BLOGMAS Day 12: Tips and Tricks For Holiday Shopping

We all go Christmas Shopping and although online is very good for shopping now, you always have to hit the shops. I love Christmas shopping as the Christmas tree will be up and all festive lights and decorations near the shops. As well as shop decorations are always so nice and it always feels nice and festive going out!
However although Christmas shopping is lovely, it’s always a bit hectic!

1. Prepare

Go online and see what your looking for or if your unsure whether to look in a shop or not, look online to see what they have.
I will always feel very un-organised if I go shopping without a plan of where I am going or what I need to buy, so planning is an necessity.


Sales are great but they have there downsides. If you wat something really bad, don’t wait for a sale. Your inner voice (aka your mum) will tell you to wait for the sales but yeah great when it’s in the sale but only has a size 2 and is in flourescent green…

3. Know Your Money

Overspending is a pain and we all have once came to the end of a shopping trip and have been shocked at what’s left in our purse! If your shopping for others, mae sure you know how much yiu are spending on each person.
Also a great tip is, if you want to spend £50 in total then only take £55/£60 with you so then you will not overspend!

4. Dress Sensibly

It’s not all about money and strategies when it comes to shopping. Shops are often warm and you need to have your hands free so avoid carrying a coat or handbag that you can’t put on your shoulder. 

5. Only Buy What You Need

This is definitely the hardest for me. Always think ‘If it wasn’t in the sale, would I buy it?’ The sale racks of course entice everyone and even with £2 off we will insist that we have to buy it as it is ‘such a good offer’.

6. Keep To Your Motto

Mine is ‘Only buy it if you will wear it more than 20 times’. Of course some items don’t relate to that but still try and keep something like that in your mind when buying things and remeber just beacuse you’re going shopping, it doesn’t mean you have to spend, spend, spend (although it brings great pleasure). However said ‘you can’t buy happiness’ had clearly never been shopping before.

Happy Holiday Shopping Everyone!
What are your shopping tips this year?
Kate Xx

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