Personal Bloggers Awards

The fabulous Kate Rose did a blog post the other week of her Personal Blog Awards (read her post here) and she so kindly gave me the Best Fashion Blog because she is the kindest girl ever so you probably all do but make sure you read her blog because she’s so talented and deserves the world!

But anyway as Kate said in her post, although there are already so many blogger awards that already exist lots of them don’t feature smaller blogs and there are so many smaller blogs that deserve so much more recognition and I couldn’t agree with her more so I decided I’d do my own post sharing some of my favourite blogs. Since I made this blog last April I’ve read millions of blogs and made so many friends with the kindest and loveliest people ever so I found this pretty hard to narrow down and everyone deserves an award but these are my top favourite blogs that I read religiously! And I copied some of Kate’s categories from her post and added a couple of my own in, so I hope you enjoy reading!

Best Fashion Blog – Eleanor /

I love reading fashion posts and Eleanor’s have always been one of my favourites. I discovered Eleanor’s blog around when I started my own blog and I’ve never stopped loving it since. Eleanor’s style is quite unique and really suits her and I really don’t think I could pull it off although I wish I could however it definitely inspires me. I’m so bad at describing but there is just something individual about her style that I feel like only Eleanor can do?! I loved reading her Transitioning Summer Pieces For Autumn as I loved the pictures and the post as a whole was so detailed and I loved her outfit! Also one of my recent favourites was her post on the Kaffe Fassett Exhibition as I absolutely love fashion exhibitions and it really made me think about whether I class fashion as art so this is definitely one to read! And I also love Eleanor’s blog design and she recently got a new blog header which I’m living for!!

Best Beauty Blog – Kate /

I read a lot of beauty blogs so I felt spoilt for choice but I’ve been reading Kate’s blog since I got my own and I love reading her beauty posts. I love to read Kate’s reviews as she gets so in depth about the product and gives you everything you need to know! And I definitely trust her reviews and recommendations which is not so good as it makes me want everything she writes a good review about!! My favourite post recently was Kate’s Autumn/September Lip Library as I loved all the shades she included in the post and I love the idea of the post as it’s unique and showed a couple of products that were different so there’s something for everyone! One of my other favourites has to be her Falling Out Of Love With Makeup post as I found it so relate-able and I it was just a generally nice to read post which I love reading. I’d definitely recommend Kate’s blog and she also posted a outfit diary post the other week which I loved as her and her outfits looked incredible!!

 Best Music Blog Erin /

I’d never think I’d like reading music posts however I love reading Erin’s music post. I’m so bad at describing as it is so having to describe music is hard I find, but Erin describes music so well and I always look forward to reading her music posts (as well as all of her others!!). I love reading Erin’s Monthly Mixtapes as there is always a good range of songs so you’re guaranteed to find a song you’ll love and I always end up adding a couple to my playlist. And one of my favourite recent posts was the Soundtrack To My Life as there was such a variety of songs for every mood and got me thinking about my own which left me in a big debate with myself… But I’d definitely recommend Erin’s blog as I love reading her posts and I find her music posts are really unique so I always look forward to reading them!

Best All Rounder – Grace /

My favourite all rounder blog has to be Grace’s as she posts a big range of posts which are mainly beauty but I love reading her hauls and monthly favourites. Grace’s posts are full of information and I definitely trust her reviews as well as I always enjoy reading them! One of my favourite recent posts from Grace was her post ‘Cruelty Free Makeup Brands I Love‘ as I love how she showed cruelty free brands and then talked about her favourite products and I’d definitely like to get more cruelty free products myself so posts exactly like this are so helpful! Grace posts are always full of information and I love her blog photos with each post and it’s definitely the blog to read for a big micture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle!

Best Blog Photography Zara /

I didn’t even have to think twice about this award because there is no one who deserves it more than the fabulous Zara! Zara’s blog photography is INSANE, it is literally out of this world and I have no idea how she does it so well for every single post. Honestly Zara could make a big ban photogenic! One of my favourite posts of Zara’s is her Zoella Jelly and Gelato post as her photos are incredible and Zoe noticed this post which makes me so happy for her! All of Zara’s post are of such high quality and I always look forward to her posts as I always love reading them! And Zara is the kindest person ever and has been supporting my blog since day 1 and this girl has a big future because she is so talented!

So these are a couple of my favourite blogs and I’d definitely read them all however I might do a part two to this soon as I didn’t include that many categories and I have so many other blogs that I love and every single person who works hard on their blog deserves recognition.

Kate Xx