October Favourites

I can’t believe it’s November already, to say this year is flying by would be an understatement! However I actually feel like October has been quite a slow month personally, I haven’t actually done that much this month expect for going a bit mad on the online deliveries however the two positives from that is that I’ve got a lot of new pieces in my wardrobe as well as my Mum’s made friends with the delivery women but lets not talk about my bank balance oops (lets just say I had a ‘little’ shock last time I checked it)! Anyways, I feel like I’ve been loving a lot of new things this month so enjoy reading about my monthly favourites and I’ve already included a couple of them in previous posts but I couldn’t not included them!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette – You all probably saw this one coming as I’ve featured it in many posts throughout this month and I haven’t stopped using it since I got it. I’m absolutely in love with the shade range in this palette, the warm shadows are perfect for this season and I’ve been using the mattes non-stop whether it’s for a simple transition shade in the crease for a super simple look or using multiple matte shades to deepen my crease. I’ve also been loving the shimmers as they’re so metallic and look incredible on the eye and I can’t wait to create some more looks with the palette and experiment more with it! Also I definitely feel like this is so worth the money as it was £37 for 35 shades which is near enough £1 a shade which is amazing value for Morphe quality especially considering that an individual Morphe pan is £2.25-£4.50 so it’s such good value and Jaclyn had worked years on this palette to make sure it’s quality was top notch and it sure is!

Nip+Fab Kale Dry Skin Moisturiser – I’m a big lover of moisturiser, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t moisturise in the morning or evening and it’s definitely been my dry skin saviour over the years. I found this sample in my draw at the start of the month and I have no clue where is came from however I started using it on the odd morning and loved how smooth it made my skin feel and I felt like it was reducing the redness on my skin. My skin especially on my cheeks is quite textured and gets quite red especially by the end of the day so I love a moisturiser that reduces it and I’d say this moisturiser has worked perfectly with my skin and I’ve definitely seen an improvement. I love the kale scent of it as well as it smells fresh and awakening so ideal for a morning moisturiser as it’s lightweight. And I definitely think I’ll have to purchase the full size one when my mini sample runs out as I’ve loved using it and it’s worked well with my holy grail moisturisers from Superdrug’s Vitamin E Range.

Primark Blue Ruffle T-Shirt – A little fashion favourite this month has to be this light blue tee from Primark which I found on the sale rack and bought for a bargain of £2 which I was pretty chuffed with. I live in plain t-shirts with a jacket thrown over and this t-shirt has been a favourite of mine as it’s super simple but the frill around the seam of the shoulders give it detail and volume but still keeps it basic with all the one colour. I also love the light blue shade as I’m normally found wearing white, black or grey so some colour gives a change to my normal attire and it’s quite a subtle blue so it’s super easy to style and even works perfectly with blue jeans!

Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket – This jacket has already featured in two of my posts in October and I was lusting over this jacket for ages so I had to buy it this month although my bank balance is suffering now!! If you haven’t seen it in my previous posts it’s a faux leather bike jacket that comes up to the hip and has a removable fur collar which is the cosiest thing ever as well as a belt along the bottom which I love as it gives extra detail as well as the pockets with silver zips. I have no doubt that I’ll be wearing this jacket every time I go out as it goes with everything and I wouldn’t rather wear anything else as it’s so warm and cosy as well as I love how it looks! It was £70 from Zara which I don’t think is too bad as it’s such high quality and Zara’s garments last for ages as they’re such good quality so I’m so happy with this and will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe.

Music Favourites- I normally have a couple of songs for my monthly music favourites however I’ve been listening to two albums a lot this month so I thought I’d share these two instead;

  • Tourist History – Two Door Cinema Club ; This used to be my favourite album years ago as it was released in 2010 which was ages ago but ever since then this album has been one of my favourite albums and I think it shows that I’ll never get bored of the album as I’m still loving it seven years later just as much! The songs on this album will always be my all time favourites and I feel like I will never get bored of them. My favourites on the album have to be Undercover Martyn, What You Know, Cigarettes In The Theatre, Eat That Up, It’s Good For You however I love all the tracks off the album so it’s a hard choice.
  • Don’t Smile At Me – Billie Eilish ; My second favourite album that I’ve been loving this month is Billie Eilish’s album which I started listening to at the end of September when I heard her on the James Corden show and I’ve been loving her album since then. I find the album relaxing and I love all the songs on the album as her voice is incredible! My favourites off the album probably have to be Bellyache, Idontwannabeyouanymore, my boy and Watch however I do love the whole album so I’d definitely give it a listen!

I hope you all liked reading my monthly favourites and I’ll be back again to tell you my next favourites at the end of this month! Have you had any favourites this month?

Kate Xx