My Favourite Places in the French City, Nice

As some of you may know I recently went on holiday with my family to Nice which is a city in France. I’ve been to Nice many times before so when we go we have a very relaxed holiday of doing not a lot and mainly consists of lying at the beach. However I really wanted to do a Travel styled post as I don’t often have many excuses to do one considering I don’t travel that often per year.
I thought I’d share my favourite places around the city with lots of photos which will either give you travel inspiration or to just be nosy at my holiday snaps!

Villefranche Beach;
I love going to the beach on holiday and this beach has always been one of our families favourite that we always head back to. It’s a public beach with one private beach area and the whole beach is always packed with people admiring the glistening sea and it’s one of my favourite views. There is restaurants along the side of the sea and then the beach which looks out to the sea which is so relaxing to swim in! The only downside is that it’s super busy in the summer so I did also go to this small beach however I don’t know the name of that one!!

Old Town;
The old town in Nice (also known as Vieux Nice) is a top tourist place as the small cobbled streets are full of people morning to night. It’s right next to the promenade which makes it a prime location and it’s full to the brim of bars, restaurants, gift shops and even a Cathedral, so there is something for everyone! And you can often find some street entertainment around which is always pretty cool!

Promenade Des Anglais;
The promenade that stretches for miles is busy all day and night, with the pebbled beach running across the whole prom and bars and restaurants that have fabulous night life. The prom is also right in front of the Old Town which makes it the perfect location and I love strolling down the prom in the night whilst picking up an ice cream on the way!|

Avenue Jean Médecin;

Obviously you need the shops on holiday so if you’re in Nice this is the place to be. From Zara, H&M, Galeries Lafayette and of course Sephora. Not only is the street a dream to walk down with the beautiful architecture and a tram line so it’s extremely easy to get to. The shops are all modern and there’s something for everyone. I’d recommend looking in Galeries Lafayette, it’s a huge and extremely posh department store and of course there’s a big Sephora which I actually resisted from but then ended up spending my money in Zara as the Zara there is incredible!

Fenocchio’s Ice Cream;

Everyone has their favourite ice cream parlour on holiday, Fenocchio’s is one of the best for sure! With three fenocchio’s (that I know of!!) in Nice which are all local to the centre of the city, it’s such a popular place and is definitely is where you need to go if you’re in Nice. I love ice cream and this place is my top fave ever! They have such a big range of flavours from sorbet to rice pudding ice cream (ew) but my favourites have to be the Lotus, Caramel, Cookies and Kinder flavours and my sister raves about the white chocolate flavour although I refuse to try it as I hate white chocolate!

Pizza Pili;

This pizza takeaway shop has been my families favourite place ever since we found it a couple of years ago. The pizzas are absolutely incredible and I can’t even compare them to any pizzas that are sold in England as they’re on a complete new level! It’s €7 for all pizzas which is such good value considering there is so many toppings and the pizzas are amazing quality. My personal favourite is the Tuna Pizza which comes with a tasty pesto like topping which literally tastes amazing and the ham and mushroom one is also super yummy. If you’re a big pizza lover like me then this is 100% the place to go and it’s super close to the beach so it makes the perfect place to go sit and eat!

Have you ever been to Nice or any other city in France?
Kate Xx

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