The £1 Charity Shop Find

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now as I always love reading them and I’m a lover of a bargain which you’re guaranteed to find in a charity shop. I feel like most people wouldn’t dream of shopping in a charity shop because they think it’s full of old peoples clothes, well I’m going to prove you all wrong! I volunteer in a local charity shop on a Saturday which isn’t my favourite thing however I just sort through the clothes and sit on the till so I’ve learnt a few skills from it and it’s definitely improved my confidence by talking to customers all-be-it that they’re mostly old women looking through the postcards… However I was pretty chuffed with this top and I also bought another top which is from Zara and is gorgeous so I’ll save that one for another day!

So the top I’m wearing was bought from a charity shop for £1 which is a bargain and is from an Australian brand called Stewart Merrett which I’ve never heard of but the top if really good quality. It’s a navy t-shirt and is quite a thick material and then in the top corner there is yellow embroidery which is in a flower design with small green leaves which I love as it’s brings so much detail and a pop of colour to the basic tee. The t-shirt is in a size XL which isn’t my size so I tied it at the waist with a bobble as the material is just a little bit too thick to be tied in a knot and I love tying it at the waist as it’s simple but gives an edgy sort of look to the top and I tied it just at the top of my jeans. The top is pretty long without tying at the waist and could probably double up as a t-shirt dress but when tied it fits fine, the arms are quite big however they look fine as the top is clearly oversized and under a jacket you can’t tell!

I wore this top with my Blue Ripped Jamie Jeans from Topshop with my Black Topshop Belt with gold detailing on which are my usual combo. But I love the ripped jeans with the tied top as I think it gives a really relaxed and casual vibe and the darker blue of the top suits the light blue jeans.

And I paired this look with my Zara Suede Effect Yellow Jacket which I love with the blue jeans and top as it brings a pop of colour to the outfit and although it’s yellow it’s quite simple with the outfit as the jacket itself is quite thin and minimalist. And of course I wore my Vans Old Skool Trainers which I feel like there is no point in explaining these as I wear them all the time and I really need to wear another pair of shoes…

This whole look is super basic and basically just a top with jeans and a yellow jacket however I really wanted to do this post to focus on my find from the charity shop. I always read or watch a post or video that features things from a charity shop as I find it so interesting probably because I’m the biggest fan of a bargain but it just shows that there is nothing wrong with shopping in charity shops! If any of you are looking for some inspiration then I’ve been loving OliviaGrace on YouTube at the moment who has a couple of Thrift Shop Hauls which I love watching.

Kate Xx

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  1. I’ve really got in to Charity Shops recently, you can find some amazing gems in them! That too is definitely a bargain, I love this whole look! X


    1. Thank you Kate!! I need to go into charity shops more as you can find so many bargains and get more for your money!
      Kate Xx

  2. This was such a cool post! I really need to go into charity shops more because you can get some great things! I love the look of that tshirt with that jacket!
    Grace xx

    1. Thank you Grace! I’d definitely recommend looking in some as you can find some great things and I need to look more myself!
      Kate Xx

  3. I can never get over how gorgeous you always look in these fashion posts! You’ve also really made me want to get down to my local charity shops and find some hidden gems like the tshirt you picked up. Also can’t wait to see the ZARA one!
    Zara xx

    1. Aw thanks so much Zara!! I’ll have to include the Zara top in a post soon as it was such a bargain and I’d definitely recommend looking in your local charity shops!
      Kate Xx

  4. I haven’t been to a charity shop for ages, but I’m hoping to have more time soon so I can go to a few charity shops soon as there’s usually one good find. Where I went to college there were so many charity shops like a ten minute walk away which was so useful for a quick shop, I got my favourite (and also my only) cardigan from one- charity shops are great! Even if they are filled with grandma clothes- grandma clothes can be adorable! Love this outfit soo much x

    1. Aw thank you Libby! And I agree, I love the clothes charity shops have! There is a couple of charity shops near where I live so I need to start going in them more as you can find great things! Xx

  5. That top is so lovely! Love a good charity shop find! xxx

    1. Thank you and I was so happy with it for only £1! Xxx

  6. That shirt is so cute! I wish that we had charity shops and thrift stores in my country

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. Thank you Sarah!! That’s such a shame, have you tried looking online as I think there might be some online charity shops and you could maybe try Depop if you’re looking for something different?
      Kate Xx

  7. I am in love with this outfit omg girl you are killing the game, I always forget to check charity shops but I really need to do it more often x

    1. Aw girl you’re too kind! I’m the same myself but I definitely need to go to more! Xx

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