London Fashion Week Festival 2018

On Thursday I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Week Festival. I’d seen a lot of it on social media in 2017 and knew I had to go one year. And I persuaded my mum into making it a girls day out to London! (Didn’t even have to make a PowerPoint to persuade her. There’s a first for everything…) I had such an incredible day so thought I’d just post a little bit about it. And my next post shall be on my outfit because the jumpsuit I wore is my new obsession!

If you want to see a mini video of my day then I posted one I made on my Instagram story. I’ve saved it on my highlights as well. So go have a look over on my Instagram @luxekate_ . (Shameless self-promo).

For anyone wondering, if you’re planning to go one year. I got the Silver ticket which allows you to go to one catwalk and the stalls. The bronze ticket is just for the stalls and the Gold is for two shows and the stalls. And there is luxe tickets as well which would break my bank, ironic how ‘Luxe’Kate isn’t so luxe…

The Stalls-
Before our catwalk show we walked around the small shops there. They were set out perfectly, it was quite busy but it was manageable! They’re all high end stalls so I didn’t buy anything. However I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the varieties of styles and designers. There was lots of unique pieces that definitely inspired me. And also lots of jewellery stands and shoes.

The Catwalk-
For the catwalk show you could pick a designer or a trend. I went for the designer as I personally prefer to see a designers collection. We booked our tickets quite early on so we didn’t know who the designer was. But I ended up seeing Zandra Rhode’s catwalk. Her pieces were amazing and all fitted so well. She’s so wacky and unique but her designs still looked so fashionable and I love the colours and shapes. I loved the summer prints and the metallic colours. And each piece flowed around the body and gave shape so we’re really flattering.

The catwalk show was said to last for 30minutes however it was definitely a lot shorter than that. However you did see the whole collection which was quite big. The layout of the catwalk was perfect as well. It was a big loop around a room and worked really well.

Overall I had a fabulous day and I’d definitely recommend! Although it was slightly overpriced for what you got, it was still a lovely day out. And I had a great day out in London!

Kate xx