Current Favourites Off My Playlist

I listen to music all the time and music would definitely be something I’d be lost without. I love finding new music and I’m definitely that person who once finds something new will become obsessed and will listen to that certain album or song for weeks on end! I always love to watch these videos on Youtube and I know it doesn’t really work to the same effect on my blog as you can’t hear it straight away but all these songs definitely need to be added to your playlist! I thought I’d include a range of my favourite songs, some of my recent favourites and favourites that will always be my favourites from years ago.

Also quick disclaimer, I can’t describe music…

Orthodox Man – Blaenavon

First up is a song that I’ve only just discovered as my friend recommend Blaenavon to me and I’d never heard of them before until the other day and I’ve become completely obsessed with their album and Othodox Man has to be one of my favourites. I love the music in the back of this and it’s got a really good beat. I especially love the chorus as it’s just calm and cool and it’s just a song that I can listen to whatever mood.


This song has been a love on my playlist for a while now but this song is such a laid back song which I know sound stupid as that’s what the song is called but it’s just an easy-to-listen to song and one of my favourite from Ratboy that I’d 100% recommend.

Sleep Alone – Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club have been a band I’ve loved for years and I’m sure I’ll love for many more. Their music is so original and I’ll never get fed up of it. I’ll never be able to pick one solid favourite song of theirs however Sleep Alone off their Beacon album has been one of my favourites recently. I love the start how it builds up and the whole song has such a good tune and always puts me in a good mood.

On My Mind (Acoustic) – Jorjia Smith & Preditah

I always loved the original of this song but I recently found the acoustic version and I prefer it so much more to the orginal song. This is the only song I’ve listened to be Jorjia Smith so I can’t compare it to any other music of hers however this song is a bit different and isn’t one of them songs you listen to in amazement but it’s quite calm and one I’ll always go to listen to.

Explore – Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma have been a favourite band on my playlist for a while now and their music is amazing! My favourites always seem to be switching but I will always love Explore. I love the music to this song and the chorus is such a good bop!

Hostage – Billie Eilish 

I mentioned Billie in my monthly favourites the other month and I cannot recommend her album enough! I’ve been loving Hostage at the moment, it’s a slower song but her voice sounds incredible and is such a unique song in my playlist that I always love to listen to.

Winter – Khalid

I’m not the biggest Khalid fan however my sister is obsessed with him at the moment and whenever I walk into her room she always seems to be playing it and Winter has been a song that I’ve been quite liking. The song is quite easy going but it’s got a really good beat and is probably my favourite from Khalid.

She Moves In Her Own Way – The Kooks

This is a such a classic song for me, I don’t what it is about the song but when ever it comes on it’s just a classic song. I don’t really know what it is about this song, like I said I’m not good at describing at all, but I love The Kooks, I love the music and their voices and I love singing along to this one!!

The Way Of Mary – The Night Cafe

A new favourite of mine is this song by the Night Cafe and I this song is right up my street, I always have a little dance to myself when this song comes on and again it has such background music and the whole song is such a good one to listen to.

Cocoon – Catfish and the Bottlemen

I am such a big lover of Catfish, their music is absolutely incredible and I feel like they are just like Two Door Cinema Club for me as I’ll never get bored of their music. And like Two Door again, I’ll never be able to choose a favourite but Cocoon has always been one of my favourites.

Tongue Tied – Grouplove

This song is a classic and I recently saw it on Twitter as I’d completely forgot about this song but had to add it to my playlist. It’s got such a good beat and is a real feel-good song that makes a good sing-a-long!

Paracetamol – Declan McKenna

Last but by no means least is a song from Declan McKenna who I’m obsessed with at the moment. Paracetamol is kinda slow but builds up towards the end and is such a good song. Declan’s album is definitely one to listen to and is one I’ve got on repeat currently.

So these are my current favourites and if you’ve got any favourites lately then let me know in the comments, I love finding new music!

Kate Xx