Favourite Looks from the 2017 Victoria Secret Catwalk Show

The Victoria Secret Catwalk Show is one of my highlights of the year, I always look forward to it so much and this year they definitely pulled it off in Shanghai. All the wings and outfits were absolutely amazing and the amount of work and detail that goes into each piece is incredible.

In the lead up to the show I was watching the videos on their YouTube channel which I’d definitely recommend but it gives you such a good insight to the preparations to the show and I find it so interesting. Also if you’re in the UK like me and haven’t actually watched the whole show yet then it’s aired on TV on this Tuesday and I’m not sure what channel and time however it’s normally on 4Music but I think it’s also on Hayu. But if I find it on TV, then I’ll be sure to tweet about it so I’ll say what channel it’s on!

But anyways for this post I thought I’d share some of my favourite looks from the show which was pretty hard to narrow down as every single model looked amazing and each outfit was out of this world.

Alessandra Ambroisio – Tribal Outfit –This colourful look is full of detail and is absolutely incredible. The bold printed boots really bring something different to the outfit and the detail in the wings are outstanding. If you zoom in you can see all the tiny feathers and sequins on each wing which is madness.

Herieth Paul & Grace Bol – VS X Balmain – These two gorgeous girls just look like a dream on the catwalk. I love the silver tones in these outfits and all the studs and tassels on these outfits compliment the black lingerie so well. Grace Bol looks insane in a studded corset and long bright coloured cape as well as Herieth Paul is wearing a pair of thigh high boots with an insane short studded dress with the middle section cut out to show off the bra.

Josephine Skriver – Blue Wings – Josephine is an absolute beauty and her outfit is jaw-dropping. She is also rocking a blue and white pair of thigh high boots which are a reoccurring piece in the show. And the main feature in this outfit is of course the wings, you can’t miss them! The wings are white, black and blue shades which all look amazing together and the big circled wings with all the feathers on is spectacular.

Martha Hunt & Stella Maxwell – VS X Balmain – Martha and Stella literally take my breath away, they’re both insane and they’re both look to die for in their outfits. They’re both wearing studded metallic pieces and I’m normally not a fan of studs but I’m loving the studded jackets and accessories and both of their lingerie is from the VS X Balmain collection. Martha’s bra is covered in silver sparkles which contrasts with the black so well as well as she’s wearing a black leather jacket in silver studs. And Stella is looking incredible in a silver, red and black studded jacket and red and black heels.

Karlie Kloss – Flower Wings & Long Gown – Karlie’s outfit is fantastic and she looked so flawless on the catwalk. To start with her wings are made from copper and white flowers which look amazing curved behind her. And she’s wearing white lingerie with silver detailing  and then layered handing tassels which could be a necklace, I’m not too sure! As well as a long sheer white robe and then to finish off gladiator sandals on the feet which have big detailed circles on which suit the outfit.

Adriana Lima – Tribal Look- The Queen of the VS catwalk, forever and always. Adriana looks amazing in a tribal inspired outfit. She’s wearing simple blue lingerie with bold patterned over the knee boots which are a statement and a half! As well she she’s wearing a thick necklace with long tassels and bracelets which all suit the brightly coloured look. And then of course the wings are made from coloured feathers which look fabulous on her and although these aren’t my favourite wings from the show, it’s definitely one of my favourite outfits as it all goes together so well.

Taylor Hill – Gold Crown & Long Cape – Taylor Hill has always been one of my girl crushes, she is bloody gorgeous and is slaying the catwalk! Taylor is wearing a simple patterned bra with black wrap around straps that go around her neck and below the bra. And she’s got four gold bracelets up each arm which attach her big cape that flows behind her amazingly and it has some much detail on which is crazy! And to finish off her outfit she’s wearing a gold flower crown which is the perfect finish to the outfit.

Bella Hadid – Blue Wings – Bella’s blue look was amazing as her wings looked fabulous on her. Her wings were made from mainly blue feathers with some black and white shades in there as well and they look amazing on her. She’s wearing black lingerie with white gloves which have blue detailing on and blue and white boots and the whole look is a dream.

Harry Styles – And last but not least, the real angel of the show, Harry Styles. He looked absolutely beautiful and was literally the star of the show.

What was one of your favourite looks from the show?

Kate Xx