Favourite Products I Use For A Healthy Bronzed Tan

I absolutely love being tanned however the only downside is I’m naturally quite pale and I never tan in the sun, I completely burn so I love to fake my tan as there seems no other way for me to be able to achieve a bronzed glow! I only use really natural tans as I’m not a big fan of the tangerine look so these are my three favourite products that I use for a natural, healthy bronzed look!
Also I would 100% recommend using a tanning mitt when you come to tan as it makes life so much easier as it’s quick to apply and doesn’t make you hands a completely mess as well as it definitely applies the tan smoother and streak free. I just use Primark’s tanning mitt which is £2 and can be used multiple times if you wash it when used.

♡  Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion;
This has been one of my favourites for a good while now and I could not recommend this enough as it’s the best gradual tanner that I’ve ever used. I have the lighter one ‘fair to normal skin’ and a darker one ‘normal to dark skin’. The lighter one is perfect for a light glow but if you want more of a noticeable and bronzed glow then the darker shade is perfect. I love building up the darker gradual tan by applying it a couple of times throughout the week as this gives a gorgeous bronzed look which does look natural. 
I also love how this is a moisturiser as well as a gradual tanned as this means my skins still getting moisture. This makes my skin super smooth and moisturised and I use this most times after I shower and I’ve definitely noticed a good difference in my skin.
The only downside with this is that it does leave your skin quite sticky so I definitely wouldn’t use this before you go to bed as it’s not the most comfiest of things!

♡  Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Medium Matte;

I’ve had this tan for quite a long time and never really used it however after using it a couple of times recently I’ve fell in love with it. It’s super easy to apply and isn’t drying at all, it’s very lightweight and absorbed into my skin so quickly. This shade is meant to give a ‘healthy bronze glow’ which I definitely think it does as when applied with a mitt it doesn’t streak at all and gives an even tan that isn’t sticky on the skin.
This gives an instant tan that is such a gorgeous bronzed shade and although it isn’t as natural as the Dove Gradual Tan it does give a natural tanned glow. It does claim to have a matte finish however it gives a glowy look and I wouldn’t say it’s matte at all. Why I love this is because it’s wash off which at first I thought was pointless however after using it and washing it all off the next day is so practical. Probably would be annoying if you’re just tanning in general and want it to last but if you’re using it just for one night then it’s perfect.

Solait Bronzing Foam Medium To Dark;

This is the first mousse tan that I’ve ever used and I do really like the mousse formula. This is so easy to blend out and massage into your skin and does not go streaky at all. When applied it’s not sticky whatsoever and doesn’t feel like you have applied anything which I love.
The tan says to apply and leave for at least 4 hours and then wash off to give a healthy looking tan. You can just wear the tan without washing it off but it looks much more natural after washing it off I normally apply 2 layers and leave it on for 15 hours as I apply it at night then wash it off in the morning. When washed off it looks so natural and I use the Medium shade and it still looks natural even with two layers. This is definitely my favourite tan at the moment and I’d definitely recommend looking at Solait’s tanning range as all the products look so good and are all so affordable!

What’s your favourite tan?

Kate Xx

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