The Jumpsuit That Is A Wardrobe Staple


Hello my lovelies! I’ve been posting weekly the last month or so and I’ve truly missed it. However there might be the odd two posts a week coming up. I don’t have many talents as a person however being unorganised is a speciality of mine!
However I touched down in London town last week. (American Boy reference there because that song is a bop). And I was quite unsure on whether I liked my overall outfit. However I’m truly obsessed with my jumpsuit and my heart now skips a beat if I hear the word jumpsuit. So of course I had to share my outfit with you all. I went for comfortable casual vibes. And I literally felt like I was wearing pyjamas’s because I was so comfy. Also if you’re a fellow twitter friend then this is the outfit I wore my mis-match hoop earrings with. So just want to say, if that becomes a trend, your girl made it happen…

The main piece to the look is this fabulous casual jumpsuit from Pull&Bear. It’s a dark navy jumpsuit with green pinstripes. Which yes sounds drastic especially when I’m also wearing a yellow jacket. But the green stripes are barely noticeable and just blend into the navy. The fit is a comfortable tight on the body and crop wide legs which is basically what I live for. I adore anything with a wide leg fit! And the jumpsuit has thin straps and a low v-neck, which I love. It gives really good shape at the neckline. I have been loving jumpsuits recently as I think they look stunning. They make a statement if you have a bold pattern or more of a casual piece to layer with if it’s a more simple pattern.

Underneath the jumpsuit I wore a simple White Ribbed Long Sleeve top. Which is a basic but necessity in my wardrobe. I bought this from Primark for a couple of pounds a year or two ago. I was wanting to wear a roll neck underneath however didn’t get round to buying a white one. But any simple top would work perfectly layered underneath. I kept it simple as the green stripes and yellow were enough colour for me!
I wore my Yellow Suede Effect Jacket from Zara which I wear all the time. But I love this jacket and I’m a big fan of yellow. This adds a big pop of colour to the outfit. Although I was freezing because it doesn’t keep you warm whatsoever.

Also top tip because I was absolutely freezing but I wore skin coloured tights. Which helped keep my legs warm so much however the jacket didn’t really keep me warm. (Personally thought I was really clever for wearing nude tights. Or is that just a common thing? It was an achievement for me and my non-existent brain)!

I borrowed my sisters bag for this outfit because I didn’t have a bag big enough to take with me! It’s a Small Black Tote Bag from River Island. There is a long strap however I carried it down beside me. I love carrying the bag like this as I think it just looks really nice. (Me making sense as always…).
And to keep the casual vibes going in the outfit. I wore my Black Old Skool Vans. These might as well come in my grave with me because I don’t think I could live without them. But they go perfectly with the outfit and are super comfy for walking in all day.

How do you style a jumpsuit?

Kate Xx