Autumn Eyeshadow Loving

Nothing more says autumn makeup than autumnal eyeshadow! I love warm tones and coppers, burgundies and golds and I definitely have a variety of shadows I use in this season so I thought I had to share these three products that I’ve been loving at the moment. And these are three products that I don’t often use however I’ve used them all recently and found them all perfect for the season so I had to share my new obsessions.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hour Eyeshadow ‘On and on bronze’ – 

First off is a product that I’m sure you are all familiar with as everyone raves about this product and so they should! I’ve always been a huge fan of the Maybelline Color Tatttoo’s as the formula of them is insane as well as they’re incredibly pigmented and long lasting. This shade ‘On and on bronze’ is probably the most popular shades of them all and is definitely a product I will always have in my collection. I love a bronze shade as they’re so easier to wear and so suited for the season and can be worn for a really simple look or blended in for a fuller look on the lid. I also find this so long lasting which is always good for a shimmer shade as it keeps it metallic finish all throughout the day. I’ve never been a huge fan of cream products as I’m always more comfortable with a powder but I find this cream eyeshadow really easy to work with and is quick and easy to apply so perfect if you just want a little colour on the lid when you’re in a rush and it lasts for so long so it’s ideal to use if you’ve got a long day ahead. The Color Tatoo’s are £5.99 from the drugstores which I think is really good value for such a high quality product and the amount of product you get will last a lifetime so it’s definitely worth the money.

Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes Glossy Shadow ‘Peanut Butter’ –

For me this is always one of them products which I’ll never reach for it but once re-discovered I’ll go wearing it non-stop and then stop using it again however I’ve always loved this product but I always forget about it! I love the formula of this as it’s nothing like anything I own as it’s so creamy and smooth to apply and super easy to blend. I usually apply it directly onto the lid and the blend it out and it works like a dream, it blends really evenly and has a gorgeous finish on the lid as it looks so smooth and glossy on the lid. And what I love most about this is the shade as it’s such a gorgeous nude-y pink and in some lights looks like is has a slight copper undertone to it so it looks gorgeous mixed in with a gold shadow. This is definitely a product that is perfect for when you’re in a rush or need a quick and easy makeup look. I apply it directly onto the lid and just blend out with a brush which takes only seconds and it works so well with a transition shade in the crease and then with this on the centre of the lid and pop a highlighting shade in your inner corner and you have a simple look that takes seconds but perfect for a day-to-day look. And I think this eyeshadow stick is only £2.99 which is such a bargain!

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette ‘What are you waiting for?’ – 

This palette is so suited for autumn as it’s got a range of mattes and shimmers all in shades perfect for this season as there is a range of browns and coppers as well some neutral pinks so this palette has the ideal range and is definitely been a palette I’ve been loving recently. I love how the palette is set out with the shimmers at the top and a row of mattes at the bottom and I often find there is not enough mattes in drugstore palettes but this has enough mattes to use and the shade all work together perfectly. All the shades are so soft and for a drugstore palette do have quite a good long lasting formula however the pigment isn’t top notch. The mattes don’t have amazing pigment however when worked into the crease they do the job however I wouldn’t be running to these shades if I wanted matte all over the eye. But the shimmers are quite impressive as they have quite a lot of pigment as well as the creamy formula so are a dream to apply and blend. And the shimmer on the top row at the very end which is a deep purple with a hint of fine glitter is so pigmented and I have no shade like it as it’s very dark but the tiny flecks of glitter in it give it more shimmer and would be gorgeous in a dark eye look. As well as the highlighting shade on the other end of the top row has quite a lot of pigment so is the perfect shade for the inner corner or brow bone.

What eyeshadow have you recently been loving for the season?

Kate Xx