Blogger Help; Essential Blog Props

Having a range of blog props are essential for any blogger who takes blog photos and I always try and use a range of props and I thought it would be a perfect post to do considering I’ve just bought a couple of products to help with my blog photography.
Also this is my first ‘blogger help’ style of post and I’d love to post more of them on my blog so let me know if there is any certain ones you would like to see!

Whether they’re fake or real, I wouldn’t be able to take my blog photos without my fake flowers. I use fake flowers as they’re heap and practical and look just as good as real! Flowers ad colour and shape but also can be slotted into gaps in photos which is super useful if you have an awkward gap. You can add flowers to a basic layout and it can look 10x better and I can’t think of my last flatlay where I didn’t use them. Recently I’ve been loving these small flowers from Hobbycraft which did originally come on
My favourite; Hobbycraft Pink Wired Rose Heads 20 Pack

Having an open or closed magazine in a blog photo is perfect to create a stylish look to a picture and looks casual like you’ve just finished reading the latest issue of Vogue when in fact you’re there squatting trying to find the perfect angle and lighting for the photo… I try and find a two page spread on a relevant topic that looks colourful and clear and this makes the perfect prop. Also when taking blog photos with little product a magazine is perfect to fill some space.
My favourite; Vogue or Glamour

Wallpaper Samples / Wrapping Paper;

Patterned or coloured paper are a great way to give pops of colour and pattern into blog photography. I’ve previously used coloured paper in the background of my photos which is a really easy way to give some contrast and fill the background when you have a plain photo.

Also a great thing is is that you can get free wallpaper samples online or in shops which is such a good tip if you’re saving money and you might as well give it a shot if it’s free! Although even if you do buy small pieces of wallpaper or wrapping paper it costs nothing!

Tray / Dishes;

I absolutely love having trays and dishes in photos as they’re perfect to put things on to bring different levels and bring variety especially if you have multiple products in the photo. I love using small jewellery dishes as they’re not too big but are the perfect size to fit some makeup on or whatever you want and definitely can make a photo.
My favourite; Wilko ‘Lovely Things’ Heart Shaped Jewellery Dish – £2


I recently bought my own marble vinyl which I stuck onto cardboard which is now my new background and I’d definitely recommend buying a sheet of vinyl as it’s so easy and makes the perfect background. I got mine in marble as I’ve always wanted a marble background and this is the perfect background that I was looking for. I once bought marble tiles which I wouldn’t recommend as they looked awful!
You ca buy vinyl from all across the internet and it tends to be very affordable so if you’re fed up of your background then I’d definitely recommend looking at vinyl.
My favourite; Hobbycraft Fablon Grey & Blue Marble Classic Vinyl -£6

I tend to find little bits from my room that I use in my photos like ornaments. I often use my Copper Pineapple Pot which is perfect to fill an empty space and I love anything copper. I feel like it’s always useful to have little bits and pieces that you can use for your blog photos as they make a photo. You can get little pieces from Primark as I also have an elephant candle which is super handy to have for blog photos.
My favourite; Primark Copper Pineapple – £5

What blog props do you like to use?
Kate Xx

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