and have it somewhere I can always see! A perfect way to do it is having a whiteboard on your wall.

♡ Colour Code-

I personally don’t use colour coding as I don’t find that I need to however it might be perfect for you. Colour coding does make it so much easier and practical, whether you’re colour coding school books or your calendar. It does keep you organised as you only need a quick glance to see and it can make everything look bright and pretty, so win, win!

♡ Do Not Hoard-
This is very hard for me as I do admit to hoard many things. the main one being makeup. But a tidy space that has no clutter will make you feel so organised so be hard on yourself and if you haven’t used or worn it in the last year at least then chuck it or give it to charity. Don’t give yourself the excuse of ‘it could be handy’ or anything else you try to tell yourself. The only way you will get things done is if you do it yourself, so go throw away that jumper that you haven’t worn since last year but ‘could come in handy one day’ because hunny you ain’t going to be wearing that jumper ever again.

How will you being staying organised this year?

Kate Xx

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