2017. Motivational Reminders

We all have them days when we have lots to do but we have zero motivation, I always have these days so in this post here are my top tips to stay motivated.
Just a warning, welcome to cheese land…

♡ Hard Work Pays Off;
As cliché as it sounds, it does. Putting in the effort to work does end up with good results. Whether it’s getting good grades or a treat at the end, hard work will always leave you with feeling pleased with yourself.

♡ Be Positive;

Typical but true. Being positive about everything will help you feel so much more motivational and make you happier.

♡ You Can;
Never tell yourself that you can’t do it as it won’t get you anywhere. Believing in yourself and what you are doing will bring the best outcomes.

♡ If Not Now, When?
This is such a motivational quote and it definitely gets me to work. I always keep this up in my room and it reminds that if I put the hard work in now then I can get it done.

♡ Be Happy;
If you are ever feeling stressed, just stop for a minute and sit there and just think of something that makes you laugh. This is something I always do, it calms me down but also reminds me of good times which makes me so motivated to work!

♡ Believe it and DO IT!
Honestly if you want it, do it and achieve it. What’s stopping you?! You only regret the things you didn’t do so if you really want something then work for it and you’ll get the result.

♡ Everyday Is A Fresh Start;
Cheesy, I know but true. If something went wrong yesterday, start afresh don’t let it get in your way today. 

♡ Everyone Makes Mistakes;

Sometimes we just get hung up on our mistakes and can think we are stupid or whatever for making a mistake. Well stop getting caught up on your mistakes, everyone makes them. Even that person who always seems to be ‘perfect’.

♡ Have A Little Sass;
A little sassy quote always makes me feel motivated, 
‘You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling’

♡ Turn To Hannah Montana;
‘Everybody makes mistakes, Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what what I’m talkin’ ’bout, Everybody get’s that way…

(would be lying if I said that wasn’t my fave song…)

How do you stay motivational?
Kate Xx

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