Placement Log Week 8

Monday 11th May – As I am posting more frequently on social media, today I focused on taking new content. I created a photography studio set up and using my tripod took photos and videos of the product range. I found parts of taking this content challenging. I struggled as taking videos of using the products on my own was difficult. The camera occasionally wasn’t focusing which resulted in poor quality content. However, I overcame this by changing my photography set up, by altering the background I was able to create a crisper and defined background. In the end, the content I took looks professional and will be used on all social channels which feels rewarding.

Tuesday 12th May – Sam and I began today with a Teams call with Kavita and Amen to discuss our strategies for social media. They briefed me on the content I must produce for social media ads. After the call I began to create the content following the brief I was set. I felt pressure creating this content compared to when I usually create content, as I must send the content off to be approved and I want to work to my best ability. I realised the pressure I was putting on myself was impacting my output. After noticing this, I focused on relaxing and creating content like usual. This was I was able to overcome the feelings of pressure and create on brand and engaging content.

Wednesday 13th May – Following on from yesterday’s meeting with our social media agency, I continued to create the content I had been briefed on. After feeling pressure regarding this content creation yesterday, today I felt more confident as I had learnt to have more faith in my skills. I submitted my content and received lots of positive feedback from the agency and from manager Sam. Receiving this positive feedback felt extremely rewarding and made me super happy. It showed that my hard work had paid off and that I am a successful content creator.

Thursday 14th May – I began today by analysing TikTok analytics as the TikTok I posted on our feed last night had gone viral and received over 15 thousand views. I have been constantly trying to gain exposure on Clear Skin Days TikTok, so I felt extremely proud to see my content reach a vast audience. It showed that persistence is crucial, and my continued hard work is paying off.

Friday 15th May – After Wednesday’s TikTok gaining high views, now with over 30k views, I felt confident and excited when creating social media content today. I felt eager to strive to for high TikTok views again. As the more exposure we gain on social media, the more likely it is we will gain new customers and increased sales. I continued to create TikToks and post on our social media channels today. As well as engaging more with followers and influencers on all social channels.

Week 8 reflection:
Over the past weeks at placement I have struggled with our social media engagement, especially as being a small business. Sometimes my confidence has dipped due to getting low engagement on social media and I have been comparing my content to other successful brands in the industry. However, seeing a TikTok go viral this week felt extremely rewarding and was a huge confidence boost for me. Looking back on previous weeks I regret not engaging with followers and influencers more. I have realised that building a community is crucial for customer retention and social media growth. Therefore, I will take this knowledge forward with me in the future. I furthered this understanding by reading online articles about the importance of a social media community. I found an article on Forbes titled “16 Inspiring Ways to Build a Community on Social Media” particularly interesting, read it here.