Dungarees & Yellow Stripes

I’m currently trying to get more different pieces in my wardrobe as I feel like I look so boring all the time and after seeing a picture of dungarees on Pinterest, I knew I wanted a pair. After looking online for ages and only finding pairs that were around £40 I knew I’d be heading to Primark and of course I scored lucky! I Dungarees aren’t probably the most suited for this season but I’ve past the point of caring, my motto at the moment is ‘if you want to wear it then wear it’ ! And I’m quite happy with this look as it was a bit of a thrown on look (if you get me?!) and it’s quite different for me.

The main focus of the outfit are the dungarees which are a pair of Light Denim Distressed Dungarees from Primark and they had a price of £17 on the tag but they came up as only £7 on the till so they were such a bargain! They’re like a mom style fit and I’ve always loved mom jeans but never bought a pair as I knew they’d look ridiculous on me but I love the fit of these so maybe I’ll reconsider the idea of mom jeans. The only downside to these dungarees is that the Primark sizing is so wrong, I bought these in a 12 which is a couple sizes up from my normal size but the sizes below were way too short length wise so the 12 was the only one that fit my length. However because of that the waist and hips are slightly too big but with a belt around the waist and I bunched the fabric together at the back and it worked out okay. And I wore my Thin Black Topshop Belt which fits perfectly as my bigger belt wouldn’t fit through the loops which is slightly annoying but the thin belt makes it more subtle and I think suits the dungarees more.

Under the dungarees I wore a Yellow & Black Striped T-shirt underneath which was a £4.99 bargain from Zara and I love a striped t-shirt  and I don’t really own anything yellow/orange so I love this top as it’s a little bit different for me! It’s a simple round neck but it’s quite high but this suits the dungarees as it shows more of the top and I love the contrast of the denim against this top.

And then I was struggling so much on what jacket to wear with this outfit as nothing seemed to go but I wore this Black Padded Coat from Zara which is actually my sisters but I always steal it because it’s such a gorgeous coat. It’s plain black with three padded sections and is the warmest thing ever and I think this best suits the dungarees as it’s simple and doesn’t look bad from the back as the coat comes past the waist. And to finish off on the feet I wore my Old Skool Vans which we all know I love way too much!

I’m really happy with how this outfit turned out as it’s quite simple but the dungarees are a big step out of my comfort zone but I’m really trying to mix my style up a bit, I’m a bit fed up of my usual style! I’ll definitely be wearing these dungarees all the time and for £7 I’m not complaining! Also if you have any dungaree tips then please let me know because I literally spent half my week trying to find a jacket that suited them…

Kate Xx