All About The Makeup Revolution Concealer

Of course I had to jump on the bandwagon and test out the new drugstore hype. I don’t like spending a lot on makeup as I’m really falling or of love with it at the moment. So I love a good drugstore miracle as it benefits the bank!
I always stick to my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which is only £4. So this newbie from Makeup Revolution seemed to bring some competition. It took me ages to get my hands on it as all the shades were out of stock due to the high demand for it. However I finally got my hands on it and had to write a little review. Because there isn’t enough reviews on this already!! Everyone seems to be head over heels with this concealer but there’s always one who isn’t. That happens to be me…

The Shade-
The shade range available is amazing especially for the drugstore when there can be a lack of shades. There definitely is a shade for everyone. I went for C1 which is the lighted shade available. My skin is very pale at the moment due to it being winter and I haven’t faked tanned in a while. So my ghost self is in full swing currently. Shades C1 and C2 looked really similar but I wanted a really brightening concealer so went with the lightest.
I really like this light shade as it was super brightening however I still feel like they need a lighter shade. Unless I just think I’m paler than I am. But this still wasn’t as light as I imagined it to be. However I think this will be perfect when ur got more colour in my face as it will highlight even more.

I compared C1 with my other two trusty concealer to compare the shades. This shows that the Makeup Revolution is pretty light especially compared to the Collection concealer. But the L.A Girl concealer does seem to be much more brightening, maybe because it has more yellow undertones.

Swatches ;
1. Makeup Revolution C1
2. Collection Lasting Perfection in 1 ‘Fair’
3. L.A Girl Pro Conceal ‘Porcelain’

Formula –
This concealer had been compared to the Tarte Tape Shape a lot. So I had high hopes for the formula of it. Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed. I found it to be really nice to apply and blend in as well as feeling really smooth. And it worked really well to apply a second layer as well which I tried. It didn’t cake up or feel uncomfortable. The concealer gives great coverage which I love, it definitely hid my dark circles and brightened.

But I just wasn’t a fan of the finish and final look. I applied one average layer under my eyes which looked really nice when applied. However throughout the day it looked so dry. And I already have dry skin so I need all the help I can get. So this really did not make me happy as my skin under my eyes looked awful. And I have found this concealer to crease under my eyes as well. Which is not the look I really want to achieve.
However on a positive note. It worked really well on my chin. As it highlighted really well and obviously didn’t crease. And didn’t look that dry on my chin. So I’d highly recommend for your skin however I just think it didn’t work for underneath my eyes. Lots of people love this concealer so it might just be a bad combination of my skin and the concealer.

Here’s a little selfie with me wearing the concealer. I’m wearing it under my eyes, chin, nose and forehead!

Overall I think I’d give this concealer a 3 out of 5 stars. For the price it is very good considering it gives great coverage and for the shade range. However I think because it had so much hype I was disappointed with the overall finish. However I’ll carry on to test this out and maybe it will be less drying if I use different products with the concealer.

Have you tried this concealer out?

Kate Xx