How I Edit My Blog Photos

I feel like my blog photos are never improving however I was looking back at my old posts and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at my old photography because it’s absolutely horrendous. I thought I’d do a post on how I take and edit my blog photos as although they’re still not the best they’ve definitely improved. In one of the photos I compared one of my recent photos to an old one from back in June 2016 and I decided it would be best for everyone if I didn’t link the post!! I take all my photos on my phone which is the Iphone 6S which is a pretty good camera and I’ve tried a couple of times with my actual camera however it’s focus is so bad so that trial ended quickly! As well as I edit all my photos on my phone and then import them to my laptop using Dropbox which is so useful.

Outfit Pictures;

I wish I could take my outfit shots myself but obviously that is slightly impossible for be to be behind the camera whilst being in the photo so I have to get my sister to take them who goes for the ‘lets get this done it 1 minute’ and takes them whilst moving so the photos are pretty basic. I edit them using VSCO and I’m going to list the steps I do as I thought this would be the easiest way to see, my editing varies for every photo depending on lighting and so on but this is just the average editing I do;

  • Filter – HB2 – 10
  • Exposure – -1.5
  • Contrast – 1
  • Saturation – -0.5
  • Highlights – 3
  • Temperature – -0.5
  • Sharpen – 5
  • Grain – 1.5

Flatlays & General Blog Photos;

My flatlay photos and just general photos are super simple and this is where I really want to step up my game. I currently take my photos on my marble vinyl which is from Hobbycraft and I’ve stuck this onto a white piece of A1 card and I use my studio lights as well which I’m still experimenting with but they’re so helpful when the days are darker. However if you’re looking for flatlay inspiration then you’re in the wrong place and you should be over at Zara’s blog as her flatlay game is the best of the best!! But I use ColourStory to edit my photos which I don’t make drastic changes to but this is near enough my usual;

(Also ColourStory doesn’t have numbers so I’ve just gone up from -1 to 1 on the scale!)

  • Bright – 0.4
  • Contrast – 0.3
  • Saturation – 0.2
  • Exposure – -0.1
  • Sharpen – 0.1
  • Filter – Everyday – 0.2

So that is all I do to edit my photos, I always love reading these so I though I’d do my own and if I have any drastic changes then I’ll be sure to update this post as I love playing around with the lighting and warmth in photos! Also if you recommend any other good editing apps then let me know! Sorry this was only a short post but I get asked what apps I use a lot so I thought it would be a useful post!

Kate Xx