BLOGMAS Day 24: December Favourites

So you might be thinking this is my last post of my blogmas but instead my last post will be tomorrow! So tomorrow I will be posting at 5pm (hopefully!!).
And so for this post I am doing a December favourites as it’s nearly the end of December and I have tried a lot of new products this month and really wanted to show them to you guys!

Minion Slippers;
These slippers just make me laugh but they are so cosy and I have been wearing them 24/7 so I had to include them! I got them off my friend as an early Christmas present, I don’t even like minions and I have never even watched a film with minions in but I love these slippers!!
I think they are from Primark and I will definitely be going back to get some more as I think they are only a couple of pounds!

Hoop Earrings;

I got these hoop earrings in Claires ages ago but only started to wear them recently. They look so stylish with an outfit and I don’t like huge hoops on myself as it looks like I am trying too hard but these small hoops are perfect.
They are gold and on each earring there is an outer hoop and smaller hoop, I really like the 2 hoop look. Also they were so cheap but good quality and are now my favourite earrings!

Morphe Bullet Crease Brush ‘M321’;
I have been using this brush so much recently as it’s so good for a precise crease. The shape of it is perfect to add more depth to your crease. I always use it with a slightly darker shade in the outer section of my crease. It isn’t one of the softest brushes I have ever tried but the application is amazing so I don’t mind! It blends the shadow out so much and was only around £2 which was a bargain.

Mua Intense Colour Lip Liner ‘Caramel Nougat’;

I have been obsessing over this purchase that I got at the start of December. I was shocked at how pigmented this was and I have been so impressed. The shade is lovely and goes with all my nude lips so so perfectly. It’s the classic nude.
And can I just say, this was £1, £1! I love the packaging on this as well, as on the lid there is a sharpener built in which I have never seen before. I love this as on the go or even at home, if your liner just needs a little sharpen then it is so quick and easy. Also I often have the problem of having a too big of a sharpener for a lip liner but this is the perfect size.

Boots Botanics Micellar Cleansing Solution;

I am a big lover of micellar water, I will always use it to take my makeup off however I am a stickler for my Garnier one. So when my mum gave me this I thought there was no chance of me liking it but I love it!
It smells really nice and is so refreshing. I like to take my makeup off with it as well as on a no makeup day I always use it at night just to clean my face. I am always surprised at how much unknown dirt is on my face.

 BarryM Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint ‘Sparkling Ruby’;
I have been obsessed with this nail varnish ever since I got it on the second day of December. It is the perfect Christmas red with such a pretty sparkle to it.
As it is part of the ‘Gelly’ collection from BarryM, from previous experiences I was expecting it to take ages to dry but it dried so quick I was amazed. And I really like the shape and size of the brush as well, as it was super easy to apply.
And the colour is to die for, when it catches the light it sparkles which make me so happy!

Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist;
I got this spray around 2 years ago and when I first got it I was obsessed but then I just forgot about it. However at the very end of November I started loving it again so this month I have been loving it too! I absolutely adore the scent of it and the packaging is so pretty! Sometimes when I don’t feel like a heavy scent, this is perfect! I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a spray with a very nice scent. 

Carmex has been my ride or die lip balm for ages now, it feels so good on my lips and I really feel like it is doing the job. And I have been constantly using this this month as with the cold weather and wind my lips always go a bit dry. But they haven’t as much because I have been using my Carmex. This is definitely a must-have for me.

Primark Tweezers;
I first got these tweezers as I thought they would look pretty as they were copper and I pretty much buy everything that is copper. They were 99p for two tweezers and they are so good! I was expecting them to awful Primark quality but I love them! In the pack you get a pointed tweezer and a flat ended tweezer, I do prefer the pointed ended one as it gets all the small hairs so easily however the flat ended one is very good for big sections of hair.
I would definitely buy these and for 99p you can’t go wrong!

Mince Pies;
This year I tried my first ever mince pie, and why haven’t I tried one before, god knows?!? They are so good, I would eat them all year round. I have been loving them warmed as well, 25seconds in the microwave is perfect. I actually really want to try and make my own so I might make some in January as I love trying to bake new things.
I am very annoyed I haven’t tried one before as I have been missing out, but least I have found them out now.

Caitlin Lawrence;
Caitlin has been my favourite youtubers for a while now but I have been loving her Christmas videos and her daily vlogging. I would definitely follow her YouTube as she is so lovely and funny also her makeup is insane. And I am so envious of her hair as I could never pull off short hair but hers makes me desperate to cut my hair off!! 

Bruno Mars 24K Magic Album;

I have been LOVING Bruno Mars’ recent album it is amazing! I love all of them so much. Listening to ‘Perm’ and ‘Finesse’ are so sassy and make me get up and dance. And then there is ‘Calling All My Lovelies’ which is so sexy and such a good one to belch out. To be honest I love all of the album and I actually think my Mum and Dad are fed up of me and my sister singing all the songs all the time!!

What is something you have loved this December?
Kate Xx

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